What does rsv in medical terms mean

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Avatar m tn Recent stress test revealed mild inferior hypokinesis and a fixed inferobasal perfusion abnormality. Would like to know what these terms mean and their indications as related to heart disease.
Avatar f tn what does t2 with flair hyperintensities mean - ms ?
238582 tn?1365210634 There are a lot has happened for the last 6 month after my last chemo done in april. First we had a wonderful trip of Alaska Cruise except my husband has to write his grants most of time. He went to montain whitney with his group after, i'm sure he had great time. In Augest, my dad had a minor stock while he is in my brother's house, very luck his recovery is almost 90%, no physical problem at all, I was so torn beyween going back with them or stay here with my kids.
Avatar f tn Hi I'm 19...me an my boyfriend has been having unprotected sex for almost A year. An he ejaculates in me all the time. Im on birth control for 4 months now. Going in for my fifth month I decided to stop so that I could mestruate regularly. I take my tablets accurately everyday without forgetting but I seem to always get my period on my second last red tablet. I got my periods 5 days ago. An today I started bleeding again I'm experiencing tummy cramps an tired as always.
Avatar f tn Hi there. Welcome. Well, no one on the internet can or should diagnose you. You really must go see your doctor. It could be a UTI even though you felt better briefly but also, you should be screened for std's. it is not related to pregnancy although you stopped your pill. it does take a bit of time for hormones to get back to normal after the pill and for periods to get regular. That will be different for every woman in terms of how long it takes. But your symptoms concern me.
823209 tn?1239858457 I'm a physician and often have to encounter the reports of Echocardiography. My query is " what is the difference between Peak velocity and mean velocity &, Peak gradient and mean gradient. In what conditions these are measured? and what are the significances in the treatment of the patients?
667409 tn?1309152183 Temp is back up. What in the heck does that mean?
Avatar f tn I am new to the forum. I will be starting hep-c treatment next week. I find this very informative and helps to know I am not alone. You all understand, not even my family can do that. My question is I don't know all the terms yet. What is tx, sx ,und, svr, etc? I also want to know has anyone had symptoms of hep-c before diagnosis? What were they if you had them? I'v known for 6yrs and in the last 2yrs I experience right and left sided pain.
Avatar f tn In basic terms it means there are strong signs of a blockage in a coronary artery. You will require a stress test and further evaluation.
Avatar n tn I have a wonderful dermatologist, who has answered many questions for me regarding my skin conditions. But I have a question which I have not asked him. I have had numerous skin lesions excised, and I have a family history of melanoma. Following biopsy, my lab reports always state that the sample is "DN (dysplastic nevus) OR MM". What exactly does this mean (MM), and what stage or level of skin is affected?
Avatar f tn I was wondering if there is more about what that means? Specifically does that mean that there is attachment to normal breast tissue or does it mean something else.
Avatar f tn In your instance, Meniscus refers to the cartilage of your knee, both the lateral or medial meniscus. In medical terms Lateral means side(s) and Medial means the middle or lying near the middle. It reveals some wear and tear, thinning - with possible surgical changes to the meniscus. Chondral means pertaining to cartilage - the meniscus is made up of cartilage. It acts as a cushion, shock absorber if you will - of the knee joint. In my opinion this may be the reason for your knee pain.
703841 tn?1322565968 ok this might sound dumb but what cd4 mean?
Avatar f tn i had sex Jan 25 i usually start my period between the 23rd and the 28th. On January 28th i had a "brown period" it looked like old blood [tmi im sorry] it did that for a day then on Feb 8th i had a clear gel like discharge it wasnt continous once i wiped there was no more. then it done it again feb 23rd the same thing and i never had a period for Feb. ive took hpt like 5 of them and they are all negative. anybody have any ideas what this could possibly mean????
754327 tn?1279198805 My graph is pointy but mood are on the high side more than depressed...I do have symptoms of depression but on the whole I feel pretty good about my self my self esteem is VERY high ...Is that bad? Things to watch, I think are impulse control and sex drive and promiscuity...(******* co-workers = BAD ******* Peter almost equally bad) Acting out takes for thought with small child at home...planned indiscretions. Poor judgement?
1411910 tn?1326377540 So. took my temp at 6:34AM. this morning. really on time! AND actually remembered to write it down! I think I might have taken a breath through my mouth before taking the temp though... would that have effected the temp? There is a huge drop... what does that mean???? I'm also wondering if my cervix is actually low and not medium low... It's really low.....idk... I'm just really wondering what it all means... ya know? Oh, my husband is saying he will be home tonight...
Avatar m tn Mild disc degeneration is seen @L5-S1 small disc bulge and ligamentum flavum redunancy results in mild to moderate left foraminal narrowing. What does this mean in laymen terms.
Avatar f tn what does L Carotid system w/moderate atherosclerosis present, stenosis less than 50% mean?
514704 tn?1228312637 What is your symptom,What kind of pain?history....without those,it's hard to .....