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964234 tn?1331952807 However, he has super smelly farts as well...I know what you mean by smelling like something died. He also screamed when he passed it. Still has stinky farts..and I mean horrid! Stools sound normal to me...Ryder's turned that color when I switched him to formula from breast milk as well. Once a day is great (or so I was told). I would honestly take him back to the Pediatrician.
Avatar m tn I first said no so he slapped me again so I did what he told me to do. He sat on my face while still playing video games, his butt smelled disgusting! Like farts and sweat and he was so heavy sitting on me, i'd say about 250 pounds. I don't know why, but it kind of turned me on being his ***** but at the same time I hated it.
Avatar n tn I dont know what to do for her. Oh she also gets pale white and a fever. If anyone kniws what this is and knows what to do please let me know.
Avatar n tn I work in a small office and the smell is lingering all the time no matter what I do. I will try the probotics first, I do take gasX, but no effect, beeno doesn't help either. I don't have bad breath, but I have had an upper respiratory infection for 3 weeks, and can't shake it.
Avatar m tn ” One of my friends even said “You smell” I replied, “What?” He said “Never mind.” I do not think I have a bowel obstruction, because I am not vomiting and my feces are normal. However, I have high blood pressure, a little bit high cholesterol, and I have a lot of gas. My farts are very foul in odor, and I see a connection between the smell of my farts with the intensity of the bad odor in the nose.
Avatar n tn Unfortunatly until someone is ready to make that decision for themselves it does not matter what anyone says or what article they read they won't do it. They have to want to do it for themselves and their families.
Avatar f tn All right I am going to sound like a complete whack-o for telling this especially since nobody knows me here but here goes... ****When he farts, do you know what I think of? I think this: " Did SHE have to smell your farts? did you have the common courtesy to NOT do that around her? Why do *I have to smell it?" Yup there it is.... this is just a sampling of what goes on in my head....lol...
Avatar m tn my farts do not smell 80% of the time, and smell really different from the fecal body odor for the 20 other %. So here's my theory : i suffer from crippling social anxiety since i am a child (it started around 9), but i somehow dealt with it by locking up emotionally. So when i get tensed and my rectum is not empty, all that anxiety is putting a lot of pressure on my nervous system, thus messing with my external sphincters which open, allowing that awful smell of **** to come out.
Avatar n tn If not, switching can help with that. Just to clarify first; do you mean there poop smells, or the kittens themselves? And how long have they been eating solid food?
Avatar f tn I don't think this is the case, and i'd like to say that there is hope for everyone, regardless of what they do or do not believe. Helping someone with these issues doesn't have to be about giving someone some sort of cure, as i doubt everyone would have their problems corrected by the same methods. People could all help each other by just interacting with each other and sharing thoughts. Good luck.
Avatar n tn People are avoiding me, and I am also avoiding them to prevent them from suffering. I don't know what to do and I am emotionally depressed because I think that my problem is worse than a disability, in that it affects others with my malodorous flatuence and involuntary discharge. I have read several posts on the site related to my problem and there are a few people who have the same problem as me. I hope that I will soon find a cure for my problem so that I can have a social life again.
Avatar n tn Ever since I got them though I have not found anyone else who knows what they are or what causes them and when I have mentioned it to my doctor he has no idea what I mean, I keep telling myself I need to go see him when I am having an episode but never seem to be able to. I have never had the severe stomach cramping or vomiting until my last episode though and I have had "The Burps" for about 19 years now.
Avatar m tn The best treatment for minor bleeding in the nasal region is saline irrigation, which is what you are already doing. Do this procedure at least twice a day, once in the morning when you wake up, and once in the evening before you go to bed. You may also do it for a third time in the afternoon, or when you come home from work. If your sinus infection is in your upper sinuses (sphenoid, frontal, or upper ethmoid) your results may not be as obvious on your first attempt. Don't give up.
