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Avatar f tn Hello and hope you are doing well. The symptoms described by you could be due a skin disorder called eczema. This itches so much that all the scratching makes it look like 'shoe leather' (or 'elephant hide'). People who suffer from this disorder should avoid contact with triggering factors like soaps, cosmetics, jewelry, clothing, and detergents. Sometimes sweat, changes in temperature and psychological stress are known to trigger these episodes.
288415 tn?1231634102 But for the past year or two I've had EXTREMELY itchy ears. Both of my inner ears get these irresistible itches. I use qtips all the time and I know that's so horrible but they're the only things that help me relieve the itches.I wake up in the middle of the night with the most crazy itches and it drives me insane! I hate being in public and getting ear itches because there's nothing I can do. I usually just close my ear & wait for it to go away but that's hard.
Avatar n tn No earaches, dizziness or loss of hearing except when they're swollen. It's both ears, sometimes one is worse than the other. What in the world is it? I think the swelling is a result of my effort to dry them and pick the wax chunks out, perhaps I get too ambitious, I know I have scratched them at times and then had to deal with a scab healing. The fluid is clear and runny. Please help before I tear my ears off! Even in the night they drain. Always!!! I doubt this is an alergy...
Avatar n tn feeling is an allergic response that sometimes does require surgery. I do not believe in tubes for the ears,come to think of it if steroids can help reduce the inflamation,contrary to what I previously thought then perhaps its something to consider. Anxiety, caffeine and aspring seem to pop up as worsening the tinnitus sound. I will continue to research, I refuse to believe what doc's tell us, its definitly something to look into, x-rays,the tiny bones in the ear anything can cause headnoise.
Avatar f tn About 2 yrs ago was the first time i had the first sign of hives and it lasted more than 3 months so does this mean i have chronic hives? Now that i take medications i do have them under control but if i stop taking the medication they come back within weeks. I've heard that if you take certain medication for a long period of time it can be dangerous. What if i keep taking my allergy medication for a long period of time? Also, is it possible to be suffering from more than one type of hives?
Avatar f tn It may be a bacteria that just is resistant such as a staph infection. What does it look like? I mean is it like a boil or scabby?
Avatar n tn and hoping/wishing someone would bring over dinner! No one did. But we survived. I know what you mean about feeling alone and depressed. This group sure helped me. I cried and cried, eventually things got better. Take care and we are survivors!
1139187 tn?1355710247 I know that the ringing in my ears is being caused by my condition. My question is simple..... Will it EVER stop?????? Has anyone had it, and then made it go away with the right dosage of levo?
Avatar n tn I have never taken any treatment, and my eyes are somewhat better, although fatigue makes things look worse - both in my appearance, and in the fact that I sometimes experience double vision. NOW, I am experiencing itchy ears, with scaling skin around the opening of the ear. Could this be related to the Graves? Also, I am REALLY have trouble with my weight. I gained 35 pounds during the year that I was diagnosed, and can't seem to lose more than a few pounds. In short, I'm a mess!
Avatar n tn I had forgotten what it was like to be able to sleep the whole night through without itchy watery ears. I thought I would lose my sanity because of the constant itching. The ear oil has a pleasant smell too. If you cannot find it at your health food store you can find it online.***No More All Day And All Night Itching!
Avatar f tn Maybe it's just the ice cream man in his truck outside your house hoping that you'll buy his entire stock. But, after a while of hearing that buzz in you ears does not make for Good Humor on your part. Quasimoto had it bad too.
Avatar m tn My doctor isn't interested in prescribing Halo-G but that might be the only thing. So what does the internet say? http://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/eczema/topical-corticosteroids-for-atopic-dermatitis WebMD calls it Atopic Dermatitis and suggests Topical Corticosteroids (like hydrocortisone which is too strong for the face,.) Apply the cream, and moisturize twice a day, one before bedtime. Doesn't sound like a cure, but a daily treatment.
Avatar m tn My history is different but the symptoms sound similar. First of all I don't have any anxiety issues and lead a very healthy happy life with very little stress, however I was just diagnosed with hypoglycemia and that's being investigated further for the cause. Quick med history, I've experienced a lot of physical trauma which caused neurological damage.
Avatar f tn I soaked in the hottest bath imaginable for it on my feet and it relieved it for hours, but yet it still does not explain what this is caused from or how to prevent it. I don't have any faith in doctors or hospitals anymore because honestly they all depend on the net too much for prognosis/diagnoses whatever! but sure you can understand how this would affect and prevent them too from diagnosing anything, i mean look how many sites you came up with when typing in what you are experiencing...
