What is the difference between omeprazole and ranitidine

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Avatar n tn Im feeling like the food is still stuck somewhere between my breast bone and stomach, im burping wit an acidy after affect. And my chest feels horrible, tight some what pressure which scares me. I havnt taken the prescribtion my doctor told me to take it when it feels like a bad case of heartburn and today is one of those days i been like this for a few months now never before in my life tho. I finally took one today i doubt it will work instantly?
Avatar f tn That statement is really more to do with what NOT to take with harvoni, and that means acid reducing meds such as calcium and magnesium based over the counter meds within four hours of the harvoni dose, or anything but the lowest doses of the longer acting GERD meds such as omeprazole, ranitidine etc. those can be taken 12 hours apart, or with the meds. But there is a dosage restriction that needs to be checked for the med if you are using it.
1210142 tn?1266080631 Now I am on Plavix, aspirin, imidapril for bp(small dose) Lipitor and Ranitidine 150mg. My concern is the interaction of the Ranitidine and Plavix with the clotting affects. I take the Plavix in the morning and the Ranitidine in the evening about 1 hour prior to sleep. Have you heard anything about the clotting affects when taking the meds at separate times of the day?
Avatar n tn I read in one of the posts about LPR and decided to look it up. This is exactly what I have and will see an ENT about it, I have all those symptoms. The link to reading the article is heartburn.about.com/od/gastrictractdisorders/a/whatis_LPR.htm - 26k - I don't have much indigestion or heartburn, but you don't have to, this article explains it perfectly and suggests what to do, who to see and what they will do to diagnose you.
Avatar n tn We have had 2 swallow studies (came back good) and a scope done which showed everyting is good on the inside. He is still not wanting his bottle. We give him 7.5 mg of Prevacid twice a day which seem to help but it isn't enough... The only thing we can get him to do is eat his formula in his Rice cereal or oatmeal so you many wanna give that a try so your little one is not losing weight.
709686 tn?1277435759 What is the difference between the two? I understand that both will help reduce stomach acid but are there name brand H2I's I can purchase over the counter and if so...what are the names? I have a script for Protonix and it works wonderfully but the script is very expensive so I've been taking OTC Zegerid and Prilosec whis is actually Omeprazole. Both of those drugs cause me severe side effects..quite scarry actually. Is Protonix and Nexium the same thing?
Avatar m tn How wonderful for you too!! What I can report after almost a week is that the swelling and pain I had in both my hands is 90% better. Yes 90% better!!! I thought my CTS had returned although no surgeon or physician could explain the swelling. It doesn't seem to be responsible for any of the other pains I have but to be rid of one nagging condition is wonderful! It also doesn't seem to make much difference in my muscle twitching....
Avatar n tn hey wally, nexium, from my practice, is a far better agent than both AcipHex or Prevacid -- as it is a derivitive of Prilosec. From the studies that i've read -- it's a cleaner, longer acting version of Prilosec -- so more patients receive symptom relief faster and better with Nexium than with all others. if you'd like more comparitive data, i'd check out the american college of gastroenterology website for all of the data on the different medications.
535089 tn?1400677119 Substances Causing False Positives According to a report by the Los Angeles Times New Service, a study of 161 prescription and over the counter medications showed that 65 of them produced false positive results in the most widely administered urine test.
1516249 tn?1423465385 Understand this and you will be saved), but what amazes me is that as patients instead of blaming the drugs and doctors, you come out with this “OH, WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT AND THAT IS WHY SOME DRUGS work for SOME and some do not and that is why our so called Gastroenterologist's are finding it difficult to manage this issue for us ". Do not several forms of tooth pastes work for all of us?!
Avatar n tn Other times it feels like a needle is jabbed between the back of my tongue and the roof of mouth and it's quite painful. Most of the time it feels like a popcorn kernel is stuck there or something larger. Talking a lot makes it worse but nothing really makes it better apart from chewing and swallowing food but immediately once I have swallowed the sensation returns.
Avatar n tn When a doctor puts a side of the hand on the middle of your stomach, and bunch you from the side of abdomen, he feels a WAVE, if there is a fluid inside. If it's air, there's no wave. Weight doesn't come from the air. So, it could also be fat - no wave here. You can have a diet test to see, if it's partly air/fluid.
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1230912 tn?1273496370 It does take it's toll as it's hard to forget about the diagnosis when life is bouncing back and forth between work and doctors with little time for casual living. I'm fortunate to have a PCP now who is willing to fight to get me the help I need in a timely fashion. I love her, but I do hope to see less of her in the near future.
