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Avatar f tn A grand mal seizure is often followed by a period of confusion and delirium for a few days. You doctor is right in saying that you must not drive because you may have such seizures again. You should not drive unless you are free from seizures for a period of 6 months after taking treatment. Please take proper treatment. Hope this helps you. Take care and regards!
Avatar n tn she still has a lot of symptoms of Psychogenic Seizures and somewhat of a Secondary Generalized Seizure. The biggest factor that throws me off is the duration of these “attacks.” Please, what are your thoughts or opinions on this case? If you have any more questions of detail, please let me know, Thank You.
Avatar m tn Sometimes electrical heart problems can cause seizure-like activity especially when electrolytes are out of wack because of vomiting or diahrea. It is worth checking it out with a cardiologist.
1285110 tn?1420150978 he dislocates his knee cap by choice with no pain).... he is unable to explain how he feels or what he is experiencing so it is about guess work and piecing together evidence. When he has a dizzy spell it is always followed with a headache... and tiredness.. glazed over eyes and poor concentration and verbal response. He becomes tired (a usual night for David is 3 hours sleep out of 24) sleeping in the day has been unheard of since before he became a toddler.
Avatar f tn the EEG would of shown all the abnormal neural activity happening at that time, it shouldn't of been normal if what your experiencing is seizure related. That's not to say what your experiencing isn't happening, just that if you experienced it during the test and the test was normal it's unlikely neurologically caused...
Avatar n tn -How old is she now? She is 7 yrs old. -is there any history of seizure disorders or congenital anomalies in the family? No history on both sides. -are there any remarkable circumstances surrounding her birth i.e. premature rupture of membrane No remarkable circumstances surrounding her birth. -any recent infections,head injuries ? No recent finections n head injuries. -how is your niece's level of development? Are her motor and social skills at par with others of her age?
Avatar f tn As far as the twitching goes, it is not localized, it is very broad and very much looks like I am having a seizure. I do have video of a few of the episodes, but I do not know how to put them on here. The SLA's are severe enough that we have decided it is not safe for me to drive because we do not know when I will have an attack or how bad it will be. One of the writhing attacks were so bad that I fell out of bed.
Avatar m tn I've also had three severe vertigo episodes with nausea, vomiting and tinnitus, and this was subsequently diagnosed as Meniere's disease (but see below for more info). Could this be some kind of atypical seizure? I feel like there's painless pressure on the left side of my neck and head, but I took my BP in both wrists and it's 107/70 and my heart rate is 70, so probably not some kind of stroke incident? I'm male, age 38 as of yesterday.
Avatar f tn If you do have evidence of MS on your MRI your neuro could have enough info between the clinical observations and the MRI to move forward with treatment. Although you don't want MS, it is so important to get the answers of what is wrong and move forward with treatment. But it is equally important to not be diagnosed and begin treatment with the wrong course of drugs.
94007 tn?1224766336 I would think that with Barrett's you get periodic endoscopies and, if so, any indication of varices would be observable. Gee, I don't know what to say. Type 3a is out of my experience. I seem to recall steatosis often compromises successful TX with type 3s. I wonder if that's an issue as you mentioned weight management. I also seem to recall that ribavirin dose isn't as significant with type 2s and 3s but I could be wrong. I was right when I said I wouldn't have a clue because I don't.
Avatar f tn I thought it wouldnt matter if he was sedated I just wanted to make sure it wasn't a seizure. The results were It is normal for kids his age to havespasms at night. He did have an abnormal brain wave but we don't know why. I was like ok so what the hell does that mean. They then wanted to bring him in for a 23 hr sleep study. I said no cause he won't put the electrodes on his head. He was three and a half at the time. Shortly after that his spasms tapered off to almost nothing.
Avatar f tn I am wondering how long I will have him. The breeder said there was no evidence of epilepsy in any of her dogs. It is so heartbreaking. I have had dogs for years but after this experience I don't know if I could have another.
Avatar n tn Did she overdose herself with Effexor ? What was the dose prescribed for her, and for what indication ? There is no strong evidence that seizures lead to inflammation of the temporal artery. But it still does not mean that the doctor is wrong. He is in the best position to comment. Temporal arteritis can be treated. You will have to consult the neurologist for the treatment. Effexor or something else, if she has epilepsy, the spikes would show up on the EEG.
778872 tn?1243744053 check for all sorts of things? Or is that just a matter of Physician Preference? And what other things is he likely to be looking for? MS? ALS? Thanks in advance.
Avatar n tn ago) and I am being treated for that with beta blocker and salt tabs, but the fainting is still occurring and in a seated position and one had the appearance of a seizure. They have found evidence of a stroke on 2 MRI's (the 1st being 2 yrs.ago) and an eeg showed mild left sided cerebral dysfunction, so I will be having a video/eeg for a possible seizure disorder.