Avatar m tn I haven't found a cure but I think all we can do is carry on our lives and pretend not to notice it, there's nothing else that we can do. So that is what I do I work and try to live as normal a life as possible. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
Avatar n tn I am also trying to have a baby . so what do i do to get rid of the smell ? and do i use a ****** a day or 2 after sex ? i dont want to kill any of the sperm but i dont want to smell either.
Avatar n tn I don't want rotten egg burps on an examination date! Also, once I DO get the burps, what do you suggest I do? Is it possible that the 'virus' goes out through stool instead of throwing up? Thanks. And are there food suggested for issues like these? I'm going on a 2-day trip tomorrow and surely it'll be annoying if I get sick.
Avatar f tn I just don't know what to do. I don't know what the hell is this. No ancient medicines describe this kind of things, no conventional medicine noticed this(though they are starting to notice a bit and named it olfactory reference syndrome) I always had IBS. and this seems to related to IBS. But even severe IBS patients don't usually have this. Before this symptom started, even when I had terrible diarrhea I didn't emit any odor.
Avatar m tn I had other symptoms too, such as abdominal discomfort, wind for England, smelly farts, smelly breath, smelly pooh....then diarreah, malabsorption, seed like things in my stools and 1 occasion white froth. 7 weeks on the malabsorption (to a much lesser degree remains) and mostly seeds, nuts and carrots seem to cause this?? I still have burning in my stomach (more often than not) in the middle of the night,this I gained at some point after constipation? not quite sure.
Avatar n tn I have tried baby powder, corn starch, cologne, and many other devices in an attempt to hide this odor. I just do not know what to do anymore. Though I do not suffer from the stomach rumblings, I certainly sympathize with you. If you have discovered any help, please forward. Thank you!
Avatar n tn well, save for the Habba Syndrome now. Not sure what to do about that...not even sure it's related. Probably not. Anyway, so if you have the nasty, foul suphur burps, see your doc about intestinal obstruction.
Avatar f tn You THINK strangers around you are smelling you, but that just may be a psychological reaction, because YOU think you smell, so you think they smell it too, and you feel self conscious. What do you mean nurses can smell it? How many other people, besides you, and not including strangers, have verified that they smell something? How do they describe it?
Avatar n tn Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me, my son is 17 months old & he has just threw up yellow vomit which smelss really badly of egg & he keeps burping eggy burps. What could it be & what causes it? What could I do to help him? I'm takin him to the doctors first thing tomorrow morning but if anyone could help please Louise.
Avatar f tn after eating (about 5 min when l can feel that 'bloated' sensation) l stick a finger into the back of the throat...it took me some time to manage to do this without throwing up so maybe its best to try to do this in the toilet to start with if you are going to try it. anyhow, l am now able to 'throw' up the air...without actually throwing up anything else. the noise that comes out when l do it is simply UNREAL, but still it gets the job done and l am able to eat and enjoy whatever l like.
Avatar f tn I'm one of those people who really, really hates to vomit. I mean, I just wont do it unless there is just no option. I will feel sick longer rather than throw-up. I'd take a beating before willfully throwing up. Anyway, it was an unstoppable force and it just kept coming. My wife took me back to the hospital ER where they again performed many of the same tests which all came up negative. They gave me anti-nausea medicine which worked a bit better this time.
Avatar m tn I would not advice you to have the Nissen reversed as you do have a Hiatal Hernia and they fix that when they do the wrap. Even if your initial symptoms were not severe and tests said GERD was not severe - if they undo the wrap, your Hiatal Hernia could become bigger and then you need the surgery in anyway to fix the Hernia.
Avatar n tn Hi, I relate to a lot of what you said, I have never fainted, but all the rest applies and I have nausea with it, though am not actually sick. My understanding is like Kiesh said, that it's IBS. Although, I'm never sure if the sweating part is a result of coping with the pain, or if it's my body sweating out something that I'm allergic or intolerant to.