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Avatar m tn hi last night i may have accidentally taken my xalatan eye drop twice in one day.i know the usual dose is one time a day.my question is if i did take it twice what would happen and would there be side effects?
Avatar m tn l have been taking Xalatan for a year and there has'nt been any side effects except my eyes feeling a bit dry l have developed some floaters but my doctor says it most likley has nothing to do with the xalatan , but the past few weeks it has been starting to sting or feel a bit , sometimes l put in two drops at a time instead of one , could putting too much in cause this soreness, is there an eye drop such as a lubricant eye drop l could take that relieves the soreness.
Avatar f tn You may be better off sleeping through the worst side effects. I have plenty of patients that take it after dinner because otherwise they forget. As long as you know what to expect.
274009 tn?1224438067 I'm using 3 types of eyedrops daily for eye pressure Azopt 2x day Combigan 2x day Xalatan 1x at night (makes my eyelashes longer?) What are the long term effects of using these eye drops? I didn't have an eye pressure problem until after my last eyesurgery (Dec07) which was a combination of reattachment of my retina plus I had a catarac removed. last year I had 3 surgeries in 3 months.
Avatar n tn Been on Xalatan for eye pressure in my left eye of 32 for a week, no glaucoma yet, but a "suspect" w/pseudoexfoliation diagnosis. My left eye is irritated and itchy. Really want to stay on these drops as I don't want laser surgery this soon as I am only 63. Is there something I can use to help the irritation? Will it diminish with time on the drops, and what is the success rate with these drops and pseudoexfoliation.
Avatar n tn ...I left out: Pfizer makes Xalatan. By the way, if you use pills, your MD (I doubt) will agree, because the drug is not concentrated in the eye, plus you have "systemic" side effects because the drug is running through your body (rather than staying mostly in the eye). Xalatan, and the others that are similar lower IOP more than other drug classes...you need to ask what your IOP is and see that it stays in the healthy range, since glaucoma damage can be permanent. However...
Avatar n tn My pressures are 20 in both eyes even with drops. I would like to try something else before I resort to surgery and it's side effects. I need help with this as soon as possible as I am losing sight. Thank you.
Avatar m tn So if people want to use the Lumigan drops instead of Latisse for whatever reason, lashes, etc and they don't have glaucoma, is it deemed safe to use? other than the known minor side effects that occur in some?
Avatar n tn Should I be treating with drops for a while (and the side effects) or is a better altrenative to do a careful wait and see approach?
Avatar m tn Brimonidine Tartrate 1.5 mg & Timolol Maleate 5 mg). This I understand is for reducing Eye Pressure which according to him is above the range especially in left eye. I am prescribed to put this eye drop for 6 weeks - 2 times a day. SIR, I AM AGAIN BOTHERING YOU TO ANS MY FOLLOWING QUESTION: 1. Am I going in right direction by using these Eyes Drops to reduce Eyes pressure. I am looking for solution for my Blurred Vision. 2. Whether progessive lens with + 1.
244602 tn?1215979228 There are three other kinds of glaucoma medications (drops) that are often used. Only one of the four, (beta blockers) have major side effects and frequent contraindications. It would help to know what a test called gonioscopy has shown your eye. If you are a pigmentary glaucoma suspect or if you have pigmentary glaucoma the angle of your eye will be very heavily colored brown with pigment granules dropping out of your iris.
Avatar f tn Timolol is a beta blocker that is very inexpensive and works well for glaucoma BUT I use it last in my choice of the 4 times of glaucoma drops because of the potential for major side effects. It cannot be used in people with asthma or reactive airway disease, a history of slow heart rate (bradycardia) and can cause many problems like chronic cough, severe loss of energy, chronic nasal congestion (seems like sinus problem that won't go away), very cold extremeties, etc.
284078 tn?1282620298 I have seen all of the above side effects with the glaucoma drop version, but LATISSE is applied only to the upper lashes (not the eye) and the dose is much, much lower and is tapered off significantly after a few months. The incidence of LATISSE side effects is actually rather low but be on the lookout especially for eyelid and eye redness. Good Luck with your eyelashes.
Avatar n tn I have excessive redness/bloodshot on one side of my eye where the blood vessels have all come together (looks bad, everyone notices it instead of the pupil), conjunctiva that is no longer bright white, irritated eyes, and problems wearing contacts. Thi problem cosmetically is more noticeable than my pupil when it's full. Everyone notices the red eye.