When does teenage acne go away

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996490 tn?1251868470 thank you loiloi for the information. i did not know how acne occurs. i have had acne problems before but it was not severe and went away by itself. i did not even go to doctor.
Avatar f tn Help! I'm 8 weeks pregnant, does this ever go away and when?!? Also, anybody have any advice for how to maintain my face, neck and back in the mean time? I've been trying sensitive skin seabreeze but it's not working at all, washing my face twice a day, moisturizing! Nothing works! Any product or at home remedies would be great!!!! Thank you ladies!
Avatar f tn Help! I'm 8 weeks pregnant, does this ever go away and when?!? Also, anybody have any advice for how to maintain my face, neck and back in the mean time? I've been trying sensitive skin seabreeze but it's not working at all, washing my face twice a day, moisturizing! Nothing works! Any product or at home remedies would be great!!!! Thank you ladies!
Avatar m tn they say so much when she looks at me and tells me things. They use to go into the bathroom when each other was showering. She says we only have 1 bathroom so when someone has to shower we dont lock the door. BUT everytime she showers he all of a sudden MUST go pee?? Or I have have caught him going into her room just as she is getting out of the shower so he catches her naked.. when I saw him closing her door I walked in and she was still naked and said.. OH I thought I had the door locked!
279473 tn?1222144363 I had a natural m/c 3 weeks ago - and when I first found out I was pg I had really bad acne (it's what led me to think I should test) because normally I NEVER have acne - my chin area STILL is giving me problems - and now I seem to be breaking out other places lately sighs - I loved having clear skin all the time. Oh well.
Avatar n tn The acne does not bother me as much as the hair falling out though. Just hang in there and it will all pass.
Avatar m tn Acne ruined my life! Especially my teenage years. I have been on topical s, antibiotics and proavtiv. Thats when I decided to go on Accutane. I support it because I have no more acne! Some people say to use "Natural Remedies" but realistically, they don't work for people who have real acne.
Avatar n tn I struggled with acne throughout my teenage years, into my adult years. I did Accutane twice. I still have to be very careful with washing my face every night and taking good care of my skin (sitting here with a Proactiv mask on now!) I was on Effexor for two years, but never saw a correlation with breakouts. Honestly, Proactiv has been great in controlling my acne. Maybe you should give it a try! Just a thought...this is the first post from the "Acne" forum I have read.
Avatar n tn I also drink lots of water, take omega 3 fish oil, vitamin A fish liver oil, and steam my face once a week. When I do not have these large inflammed acne, I have whiteheads trapped under my skin. I know I have to control my obsessive picking on my face and have been trying so hard, but sometimes when I am not happy with my skin I make it worse, I cant control my picking and digging some days! I am in cognitive therapy for this. I just wish my derm dr.
1008869 tn?1283964857 hello! oo i know how that is! i was on accutane when i was a teenager.. and then in college it seemed to flare up again.. but nothing like what pregnancy did to me! I used proactive in college and it worked wanders.. i had switched to organic cleansers (non acne type) before getitng pregnant (since we were trying everything!). anyhow i asked my obgyn about proactive (after being broken out like a teenager for months). she said thats perfectly safe!
Avatar n tn Where do I begin?! Well, I haven't done any research but I do believe the hair on my areola, stomach, bikini line, neck, side of face & amongst many other places is a result of me inheriting it from my father or maybe even pre-menopause. It's just awful & I really wish their was a way to remove this excess hair without waxing, or shaving. Possibly, a hair removal treatment that isn't too costly. When someone comes up with a great idea on how to remove it, be certain to let me know.
2146297 tn?1337574892 I had acne in high school but used proactive and cleared up. Now that I', almost 30 the acne is back in a major way and wont go away. I tried proactive again and it just made everything on my face so much worse and left scares. I dont know what to do. I feel like I have tried everything. My face is very oily as well. I have been on menocyclene for like 3 months now. The big white pimples have become smaller, but thats about it. I am also using a topical med called tretinoin gel.
948349 tn?1294383837 I have had some acne on my neck and face when I was a teenage but that went away after learning not to touch my face so much with my hand and washing my face in the morning and at night. I am a male, and my skin natural skin color is... well I'm peach color but my skin is fairly tannable... however I have been wearing sunscreen each and every day of my life since I was like 15 years old!!! I worry about the effects the sun has on aging the skin...
Avatar m tn It worked for me anyway! Which changes do you mean? When will the acne and hair problems go away? Everyone is different really,because puberty is such a horrible experience it can seem to last like what feels like FOREVER but it will clear up. Rather than focusing on that though focus on gaining some confidence in the meantime, or if it really does bother you consult your doctor who will be sure to help you in some way or other!
