When does pregnancy acne go away

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332156 tn?1266846739 I have been having horrible breakouts. I've always had pretty good skin and if I ever had any acne, it would clear up quickly if I washed my face twice a day with a special soap. During this pregnancy, no matter what I do, I can't get them to go away. I hate it!
554628 tn?1362781519 I also get this problem and have had it with both my pregnancies. I have a little girl and am 34 weeks with a boy so for me it is just pregnancy and nothing to do with gender that makes me get pimples. I have heard mixed reports about using pro-active and have chosen not to use it myself, but you could always ask your doc for his personal opinion.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know what I can do for these acne break outs? This is my first pregnancy and I'm breaking out on my chest, back, neck, face. I hate it! I feel like I'm 15 all over again. Any advice please help!
Avatar f tn Oh and i wear as little make up as possible, just a light coating when i go out.
Avatar f tn I use neutragena facial bar, dermatalogica hydrating toner with keihls moisturizer. I didnt have acne when I was a teenager, so as a ftm, in my second trimester, it was a shock. Before I just used a bar and moisturizer and would be fine missing a wash. Now, its like clockwork.
Avatar f tn God I never knew I could have acne lol until I became pregnant im a big skin care taker when it comes to my face and out of nowhere they just started to pop out ugh does anyone know of a way to take them a way I hate them I feel like my face looks like a rocky mountain when applied makeup to it lol
Avatar f tn Help! I'm 8 weeks pregnant, does this ever go away and when?!? Also, anybody have any advice for how to maintain my face, neck and back in the mean time? I've been trying sensitive skin seabreeze but it's not working at all, washing my face twice a day, moisturizing! Nothing works! Any product or at home remedies would be great!!!! Thank you ladies!
Avatar f tn Help! I'm 8 weeks pregnant, does this ever go away and when?!? Also, anybody have any advice for how to maintain my face, neck and back in the mean time? I've been trying sensitive skin seabreeze but it's not working at all, washing my face twice a day, moisturizing! Nothing works! Any product or at home remedies would be great!!!! Thank you ladies!
Avatar n tn The acne does not bother me as much as the hair falling out though. Just hang in there and it will all pass.
279473 tn?1222144363 Just remember that it WILL go away, it won't last forever... enjoy your pregnancy and know that you are beautiful despite a few temporary spots on your face. Good luck and best wishes!!
996490 tn?1251868470 thank you loiloi for the information. i did not know how acne occurs. i have had acne problems before but it was not severe and went away by itself. i did not even go to doctor.
Avatar f tn A dermatologist might be needed for this one. Have you tried witch hazel? I'm not sure what you could use that could be safe during pregnancy and that really stinks! I know how self-conscious it can make you feel. Just don't pick at it or touch it and that will reduce spreading it or irritating it (which could lead to scarring). Drink a TON of water and ditch all other drinks. Maybe there are certain foods that could also clear it up? I'm thinking maybe fresh fruits and veggies???
Avatar n tn hey mamas, are any of you suffering from/ did you ever suffer from preggers acne? Just curious what you've been using to prevent or keep symptoms down and if it's gone away yet. If it's gone, how far along (in weeks) you were when it left. Thanks.
Avatar f tn But I'm wondering that because it's only there when I'm pregnant, would anything make it go away? Or would I be wasting my time and money trying when it will just go away after I have my Baby.
581359 tn?1454010042 But other then that ive gone to ****! LOL. I pary that this will all go away after i give birth..only 6 weeks 4 days till shes out of me.
Avatar n tn i had a cervical pregnancy and i got acne also so yes i think it is a pregnancy thing i have had 4 children proir to this pregnancy and i got acne with all of them so yes i think it is a pregnancy thing my problem is that i had gotten mexotrexate shots to make my body reabsorb my pregnancy and my levels should have been down by now and they haven't how long did it take for yours to go down?
1008869 tn?1283964857 hello! oo i know how that is! i was on accutane when i was a teenager.. and then in college it seemed to flare up again.. but nothing like what pregnancy did to me! I used proactive in college and it worked wanders.. i had switched to organic cleansers (non acne type) before getitng pregnant (since we were trying everything!). anyhow i asked my obgyn about proactive (after being broken out like a teenager for months). she said thats perfectly safe!
Avatar f tn I'm getting really bad too the scarring on my face makes me feel terrible...
118074 tn?1228332603 I don't hink he has thrush so I will try to wipe his tounge and see if it will go away! Thanks!
Avatar f tn The good news is that acne often improves during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy (it may temporarily worsen during the first trimester). If you decide not to breast-feed a pill such as Diane35 can be started 21 days after delivery. Eloise.
Avatar n tn only because I'm right to the day every month,,very seldom a few days later than normal. I also remember when testing for pregnancy, my urine was very strong smelling(not to be gross) and also very dark in colour. But I guess I will have to wait and see,,,,its going to be a long 11 days......
Avatar n tn I forgot to add that in the morning, right before getting up, I feel the Af cramps, not too strong, and I think here it is, when I go to check it will be here, or it's coming soon, then nothing, and it all goes away once up.
Avatar f tn write it all down and have it handy when you go for your films even though some answers may not be available at that time. Depending on the films, some additional investigation may be needed. I believe you imagery should be done in a Radiology Dept. where a Radiologist is available to view the films as soon as they are taken. If you do get a diagnostic Mammogram then this will be the case as opposed to films being done and read at a later date. Regards ....
Avatar n tn it uses Benzoyl Peroxide, just as Proactiv does. Go to AcneFree.com for more info Nothing against Proactiv...But I'm a penny pincher, especially when I'm having put so much money toward clothes that fit! LOL Anyway, just thought I'd save people a little money. Plus, you don't have to wait for it to come in the mail. Also, it sometimes comes with some sort of "freebie" attached to the box...
Avatar f tn My OB happened to re-test my ANA out of curiosity and he was surprised when it went up during my pregnancy. Me too! My OB suspected Lupus. (background, I had some infertility issues and he helped me). So, my OB sent me to a rheumy. He was nice enough, examined me and said to come back 3 months after I had the baby because any tests done during pregnancy might not be accurate. So....I waited that YEAR and he retested my ANA again. It went down.
308057 tn?1212592737 It drives me nuts, feels like my face is puffed right out (even though barely noticeable, more noticeable inside my mouth). Although most people say that can't see it or feel it. I just want it to go away. I would take dealing with TMJ and arthritis symptoms any day of the week. I also half pain the edge of my tongue on the same side as my jaw and thickened skin (no lesions, feels fine and looks fine to Dentists and specialist) I also have arthritis in my toes and finger joints.
549876 tn?1219955870 Does anyone know how to get rid of acne during pregnancy? Im 18 weeks and my face is breaking out! I cant seem to get rid of it is there anything I can do? please any advise will help I just want to get rid of it.