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Avatar n tn Whats a curre or treatment for these little white bumps on my mouth? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/242593'>Little white bumps on my lips...</a>.
Avatar m tn The doctor examined me and treated me assuming I had gonerra or chlymidia and the symptoms of that have pretty much cleared up. He was pretty sure the white bumps on my lips were from the HSV-1. He put me on acyclovir.The antibiotics gave me thrush bad in my mouth and a bad rash around my anus and up my butt crack (I assume and hope the itching and redness there is just from the antibiotics). Here is my concern... 1) I have a had one or two 1 mm red bumps on my penis head for 3-4 weeks.
Avatar n tn By that I mean, if you go from the corner of the mouth on one side to the corner on the other, there's tiny white bumps most of the way across. However, they are mostly on the centerline of my lip. Most don't really show if you aren't looking for them because they are pressed against the other lip. Another thing that I have been noticing recently is that my lips, regardless of how much I put chapstick on them, seem to be going through a bit of a cycle.
Avatar n tn Yesterday I sprayed some perfume on and a little got on my lips. I washed my mouth area with soap and water and I woke up this morning with tiny bumps on my lips.
Avatar m tn I have had these tiny white bumps all around the corner of my mouth and lips for the better part of a month now. I have used a ton of at home remedies I have researched like apple cider vinegar and corn starch and even started using cold sore medicine - nothing has seemingly helped. They do not hurt and they cannot be seen unless I am really getting up in the mirror.
Avatar m tn I have had these tiny white bumps all around the corner of my mouth and lips for the better part of a month now. I have used a ton of at home remedies I have researched like apple cider vinegar and corn starch and even started using cold sore medicine - nothing has seemingly helped. They do not hurt and they cannot be seen unless I am really getting up in the mirror.
1289083 tn?1276058332 There are some conditions in which one would get some bumps on the skin near the mouth. They can even get some bumps on the lips that are nothing majorly important. Given that the best thing to do is seek out your doctor for looking at this to have them tell you whats going on. Even if she has HSV-1 orally about 50% of the US adult population has it and typically get it during our childhood years. Nothing really major about the coldsores. My advice seek the assistance of your doctor.
Avatar m tn Hi.. I've recently been checked for gonorrhea and chlamydia but still seem to be exhibiting symptoms. My greatest fear is HSV. But I digress. I have red, chapped lips that feel dry and burn on occasion Including to whit spotting on the corners of my upper lip. Also, on occasion, I find that I'll feel pain from the left testicle to the tip of my penis.
Avatar f tn Hello, It looks like oral thrush. Thrush appears as white patches in the mouth. Usually they can be seen on the tongue, inside the cheeks, on the inside of lips, under the tongue, and in the back of the throat. I suggest you to get an examination done from your doctor and get a KOH examination of the scrapings done of these white coatings. Nystatin (Mycostatin) liquid is used by swishing a bit in your mouth several times a day and then swallowing the medicine.
Avatar f tn I just notice i had white bump in the inside of my mouth around my lips, when i open my mouth i can see them on my mouth.
Avatar m tn Even had burning and discomfort in genital area, even though my brief exposure was strictly oral. Burning mouth/lips lasted almost entire two weeks. 2. Two weeks after exposure: sore throat with white spots on tonsils. No fever, to my knowledge. Told doctor my STD concerns, but he still just diagnosed as strep. (No swab.) Gave me injection of antibiotics and also a one-dose prescription of azythromicyn (4 pills) to alleviate my throat gonorreah fears. 3.
Avatar n tn Recently, I noticed that an extended area of the outer parts of my lower lips are also turning white from both sides (mouth corners), as if it's a progressing case of my lips losing their natural color. (When I say white, I mean like my normal skin color). Again, there is no pain or discomfort, but I'm just concerned about what causes this and how to prevent it.
628151 tn?1224805243 Over the course of time my face has began to breakout, which isn't a big deal, I have had bad acne/pimples my entire life but about 3 weeks ago I noticed a small patch of white dots appeared on the very corner of my mouth. They do not hurt and you can only really see them when i push my lip out with my tongue. I have since then seen a Dr and he insisted they were cists and would eventually go away so I said okay, no big deal.
Avatar m tn I have white bumps on my gums I have been looking up gum disease and periodontitis and I think I have perioddontitis I have two of them on my upper gums one on the left and one on the right but the one on my left seems like it went down and is flat like now but is still white now the one on my right is still there and I can't tell if it got slightly bigger or is still the same though.
Avatar n tn little white bumps around my mouth they go away and come back sometimes i pop them and white stuff comes out and it bleeds after but the little white bumps never go away there never on my lips usually on the edges of my lips... This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/242690'>Bumps at corners of mouth</a>.
Avatar m tn I put some zit cream on them and they are starting to go away. I also have little white bumps inside of my mouth, and my lips seem to be dryer than normal. I hope this is not herpes or something. Also, a few days before this encounter I was also experiencing lower back pain for no reason at all. Not be be too detailed. She did use teeth occasionally, and gave me a hand-job with out lubrication at first which kind of hurt. Maybe this is why my penis head is sore.
Avatar n tn what are they...I've been getting little bumps on my inner lips lately...at first I thought I was just biting the inside of my mouth when I slept and that is why the inside of my lips felt so uneven and I kept biting the skin and small bumps off through out the day as a nervous habit...Is this herpe's? I thought cold sores were on the the outside of your lip not the inside...
Avatar n tn Hi guys, I have developed, what seems to be, the same little white bumps/pimples described on here around my mouth and eyebrows. MY SOLUTION Not touching my face, keeping it clean of daily impurities, make-up, my regular creams, drinking lots of water and placing warm compresses as well as washing/gently wiping my face with camomile tea! I have only had it for two days and I see a change.
Avatar n tn I don't have cold sores in my mouth or in my lips just only this tiny white dots and I dont even feel pain from it or not even itchy. Here's my lips photo so you have an idea what it looks like. If this is an STD is there any chance that this tiny white dots on my lips will go away? which doctor should I see, dentist or dermatologist. I dont even have any sores on my genital area. And by the way, I had my HIV test and serologic test for syphilis last june 2006 and both are negative.
Avatar n tn Hi, Fordyce spots are small (1-5mm), slightly elevated yellowish or white papules or spots that can appear on the lips and inside of the cheeks. They may occur as a solitary lesion or more frequently in crops of about 50-100. Fordyce spots are a variant of sebaceous glands (the glands that normally produce sebum and are usually found within hair follicles). Fordyce spots are sebaceous glands without hair follicles. They are present in 80-95% of adults.
Avatar n tn I noticed today that I have a white bump on my on both my upper and bottom lips for the first time ever. Should I remain abstinent (NO SEXUAL ACTIVITIES) with my partner until these cold sores leave? I did not experience pain with these bumps first coming at all. I can feel them with my tongue. What is the best medication for them. Ora Gel single dose a good option.