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Avatar f tn I had a laporsocopy 2 years ago due to heavy bleeding.BUT I have had a smelly brown discharge since then. It happenes when I feel like I have to go to the bathroom. it is either a yellow or brownish discharge like Diarrhoea. When it is discharged it stings and smells. Sometimes I get a warning and it feels like air bubbles (vaginal farts) before it happens, other times it just happens without warning I have also experienced this when I get a smear done as well.
Avatar m tn The causes of bloody stool that is more maroon in color is intestinal polyps, inflammatory bowel disease or diverticulosis (diverticulosis causes significant bleeding). Other causes of blood in stools are, aspirin or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications and, polyps (small growths) and cancerous tumors (malignant growths of tissue). Diagnosis is by ultrasound abdomen. In some cases sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy may be needed.
1225178 tn?1318984204 Foods such as cauliflower, eggs and meat are notorious for producing smelly farts, whereas beans produce large amounts of not particularly stinky farts. See: I hope your situation improves Diane.
Avatar n tn I moved to a new country and everything was fine but after 3 months I moved house and my troubles began. Thinking back first symptom was gas...nasty smelling farts.....then I noticed my stools changed and I remember commenting to my girlfriend, Im not going right...theres something stools turned a lightish brown colour and sticky and smelly. I then started seeing blood. After trying to modify diet etc I went to a doctor.
Avatar n tn also, I do have endometriosis, but who knows what causes this...I have always maintained that it is the hormones we produce around our periods that causes the reaction.
Avatar n tn No pain, no problems with bowel movements, just a stomach that sounds like a sci fi movie, ridiculous amount of noise and can feel pops of gas, and lots of farts. What helps is taking 1/4 of Ativan tablet before I eat, then stomach is calm and bloat is less uncomfortable, though still will fart ( ive always done that though so that doesnt worry me). Ruled out reflux, parasites, etc.
Avatar n tn because of that, i pass really smelly gas. it's depressing, really. i dont want to go out anymore. lately, i suffered eye strain from the computer and i vomited lots of mucus. it's disgusting, but i'm not sure if it's related. please help me.
Avatar m tn The less farts and/or better smelling the farts are, the less smelly the air that comes out of my nose is. I am healthy and exercise. Also, when I don’t think about the bad smell, it goes away. I also stay very calm and sometimes the smell goes away. It usually goes away when I feel something moving in my nose, although I am not sure if it is a pressure change or something else. Sometimes, even though the air in my nose is moisturized, there still is a bad smell.
Avatar m tn my farts do not smell 80% of the time, and smell really different from the fecal body odor for the 20 other %. So here's my theory : i suffer from crippling social anxiety since i am a child (it started around 9), but i somehow dealt with it by locking up emotionally. So when i get tensed and my rectum is not empty, all that anxiety is putting a lot of pressure on my nervous system, thus messing with my external sphincters which open, allowing that awful smell of **** to come out.
Avatar n tn I can not put my finger on a certain food or anything that causes it. I had apendicitis 1 year ago too. I don't now if they are related. Does anyone that gets these symptoms had their apendix removed? I just had the burps this morning and it is soooooo embarrassing. What is going on with all of us. It sure is a releif to hear others have these nasty burps but I sure would like an answer. Please let me know if you do.
Avatar m tn 2's and 3's that DO NOT smoke have increased fibrosis also which is why this study really doesn't carry much weight. The virus itself causes increased fibrosis, smoking or not. There was also no distinction made between fat or thin participants so it could be their increased weight was a contributor. Best not to smoke OR be overweight when txing. Studies are only as good as the screening of the participants.
Avatar n tn - Diet (include excessive sulfur-containing food intake, food intolerance, food allergies) - Bacterial imbalance - Physically damaged anus which causes gas discharge Observations: - The problem is worst when I am at school - My feces stink as well I worry much more about the foul smell of my flatus than its quantity, since the horrible smell caused much inconvenience and annoyance to others. I really want to get rid of the problem and know the reason why it is occurring.
Avatar n tn not to mention farts as well ... its disgusting. diarrhea began too and i seem like im on the toilet almost every fifteen minutes ; someone please help me as to what you think this could be!! <3 thanks.