Avatar n tn Did you ever find out what was causing your itchy palm? I think I have the same thing. It's been itching for about 3 weeks and I noticed there seems to be a small bump under the skin where it itches.
Avatar n tn thats come 2 days back.. I see chilblains may be the reason for itchy toes in winter..but can someone help me with what could be the reason for these itchy red patches on toes in summer heat?
Avatar f tn I know exactly what you mean Nalla and ChattyCush! I have always been an active individual and use to run a lot. I gave up running a number of years ago now but have remained active. Ever since I tried to start running again I suffer from intense itching to the point where I just cannot run any longer. I definately didn't start off with a "vigorous exercise program".
Avatar f tn com] It's apparently an ebook written by a lady named Adele Michaels who wrote all about the symptoms we suffer from (if you check out the website you will see what i mean) she seemed to have it down word for word what we suffer from. I was about to buy the book when i saw the price. $49.95 which wouldn't be a lot to cure this problem we have, but i decided to do some more research on her. I googled Adele Michaels and found this web page -----> [www.stopshakyhands.
Avatar f tn My internist gave me a powder to drink for my itchness, he says that it goes through the system better, it is called cholystreome Or something like that. I am at work and don't have it right in front of me. Also my ears around them are itchy too, .How about your husband ? I had to stop tx. at 12 wks. because of the rash and because at 12 wks. I went from 6.8 mil. VL> to 4.3 and my Dr. labeled me a slow responder and took me off tx. If it wasn't for the rash, I would have stood on tx.
173975 tn?1216261375 then I am outa here. Well not literally.. but you know what I mean.. I will be still be around.. MyOwn .. yes its been a wild ride for sure. One that I sometimes thought I would have to get off of. But the time went by pretty quick, and the sx I learned to live with.. Child24Angel ~ Thank you and I pray for recovery for your son.. I know you are going thru so much. Stay strong .. LadyLauri Yes those words have a totally different aspect. Last call..
Avatar f tn HI..welcome to the Chiari forum. I am so sorry ur dr is giving u the royal chiari treatment...that is the fact that most drs do not have a clue and we the patient gets frustrated....u need to find a chiari specialist to get someone to take u and ur condition seriously. Were u in a MVA that u have a loss of ur cervical lordosis?....this can be helped with PT and massage, but be sure they know chiari and do not manipulate ur neck...
Avatar m tn Hi, and sorry you have this problem. Do you think you could have been bitten by a tick? what does your rash look like? How long have you had it. Any fever?
398459 tn?1262189744 Do you mean you don't know why you're doing IVF?? I mean, granted, it's 'cause ya been having all this fun but there's no end product but I assumed that everyone doing this knew what their "problem" was. I mean, it's not like you go around asking "So what's WRONG with YOU?" but I assumed everyone knew what their specific reason was. Mine is that DH did a very stupid thing 23 years ago and so there's a bit of a physical barrier preventing us from producing results.
Avatar m tn The types of worms causing infection are trematodes, cestodes, and nematodes. For proper evaluation of what you had seen, you will need to consult your primary care physician, who will do a stool analysis to determine the cause. Regards.
Avatar n tn I havent changed any make up lately or products like toothpaste, washing powder. Does anyone have any sugguestions what it might be, as its dirvinbg me crazy!!!!
Avatar n tn This sounds very close to what I have and what the doctors told me. I got the impresion that they didn't know what it was so they went with excema. Which I do not believe it is. I would like to email you for this cream but your email doesn't show. Please reply with your email address. Thank you!
Avatar n tn She has no history of allergies, bug bites or what have you, but she does get cold sores and suffered a severe outbreak on her entire face due to contracting bacterial menangitis where her immune system was so impaired, the herpes ran rampant. This was 5yrs ago, so I'm not sure if its related, but the way she describes it to me, it sounds exactly like a cold sore...It makes me wonder if it is at all possible for this virus to migrate, or if it is some new form of the disease..
Avatar n tn I too have had really itchy pimples around my ankles. It started several months ago with one and know have two or three around each ankle. They are itchy for a week or two then subside leaving the skin darkened where the pimple was. I think that they may be caused be resulting from a bacterial or fungal infection.
Avatar f tn Since i havent had any blisters on my face what does this mean again am i going to go blind and deaf??? plz give me ur opinion.