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789911 tn?1368640383 Would some of you who feel inclined post what you take for your sx. prescribed, or over the counter approved by your doc for you. A lot of poster's mention that they have certain sx and wonder what to ask their docs about. prescriptions are always going to be different for everyone depending on what medically is going on with them other than hcv treatment but some of it is the same. maybe someone who is wondering might see something they havnt tried yet and could ask their doc about it.
658297 tn?1224635408 My stools have been tested by nhs and everything is normal according to them; tested for diseases and conditions and all results normal. I have been prescribed and taken during this 4 and a half years of hell; creon (no change), colestyramine (no change), loperamide (my episodes are so bad that back and forth to the toilet 20 times in 6 hours that loperamide has no effect any more). My stools are very floaty,very fatty, very offensive smelling.
Avatar f tn range), so the Rx supplements are prescribed at a dosage that keeps my blood levels at an ideal level, and my blood levels are periodically measured to make sure that this is being maintained. With that caveat out of the way, I take Klor-Con M20 tablets (that's 20 milli-equivalents) 2x daily. To convert mEq to mg you have to flash back to chemistry class and use molecular weights etc., so I'm just cheating and getting numbers off a pharmacy site online.
522415 tn?1242941355 What may work for one may not for the other, as well as what may work for you may not with something similar. It is also good to find out what is causing for you to feel worse (even with the medications) and just to talk to your doctor about it. I don't know of anything that works for my fibro problems, but everyone is different.
408795 tn?1324939275 A urinalysis? These tests should indicate what is going on. Good luck. Keep us informed as to what you learn.
12714324 tn?1426851987 The best advice I could give you (and what worked for me when I was adjusting to Zoloft) is to literally throw yourself into as many things as you can, and TRY,TRY TRY not to think about the medication or how you feel. Don't count the days you've been on it, don't "calendar watch" (I was the queen of that, lol). Distraction truly, truly helps a LOT (cannot stress that enough)! And (again), I know that's all easier said than done.
Avatar n tn The PVCs scare me, although I deal with them a lot better than I did when I first noticed them. Is that to be expected from being sick? Could you answer this other ? for me. What is the normal body temperature for a person sleeping? Can you drop down into the 95-96 degree range? My child also had pneumonia and now that is what his temp is doing with night sweats.
Avatar n tn The target dose of the Carvedilol is 50 mg. twice a day for someone your weight, and your bp is not low so they could raise that med. If a repeat echo would show an EF of less than 35%, you could very well be a candidate for an ICD. But it could save your life! So it would be a good thing and you will adjust I'm sure. But for now, I would take it just one step at a time and get another echo. For what you want, it would be more accurate than the MRI, and you probably don't need a cath.
Avatar f tn I know the Klor-Con makes him VERY confused and dizzy. Is there another type of potassium that can be used for the same effect that won't cause these symptoms? Also, several years back (before the ulcer burst), dad was worried about his heart so he began taking Aspirin. He took one pill a night for a few months but started having a breathing problem while sleeping. He would stop breathing in his sleep. He stopped taking aspirin and this problem went away.
Avatar n tn I think the holter monitor study and the echocardiogram are both good ideas which will help determine whether or not a rhythm disturbance is causing your symptoms. The holter monitor is a device which is worn for 24 to 48 hours and monitors the heart's electrical activity. The echocardiogram is an ultrasound which will evaluate the heart for structural abnormalities that may predispose you to the symptoms you are experiencing.
Avatar n tn Is the doctor willing to test for free T3 and free T4, along with TSH? 2. Is the doctor willing to treat a patient for symptoms, by adjusting the levels of free T3 and free T4 as necessary to relieve symptoms, without being constrained by resultant TSH levels? 3. Is the doctor willing to prescribe meds other than synthetic T4? If the answer to a question is no, then you should keep looking for a good thyroid doctor that can answer yes to all three questions.
Avatar n tn Depakote, Imitrex, Topomax, Indomethacin, Trileptal, Clonazepam, Prochlorperazine, Lexapro, Klor-Con ER, Celebrex, Zoloft, Paxil, Cyclobenzaprine, Effexor XR, Alprazolam, Xanax, Flexeril, Keppra, Reglan, Metoclopramide, Diazepam, Adavan, Demerol, Morphine... It is important for me to explain that many of these medications were prescribed to counter-act the side affects of the primary medications.
Avatar n tn I must say my cardiologist has suggested not taking anything but have taken the suggested klor-con eff for potassium increase . Over 2 months and sometimes when I am in pvc hell it will stop them for 4 hours. It is like having a train with hiccups in your chest.
Avatar n tn Avinza 90 mg ER CAP King daily for pain management; KLOR-Con 10 (potassium) daily; Digoxin 0.25 for his heart; Prozac 40 mg (prescribed after the mental health hospitalization last June); Indomethacin 25 mg and Topomax 50 mg twice a day (prescribed by the neurologist for the headaches).
Avatar n tn What is being described is syncope, which is defined as an abrupt and transient loss of consciousness associated with absence of postural tone, followed by a rapid and usually complete recovery. A portable heart monitor (Holter monitor/event monitor) and MRI were not revealing. Here are some other tests that you may want to discuss with your personal physician. An echocardiogram can be considered to look for structural heart defects.
21064 tn?1309312333 I don't know the info on it... it says on the pill Klor-Con 10. Question for you though... your ablation was for all those pvc you had right? Why do you still take the Metropolol? Do you still get the PVCs?
Avatar n tn Magnesium, 500 Calcium , Multi- Vit and Klor-Con eff tablets in water for potassium which can stop pvc's for 4 hours at times. Walk daily and follow all guidelines. Have you been told symptoms will progress with years so saty of betas until needed ? Any tests helful in your diagnosis? Any heart murmurs, mvp ?