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Avatar m tn l saw my eye doctor he put me on Timoptol XE drops as well as the xalatan l am, currently taking,, .He said the Xalatan has lowered by eye pressure and it is almost down to a safe level but needs to go lower. Hopefully the Timoptol XE will do that. The Xalatan doesn't sting anymore, l think it must have been something else that casued the soreness for a few days like conjuctivitus or germs as l had been taking it for a year without any problems.
Avatar m tn one of the instructions for using Lumigan or Latisse states not to use on the lower eyelid but it doesn't explain why?
Avatar n tn Also call if you don't have insurance. Xalatan is similar to Travatan or Lumigan--these are used 1st line often these days. Some of the glaucoma drugs are generics. Walmart (although I don't like to recommend this store over other pharmacies), and some of the other chains have $4-5 a month Rx programs, and the glaucoma drug on most of them is timolol drops (not the gel).
Avatar f tn Only your surgeon can tell.
Avatar n tn Started out on xalatan, then switched over to Lumigan when I was Glaucoma Suspect with ocular pressure 21-30. Under control low 20's on Lumigan, optic nerve healthy, no visual fields defects on test 5 months ago. However, last visit hemorrhage on optic nerve found and added Alpgagan P to Lumigan, did not do a thing after 6 weeks, pressure 24 today. Dr.
Avatar f tn Most eye MDs begin RX with a prostaglandin analog (lumigan, travitan or Xalatan).
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with glaucoma four years ago and was immediately put on Xalatan once a day both eyes. Two years later was taken off Xalatan and put on Cosopt & Alphagan, twice a day, Lumigan once a day, both eyes. For the past two years my diopter went from -4.00 both eyes, to -9.50 left eye, -7.00 right eye, as of today, in steady progression. I can already tell I'm probably not seeing 20/40 presently and need stronger contacts.
Avatar n tn For most people with open angle glaucoma (POAG) surgery is no different than if they did not have POAG. If glaucoma is severe (on 3 or 4 drops) then it is often coupled with a glaucoma filtering procedure and that makes it the more complicated. Often Xalatan, lumigan and travatan-Z are discontineed for a couple of months due to increaing the risk of swelling of the macula. Your surgeon will need to expain your options and the risks.
Avatar m tn Most likely you do not have juvenile glaucoma which is present at birth or develops in early life. There are lots of other options try lumigan or travatan both of which are usually stronger than xalatan plus there are three other families of medications to try.
Avatar m tn Some glaucoma drops like xalatan, travatan or lumigan can actually cause some darkening around eyes though. Now regarding glare you will notice vision to be quite a bit brighter after cataract surgery so I am not sure if you are just noticing much brighter vision or real glare. If you have real glare then you should make sure you have proper glasses prescription and wear sunglasses as needed.
244602 tn?1215979228 Most ophthalmologists, including me, start treatment with prostaglandin analogs (In the US Lumigan, Xalatan or Travatan). These medications are very effective, very safe and have very few contraindications. There are three other kinds of glaucoma medications (drops) that are often used. Only one of the four, (beta blockers) have major side effects and frequent contraindications. It would help to know what a test called gonioscopy has shown your eye.
Avatar f tn Hair loss is not a problem with glaucoma drops and in fact one group of drops (prostaglandin antilogs-Xalatan, Lumigan, Travitan-Z) actually grown hair. About 70% of people on these medications exhibit thicker longer lashes. The makers of Lumigan recently started to market the very same drops under the name Latisse for eyelash growth. I understand that they also looked into using it as a treatment for baldness but its too expensive to cover a large area like the scalp.
284078 tn?1282620298 I estimate that about 20% of people might not get much response and about 5% may have to stop the product due to irritation, itching or redness of the lids or eyes. Please read the package labeling carefully, since this product has the potential to cause redness of the eyelids and eyes and may have to potential to change iris color to a darker, more brownish shade.
Avatar m tn current Doc said they all combined- make dry eye worse--Do you concur??? ( all in last 14 months ) PS Tryed Restasis - a dozen or so drops ( Celluvisc only one that works ) test strips had to be peeled off resulting in a tear--oil film evaported in less than a second. Oh almost forgot my new Doc found Occular Rosecea and treatments ( pills ) have improved red eye-red nose-red forehead after exercise-being outside- and at days end . Still need Celluvisc.
Avatar n tn im thinking about taking those pilocarpine drops, do they work well to make the pupil look smaller or at least somewhat similiar to the other one?