Avatar f tn Hi! I understand all what u guys have been through. Your self esteem just goes zero. But keep faith. How did u get rid of this awful thing?
Avatar n tn I think it is what causes this because the nerves in my stomach don't digest the food I eat correctly and it bloats, causes heartburn, pain, vomiting, diarrhea and sulfur burps!! I have yet to find a cure but I just got the burps again an hour ago and started taking tums and will take a bottle of pepto and hope I make it safely through the night!
Avatar m tn I had other symptoms too, such as abdominal discomfort, wind for England, smelly farts, smelly breath, smelly pooh....then diarreah, malabsorption, seed like things in my stools and 1 occasion white froth. 7 weeks on the malabsorption (to a much lesser degree remains) and mostly seeds, nuts and carrots seem to cause this?? I still have burning in my stomach (more often than not) in the middle of the night,this I gained at some point after constipation? not quite sure.
Avatar f tn This “war” going on inside your body causes inflammation that not only contributes to IBS in the gut but causes arthritis, acid reflux, and other inflammatory diseases depending on where the food particles are when the antibodies attack them.
Avatar n tn This sounds like Giardia, a common and difficult to diagnose condition, that causes flatulence, foul smelling burps and farts, sometimes vomiting and intermittent crampy pain and diarrhoea. It is relatively easy to treat with a single course of Tinidazole 2g, which may need to be repeated a week later, or a week of metronidazole. It can be sometimes diagnosed by a stool sample, but is often missed, as the parasite that causes it is only intermittently shed in faeces.
Avatar m tn I can rememberf the day like it was yesterday, i was sitting in health class and all of the sudden i started getting this gas that i couldnt stop, not loud like obvious farts, just like silent slow seeping gas, that i cant seem to stop no matter how hard i try. This happens when im around people (especially girls) , like if i have to sit infront of people in class or something it gets really bad, This is so terrible to have at my age, i feel as if im being robbed of my Golden years.
Avatar n tn She's not saying that sperm can't live for 2 days. She's saying that is NOT what causes odor. Seminal fluid mixing with the bacteria caused by BV can cause odor, but this has nothing to do with how long sperm live.
Avatar n tn pylori infections cause odor from any part of the body (more at rectal area). bacterial overgrowth causes malabsorption or malnutrition, intoxication etc. Please do google on these and get tested too. Just wanted to be helpful by sharing my probs. Also heavy metal toxicity (esp mercury), candida infections etc can cause odor at rectal area.
Avatar n tn I find it hard to believe with medicine as far advanced as it is that there are no solutions to ease these symptoms or acknowledgment of the distress it causes! I sincerely wish those who suffer this could be helped more.
Avatar m tn The medical way is with surgery—stick an endoscope up your nostril and suck enough of it out to end the infection. This usually works, but it sometimes causes complications, or scarring, and the infection often returns. This guide will show you a simple and extremely effective way to get the saline solution where it needs to go, and get rid of your sinus problem. I am not a doctor, but my father was a highly respected family physician.
Avatar f tn I need to gurgle because if I don't, I can feel the air trapped in my upper stomach and it causes irritation to my vagus nerve and then causes my heart to skip.
Avatar f tn The first time it happened I thought I must have eaten bad eggs, because the burps were horribly smelly. I'd never had anything like that before. Then I vomited all night long. I assumed it was food poisoning. Then it happened about a month later. Same exact smelly burps preceded a long night in the bathroom. After it happened for the third month in a row, I started keeping track of the episodes, but I can't make any sense of it. Neither can my doctor.
Avatar f tn I was incredibly smelly and gross. I knew that people hated me for it, avoided me, talked about me, and refused to acknowledge that there was an odor emanating from me (my mouth, my body, my crotch, etc). As it turns out, I do have digestive issues having to do with an autoimmune condition (narcolepsy), that contribute to slightly different tastes and smells that I produce, as well as a slightly altered perception of tastes and smells.
Avatar n tn I get yellow stools and burning bile that backs up into my system and causes complete HAVOC.... All I can say is good luck to 20 years, I have seen about 15 MD's and ALL of them have different opinions....