Avatar n tn My child had a febrile seizure at 3 and a half years.last month when he is 5 and a half months,he had another seizure.The MRI brain and EEG have been reported to be normal.However today,another seizure took place.The MRI report states that: "Evidence of a few discrete areas of T2 flair hyperintensity in billateral periventricular deep white matter" IS there a need to worry? AT the time of seizure the child has mild fever.
1847422 tn?1332870656 I really dont think your looking at MS, the what exactly maybe an accumilation of things, one begets the other type of thing. CHeers.........
Avatar n tn There is no major drug use reported, and no history in the family of epilepsy or any other seizure disorder. What could have caused this?
Avatar f tn A couple of days later they ran an MRI which we are waiting for the results of. Then they called her in for an EEG. She is 17 and Very, Very out of tune with her own life as her mother and grandmother run her every move. so she can't explain to us what is happening cuz she has no idea. She claims her grandmother doesn't know yet either. Grandma is not one to press for details as their family believes that what the Dr says is Law.
183202 tn?1219857259 CT scan, MRI, that is how my friend's was found. She had no evidence of seizure from her EEG. I would have everything checked again. If you had all your test last year, there could very well be a change this year. If it was a seizure, the sooner it is addressed the better. I know that is what I'd do in your position. As a side note, a lot of medications people use for epilepsy are used for anxiety and panic too.
Avatar f tn First I would obtain an MRI of the brain to evaluate for evidence of stroke. If there is stroke then being on medication (aspirin, plavix coumadin-depending on the circumstances) may allow her to remain independent longer by preventing a major stroke. Second I would recommend an EEG (brain wave test) to evaluate for signs of seizure.
279234 tn?1363108849 I'm stuck it seems in limboland, and it was made clear to me yesterday that my body would have to give up more evidence before a diagnosis could be made. I'm scared of what that will mean to me ability wise. My neck is already starting to lock up and not bend to the left. My left leg is foreign to me. My bladder is acting up neurologically now (just to name a few new symptoms) SO if I wait for more damage to occur, what will I be like then, if I'm already like this?
Avatar n tn The brain parenchyma is unremarkable without evidence of ischemic injury, mass lesion or hemorrhage. The midline is appropriate and the basal cisterns are patent. The bony calvarium and the extracalvarial structures appear normal. Impression - normal MRI evaluation of the brain as described. Specifically, no ischemic injury, mass lesion or hemorrhage is recognized.
Avatar f tn Both of these are commom areas for MS lesions. What is of more inportance is the comparison of this MRI with any earlier ones you have had to see if they are new lesions since the last one. When was your diagnosis? Welcome and feel free to tell us about what you have been going through.
Avatar m tn I had one brain bleed - thought possible tumor however on its own it dissolved and now have scar tissue. This is in same part of brain where I have temporal lobe seizures (seizure free for 20 years). I have developing muscle weakness, overly exhausted consistently or insomnia (never in the middle), always suffered complex migraines, no depression - basically these symptoms make it difficult to work full time.
Avatar n tn we all have cross'e to bare in life, this is just one of mine, and it is not somthing that is going to stop me from continueing to do what i have to do, to stay in recovery. i have lot's of freinds in recovery and i am very good at my job, i have a wonderful relationship with my wife . so gratatude is something i stay in touch with everyday. peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1549468 tn?1345472336 Anybody have any ideas what the heck is going on and what am I supposed to do? This is the only hospital within 40 miles of me. By the way, I'm on "Lifeline" for the seizures, because they are not under control, and I live alone with noone close by.
Avatar f tn Hi. Well, the anxiety that we discuss here is a bit different from what we. as adults think to be. Pioneers of psychology and psychoanalysis have described the "anxiety" in a different aspect. Humans are basically animals to start with. Since we have a society structure, a culture, the reshaping of children starts from day one of birth (or even before that, if some recent research are to be believed).
Avatar f tn I think the movement is indicative of brain deterioration. The center is focusing on feedings and pain control. She is on morphine, fentanyl path and klonipan as well as Dilantin. She still twitches. I am thinking about calling Hospice. does she have a chance of recovering??? I don't want to be the voice of gloom in the family but I want to know when to take off work and spend more time with her. She is still coherent - just has short term memory disorder.
Avatar f tn Multiple MRIs and EEGs did not show any evidence of epilepsy. Currently on 750mg of kepra and 20 mg clobazem. In august I had and episode where the left side of my body went numb, my face drooped and I was unable to speak for 2 hours. I also experienced sharp pain at the back of my left year and my skull. The hospital tests CT, ECG, EKG and blood work showed no stroke.