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288415 tn?1231634102 Hey, its now Wed. night, my ears feel like normal peoples ears!!! This DERM OTIC OIL TOOK CARE OF MY EARS IN A COUPLE OF DAYS, remember I have suffered with this for about 28 years, Thanks God my daughter found this site.
Avatar n tn Swollen lymph nodes usually mean your body is fighting off a virus or infection. I'm not sure what the dry scalp would have to do w it though. However, I would consult a doctor though just to make sure.
Avatar n tn No earaches, dizziness or loss of hearing except when they're swollen. It's both ears, sometimes one is worse than the other. What in the world is it? I think the swelling is a result of my effort to dry them and pick the wax chunks out, perhaps I get too ambitious, I know I have scratched them at times and then had to deal with a scab healing. The fluid is clear and runny. Please help before I tear my ears off! Even in the night they drain. Always!!! I doubt this is an alergy...
Avatar n tn Meniere's is not a simple list of symptoms and there is no definitive test that can diagnose meniere's. Most ENTs do not know what to do with people who come in with the symptoms of so-called "meniere's". Usually, they will be told to stay away from salt, given and diuretic and maybe a sedative and sent on there way. We have to be our own advocates.
Avatar f tn What is this called? What causes this? Is there a cure?
Avatar f tn It may be a bacteria that just is resistant such as a staph infection. What does it look like? I mean is it like a boil or scabby?
Avatar n tn get out of breath quickly. berlynn, what day do you do your shots??? I am Tuesday evening.....usually between 11Pm and midnight.....I feel like I have a "compadre" now (31/48).....I will think of you when I do my shot....it will probably make it easier now that I have a "shot buddy"......To all: sorry for taking up so much space.............I am rambling again...
1139187 tn?1355710247 You mean Levo? (not kevo). Bruce, I think you need to tell you doctor what is going on. Maybe you need to slowly ease into levo. Already at a low dose, maybe every other day at first? -Ask the doc. Or try Synthroid? Just dont freak out - that alone can make it worse. Easier to say I know, as I have been having bad thyroid issues for two months - with med and a very high tsh. Keep a log each day for symtoms.
Avatar n tn Are they contagious like from ear to fingers to neck, i dont know what do! MY dr. said use VINEGAR! I did it burned like Acetone!!! worst thing i could have done!!!
Avatar n tn Do you mean nose, when you say muzzle?? I think that's what you mean. Has your vet done a skin scraping?? That is very important, and that could tell you a lot. I agree with Savas with stress, and cleaning products possibly being the culprit. Think about what's changed to cause stress-cats don't like change of any kind, they like to feel secure. Example-are you not home as much anymore, have you moved, do you have a new cat? Plus many more will stress a cat out.
Avatar f tn said....Actually, studies suggest that "was" in the ears is not simple at all -- didn't CDM have that problem at one point? I was, but once i crawled out the other side, problem solved.
Avatar n tn I had forgotten what it was like to be able to sleep the whole night through without itchy watery ears. I thought I would lose my sanity because of the constant itching. The ear oil has a pleasant smell too. If you cannot find it at your health food store you can find it online.***No More All Day And All Night Itching!
Avatar m tn I'll bring the subject up the next time I am scheduled to see my primary care physician but from what I've been reading here I don't hope for much. I do know what has been working for me and I guess that I will either continue with the Pure Petroleum Jelly routine or go back to a shower every day or every second day. Looking forward to reading more posts in the future to know how you-all are dealing with this really annoying dilemma.
Avatar m tn My legs are not as itchy as the rest of my body but every now and then they do itch like crazy My arms do not itch as of yet but the rest of my body itches so bad it is driving me insane. I have tried changing my laundry soap and the soap I was with and no change. I have tried many different creams for dry skin. I have been using Gold Bond extra strength for some relief I have tried different antihistamine and still no relief.
Avatar n tn Did you ever find out what was causing your itchy palm? I think I have the same thing. It's been itching for about 3 weeks and I noticed there seems to be a small bump under the skin where it itches.
Avatar f tn Blood tests and stuff they can authorize yes, but what codes do they put into their computers to know what to test or look for if they can't even decide what they may be dealing with, and then it goes back to what they've found on their trustworthy p.c's of laziness, lack of money or lack of time...
Avatar n tn I have the red, swollen, taut toes every winter. They do get itchy - what really helps the itchiness is Eucerin original cream. I use some of the other Eucerin lotions all year on my feet but in winter it has to be the thick original.
Avatar f tn Starting a new job in 2 weeks, that's a half mile walk from the train station to work and then back again, I want to walk because the exercise would do me good, also would save me £120 in travel, but don't know what to do. Am gonna book an appointment to see the doc and get this sorted.
Avatar f tn It is the worst torture, and makes an otherwise happy and laid back person very irritable, frustrated and tired! I do not know what to do. I am not menopausal, but I am 36 years old, and am pregnant with my first child (less than a week to go!) so can not take meds or get an MRI, but am going to a neurologist asap and will ask for MRI after baby is born. I am athletic (tho no known neck/back problems), and have also spent a lot of time outside and in the sun.
Avatar f tn My internist gave me a powder to drink for my itchness, he says that it goes through the system better, it is called cholystreome Or something like that. I am at work and don't have it right in front of me. Also my ears around them are itchy too, .How about your husband ? I had to stop tx. at 12 wks. because of the rash and because at 12 wks. I went from 6.8 mil. VL> to 4.3 and my Dr. labeled me a slow responder and took me off tx. If it wasn't for the rash, I would have stood on tx.
Avatar m tn When you say barb looking black objects, do you mean they have little rough parts to them? Some of mine look like they have threads in them. Do you have any sleeping problems, fatigue, itching, red spots, cognitive problems ( forgetfulness or newly developed anxiety) ?
Avatar f tn Oh that's handy to know, i can't afford to go private i just know what our health system is like, and i wan't it sorted soon, can't keep having so much time off work / not going out / back ache etc, well you guys know, the actually symptoms begin to determine what you do and don't do ya know.
Avatar n tn I have found that if I take about four 1,000 mg of vitamin C and four or five Odourless Garlic capsules before I go to bed I do not wake up with swollen itchy lips and swollen eyes. I also find that I can't drink too much Pepermint tea. My sister made some salve out of the Calendula plant and bee's wax and it is wonderful, healing and soothing.
Avatar n tn Hi i have these blister things, they do come and go they seem to clear up and then within a week they are back again I would really love to know the name of that cream as my doctor has given me a steriod cream which i really dont want to use. Do you know what it is and what causes it?
Avatar n tn No answer This only happened after the bath. I still do not know what is the reason. I tried a cream called Lidex, very cheap for generic, it worked great. But the rash comes and goes. To end the reoccurance of it would be a blessing. I would love to know what it is. It itches and burns and drives me crazy. If anyone could shed light, it would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn Beleive it or not, what soothes it is an orgasm? Weird....
Avatar n tn Yeah, here too. I've had this problem for years, except the past few years it's gotten a lot worse. I use to be able to wear tang tops sleeveless tops at least. I would cover my embarrassing excuse for legs but at least I was proud to reveal my flawless smooth tanned skinned arms and whatever else I could show off without getting ticketed for public indecent exposure.
Avatar f tn I dont have a patch or patches of red skin nor have i formed blisters i just itch somewhat my ears sometimes hurt and are very itchy. Do u think if it is herpes zoster i will go blind and deaf? i have these tiny bumps but their not very noticeable and my skin gets red when i wash my face and stuff. Ive only kissed a guy.