Avatar n tn Hi, I am 41 years old and growing up never had any problems with acne but as I have gotten older I tend to get cystic acne. This doesn't happen all the time but when it does it takes forever for them to go away. Now I am experiencing bumps underneath the skin on my face. It looks like a pimple but never comes up. When I try to squeeze it, there is a waxy substance that comes out. Please tell me how to get rid of these bumps.
Avatar n tn I did a 6 month treatment of accutane less than a year ago. I suffered from severe cystic acne from my teenage years right into adulthood. I took 40 milligrams once a day alternating with 80 milligrams every other day. When I started the treatment, my acne grew increasingly worse in the beginning but started to get significantly clearer around the end of month 2.
Avatar n tn They're so stubborn and never seem to go away! I even had a bout of cystic acne on my chin, or what I assume was cystic acne...behaved like nothing I ever knew existed. All these new skin problems got me wondering if it could be the Splenda! I've been drinking a diet energy drink for quite some time and recently started drinking massive amounts of tea with Splenda packets. I'm cutting it out of my diet ASAP to see if it helps. Thank you all for posting and sharing!!
148691 tn?1260198503 , she came over, welcomed me to the neighborhood and we have talked here and there ever since. Recently, her and I would go for walks and share laughs... when I started growing my ole belly with Maddie, I remember one time she saw me and she said: 'I didn't know you were pregnant!!! you are so blessed... ' and I noticed a little sadness in her expression too... I know that 'try to look happy for someone' expression all too well. Then Maddie was born, she works at the hospital I had her...
Avatar m tn I'm really sorry that I took this medication now, as I would have rather waited for the acne to possibly go away on its own as I got older and kept my natural skin color. Now I feel like I've been mutated...
Avatar m tn I may have an answer soon, I am taking my child to the doctor for this reason. She has a pimple on her eyebrow that won't go away- don't think it is really a pimple. It does not respond to Neosporin or acne lotions. SHe is six, I put make up on her at Halloween and I can't help thinking there might be a link since she developed this a week later.
Avatar n tn all my life ive been a pretty good looking guy even when i was little everyone would say i was really cute and alot of girls liked me in elemtary and middle school. when i was a freshman in high school i started getting this NASTY acne. i had acne that was so ugly i couldnt look at someone straight in the face. im very light skinned and the pimples where pretty big and red so it looked so nasty. i would wake up with 3-4 pimples everyday. that just ruined my life.
8987997 tn?1413291775 I sound ridiculous but does anybody else feel really fat, ugly and unattractive? My hair's crap, my skin's never been great and I feel so horrible at the moment, my boobs have got smaller if anything and when me and my partner had intercourse yesterday I just felt not into it because of how im feeling and is it just me or do some of you ladies feel as though your muscles down below have become a tad slacker in third trimester?
630458 tn?1223263163 Pimples did not go away....always flare ups.... I Have had acne before in my teenage years (around 14-15 years old ) on the chin. Then no pimples for a while. Then acne appeared around 19-20 years old but it was a different type of acne...small little white heads, looked like a rash almost. I have tried proactiv and it worked! I was pimple free until 2 years ago! What happened?
Avatar m tn Apart the fact that I have a rather mediocre jawline, I literally can't show my teeth when I smile, my upper lips won't go that far up - it's physically impossible for me, it just ends up with my face looking stretched from me "pulling" too hard on my lips, and it doesn't help show my teeth even then. Does one's jaw become much more defined after puberty? I'm not sure if my smile will improve over time, as of now it's almost nonexistent.
429949 tn?1224695179 His mom said that is exactly what it looks exactly like a teenage acne breakout. It is getting better today! Thanks for sharing this!
Avatar m tn 7 years ago (when I was 17) I had a weak teenage acne. It was completely normal, many people at that age have it. I still wanted to get rid of it and, following my family's friend's advice, started applying usual soap to my face twice a day. I applied a lot of it and teared my face very intensively. I was not aware to what result that would lead. My face kept being very dry all the time (I didn't use any moisturizers).
Avatar m tn Like the ones you might get as a teenage with acne. One located on my forehead, nose, right cheek, and one deep just forward of my left hear. I haven't had these types of bumps in years. Overall, I have fairly clear skin normally. I guess my question is....Does this sound like herpes and if so why the sudden pressure bumps on my face? Any thoughts?!
Avatar n tn At 5ft 3, 115 lbs I'm not overweight but even when I was in great shape and weighed 105 lbs I still had a little pot belly that would never go away. I also always seem to be retaining fluids, in my abdomen and ankles mostly.
Avatar n tn It was when I was on Accutane, yeah.. the acne drug. It was gone.. it was heaven! And then it came back after I got off. I'm not sure exactly what caused it to stop.. the Retin-A is my bet, but then... I'm not a docotr or anything close to the sort. Just looking at the drug monograph though it looked like the only thing that would have affects for the duration of the drug and not after I was off it. Anyway... I doubt this helps anyone cause you can't be on Accutane for life (trust me..