Avatar f tn but again, that is taken orally and that makes a difference. Supposedly the injection is much better and direct. Go to MedHelp and enter B12 or google B12...there is a lot of info there.
Avatar m tn The secret is finding out what foods cause you gas. Also go to a GI doctor and get an upper endoscopy done(camera down throat). You most likely have gastritis in the area where the vagus nerve connects. Gas expands the stomach allowing the nerve ending to be irritated sending errant signals to the heart. Tylenol helps if you can take it....watch out for the liver.
Avatar n tn We have found, that if he is up all night and does not go to sleep, he is not sick in the morning. He is only sick in the morning if he falls asleep(and of course everyone needs to sleep.) We have tried having him eat in the middle of the night to see if that made a difference, but it didn't.
Avatar m tn I take almost daily doses of Ranitidine which is the generic Zantac and just want to clarify that I'm not jeopardizing my treatment in any way. I was told by my doctor NOT to take cimedidine which was working well for me before tx. My stomach bothers me MUCH more since I've started tx: especially about 2 hours after lunch...I'm getting to the point of not wanting to eat much...now at 23/48 and have to take at least 2-3 Ranitidine a day to help with the bothersome upset stomach.
Avatar f tn New gastroenterologist put me on 60 mg dexilant bid (and has discontinued the omeprazole and ranitidine) and is doing another endoscopy tomorrow AM because he thinks it could be related to my shingles outbreak in January. He said my case is an interesting one and is one for the journals. Great lol but at least he listened to what is happening with me unlike the other gastroenterologist.
Avatar f tn I rarely get heartburn now thankfully as I'm on Esomeprazole and Omeprazole (the doc swaps me between the two because he didn't want me on the stronger Esomeprazole constantly.) I also suffer from severe waves of naseau, that come and go as they please, nothing helps with the sick feeling apart from an anti sickness jab which believe is Metaclopramide, and a saline drip (ended up in hospital numerous numerous times from this).
Avatar n tn m scared its going to make my throat feel like this. My mouth and throat also gets very dry and I don't know what is going on but Ive been to the upper GI Dr. and they have only ran blood test so far. I have lost weight and sleep over this problem and it just started a few weeks ago. I just want to be back to myself again. Im scared something going to happen to me before the DR. finds anything out, I like want to go to the ER almost every night but I don't.
Avatar n tn Find a doc that will tell you the truth. It is all about big pharma and not being able to patent the drug and not wanting to pay another drug company for their products. I haven't met anyone that can tell me why this is happening. The pain is horrible. I have done one thing though!! When you get the initial feeling drink 2 glasses of warm water. Wait 5 mins. Go vomit and "repeat". This seemed to work for me 2 times. It is also a suggestion from doctors here in Ecuador.
Avatar n tn I have been under a lot of stress all year and I don't thing what is going on now is any worse. I wan't to try to get to the botton of this but from commets on the board I don't see any clear coarse of action or known strategy. If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear. My email is ***@**** Thanks.
Avatar n tn No dilated bile duct, no gall stones, liver enzymes were in normal range. It is 4 months later and the pain is still happening. When I sit, or bend at the waist, I can feel the pain. It is not a deep, internal pain, but seems close to the surface, just to the right of that little cartlidge/bone that splits the rib cage...just to the right of the stomach. What the heck could it be? My MD put me on Nexium, thinking maybe it is peptic in nature, but 60 days of Nexium and still the pain persists.
Avatar n tn I am hoping its nothing serious I have throw around every idea know to man on what this could be, my guess is the prednisone killed all the bacteria and the bad bacteria grew back faster then the good bacteria???.
Avatar f tn He prescribed Dexilant and the gurgles are now ten times worse. I am actually going back to the doctors tomorrow and am attempting to discover what is wrong with me. He plans on sending me to a gastroenterologist so we will see what he says.
Avatar f tn I think there must be a connection with digestion and the vagus nerve but what is the cause, the stomach acid irritating the nerve or the nerve making the stomach produce more acid and the symptoms. Hmm interesting , I hope this has helped and maybe we can start to understand our bodies and hopefully get some answers somewhere. Im glad I found these postings it sure has helped knowing that Im not imagining this.
Avatar n tn Iam 23 with the same symtoms and I have been told it is my thyroid and it may also be the cause of the depression associated with the lingering symptoms.