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Avatar m tn in a week or 2 it eventually turned into white circular/oval white spots. these spots are on both my upper right and left arm and very few spots on my forearms. some of the spots are very tinted and are hard to see. i have had these spots for about 4 months and they have not spread. initially when i had the red bumps, my skin itched, but when the skin turned white my skin didnt itch anymore. the spots turn red if they are in the sun for too long.
Avatar n tn s keratosis pilaris, a hereditary condition characterized by bumps of keratin protein in the hair openings. Common on the upper arms--keep your eyes open during short sleeve weather and you'll see lots of fellow owners." On me, these are just numerous, tiny bumps in slightly reddish color. They are clustered together. They don't necessarily contain fluids, but sometimes I've seen some white substance from the skin pores of that area.
Avatar n tn Fucibet and Fucidin. It is not itchy, but consists of tiny red or white bumps, the white ones have a white substance when squeezed. The sun seems to help clear it but it returns again. Could it be an allergy. I am asthmatic. I would appreciate any help you could give me. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I have some small bumps on my arms that start as small white heads and then 'pop' and become larger open sores. they seem to be spreading on my arms. they are seem to be concentrated on my upper left arm but one appered on my right arm. they don't seem to be healing even after about 3 weeks. also they are puffy on the outside and puss out when touched. any idea what this could be or how i can make them go away?
Avatar n tn To the touch my skin feels like it is sporadically littered with small dry bumps. It is not painful, just unsightly. Occasionally the bumps will develop a small hard white part in the center. I assume this is just dry skin but am obviously apprehensive to put apply any kind of abrasive in fear of spreading the condition. Any help would be fantastic, not exactly sure what to do. As this is a recent occurrence I hope there's a quick fix.
Avatar n tn Hi, I've been diagnosed with exczema and have flaky white skin frequently on my arms and little white bumps on my elbows. Also, a patch of red exczema rash on my ankles. Recently though I've noticed some dots appear that are similar to the bumps on the elbows but raised a bit more irritated, with a white center like a pimple. On my arms mainly. I was worried about bug bites but now I'm thinking maybe folliculitis?
Avatar n tn I have deeep white stretch mark type marks on my lower back and upper buttocks and red pimples and bumps on those marks and on my mid-back.. i recently discovered small white bumps on my lower anus and a bigger bump on half way.. i am really worried what can the problem be?
Avatar n tn On both my arms I have around 10cm of these tiny raised white bumps and a bit of dry skin around which has a sandpaper type feeling. It is not itchy or inflammed or painful in any way. But annoying because you can feel the bumps. The skin is slighty red around the areas, but not massively. The bumps can come out of the skin when squeezed (like a pimple, but without a layer of skin over the top). But then they are formed again within a few hours/day.
Avatar f tn i have had some bumps on my arms for a few years now..people refered to them as "heat bumps" but recently some white spots started appearing all over my arms too theyre tiny little spots..theres many of them thoughr..they dont itch or anything but if i scratch them they sort of hurt..im starting to get real worried..what are the spots and bumps caused by? and how do i get rid of them?
Avatar n tn s 5 just recently got these little red bumps on her arms as well. at fist it was on one arm and now its on both. they look like little red dots she says it doesn't itch her but i don't know for sure. please help.
564434 tn?1219978153 What you're describing sounds like Keratosis Pilaris. It is a genetic skin disorder. I have it and my father has it too. It is found mostly on the back of the upper arms, but can be everywhere except the palms and soles of the feet. I've read that it occurs in over 40% of people, but the severity varies. I am a black west african and I've only seen it on like two white females, but never on any black people.
Avatar m tn I have bumps on arms that are similar to pimples. Can not be popped I've tried scratching them off but nothing really works some around back as well. Dad has it too and his sister does as well mostly on arms.
Avatar m tn I got tested for everything else and all results came up negative but I have noticed now that i have little white bumps appearing everywhere on my body, mostly on my arms. Some of them are in little clusters and they itch really bad. I do not know what this is....any advice would be appreciated.
Avatar m tn I want to get tested since i have pain in left testicle and white mini bumps on arms and yeast that is overgrowing on back of neck with pain. Treated for Balanitis.
Avatar n tn The following month, I started getting red bumps on my stomach, thigh,butt and arm. I squeeze some of them and some white stuff came out with blood. I have had cyst under my arms for years. However, I have never experiecnce the soarness that I am having some time it feels like they weigh a ton. How can I get rid of these bumps and the dark spots that they are leaving.
Avatar m tn The ones on my chest have come and gone for years, but the ones on my arms were very pecuilar. They first formed as bumps, turned redish, and I popped some of them and they healed with a crust on top. Some of them appear as if hair has grown out of them, but it freaks me out, because now I have two on my right arm. I also get burning sensations from time to time around my arms and neck and shoulder area. Also in between my thighes.
1451080 tn?1438527660 Sounds like Keratosis Pilaris. I also wanna say it's also known as "chicken skin". I too have those small bumps on my thighs, upper arms and lower arms. Is he fair skinned? I've noticed the lighter the skin, the more bumps there are. My aunt is much lighter then I am, and she has these tiny bumps as well. It's almost as if you have the goosebumps...just all the time. If it is this, then this is the treatment for mild KP: Wash area with Glysal cleanser once a day.
Avatar n tn s during the treatment when I realized an awful rash on both my arms from wrist to shoulder. They do not itch at all, however they are red and often have white "head" puss inside them, which when squeeze it comes up like a pimple. They are raised, red and/or tanned and sometimes look like clogged pores. When I excercise and sweat they feel quite hot and a little burning. Can you please give me an idea what this could be?
Avatar n tn hi i have these white bumps on my arms i got them while i was in math class after gym I thought it was a mixture of chemicals from my sweat,axe body spray,and the sun and also heat. but when i aquired these little white bumps i tryed to pop them and now they look like dry glue on my skin does anyone know why this is.
Avatar n tn At first I thought that they were bug bites, but in the past few days have not gone out and they are spreading. Its just small bumps, verrry itchy!. There are no white heads or anything.. just itchy bumps under the skin. I have gotten it on my legs, arms, and my PRIVATES :(.... what is thiiiis?!
Avatar n tn My father has similar white bumps on his arms and hands, when Ive asked him about them hes said they are simply caused by ageing and the fact you say they may be heat rashes links in as well since he lives in Dubai and didnt have them before hand. Dont know if that will help at all, hope it stops you worrying as much!
Avatar n tn Also they go away on my arms if I raise my arms above my head but when brought back down they reappear. I have had them since middle school and am now in college. My brother who is in high school has the same exact thing that I have. I have also attached a picture. Any help is appreciated.