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Avatar n tn 1 no and the other one said they would feel very comfortable takeing him on, however they would love to sit down have a meeting with my husband and I before the end of that school year, get his medical records they were all trained in first aid and CPR, take any training deemed necessary to make sure that if he did run into trouble they would know what to do. train on any medical device he might have (only a nebulizer) and the list continues. We ahve had 3 meetings prior to him starting school.
Avatar m tn Can Rsv cause cardiac arrest in a child who has past myocarditis? My son had viral myocarditis at 7 months and got rsv at 2 two weeks later passed away. And with his passed medical history should they have done something different like check his heart?
Avatar n tn I just picked up some medical records from my lung specialist and that term was in there.It also stated that I had dypsnea which if I understand it correctly has something to do with CHF,is this correct?
Avatar n tn The most common cause of bronchiolitis is a virus called respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), most commonly occurring in epidemics in late fall and winter each year. RSV affects almost all infants. Bronchiolitis can be a severe disease, but only about 1% of affected children require hospitalization. Premature infants and infants with underlying heart and lung disease are most at risk for severe, even life-threatening infections.
Avatar n tn I feel for you. We were in the hospital twice with RSV last winter with our little guy. He has NO effects and the doctors have said nothing about long term effects. It's scary seeing them on oxygen and it's true, it just has to run it's course. They will probably keep you a few days after he IS well to monitor him. They did with our little guy anyway. Our little guy does have asthma but it's a mild case and I have never been told it was related to RSV.
Avatar f tn I suggest you see the doctor you might have a kidney infection.
Avatar n tn they are called reproductive organs....or are you looking for the medical term when they are removed, that would be an oopherectomy.
Avatar n tn I wanted to know why my hair fall's out so much in the last past 4 week's it fell's out in bunch's but there are no bald spot's what could it be ?
Avatar f tn There has been significant experience with the less surgically invasive video-assisted thorascopic (VATS) surgical approach at a number of major medical centers.
Avatar f tn Hi there. Could you explain to me in simple terms what SUV levels are? Where a sub carnial node is and in medical terms what 'a less apparent ... Means please?
1347128 tn?1333810296 her doctor told me to get a humidifier and put it in the same room as the baby and turn or you could also turn on the hot water and get it steamy in there while you have your baby in there and that could help also, i did both of those thing with her and it helped alot!! also use salt water and squeeze it up your childs nose and suction it all out and do that before and after feedings and before bed also and when your baby wakes up . if your baby does not clear up in like 2.
Avatar n tn Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) is similar to the influenza virus that causes the flu. In infants and young children it can cause lung infections such as bronchiolitis or pneumonia. RSV infections happen over a period of time. They usually start with what appears as a cold and goes into a cough. Children respond in differing ways and differing levels of severity to this infection.
368785 tn?1270432283 Diagnosed with RSV and Bronchiolitis.
Avatar f tn Ok I have 4 children 13 male 11 female 3 female and 2 female, all but the 2 year old have severe medical problems. they all kinda start the same first came the eczema then breathing problems then severe infections. my 2 oldest children have had chicken pox more then a handful of times, each child has had pnuemonia at least 10 time most of the time being hospitalized, their ige levels are all above 70000, my sons list of medical problems are he was born with ...