Wellbutrin sr or xl for weight loss

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Avatar n tn I also lost 8 lbs in 2 months, however not sure if it was the xl or sr or even the current 75 mg hcl that I'm currently on now.
Avatar n tn I was so excited about taking Wellbutrin SR for my anxiety and weight loss it worked for my depression but, not for the weight loss. I take one tablet 150mg daily in the am. Please help!!!!!!!!!
4753943 tn?1359938169 With Wellbutrin there are a number things good for. For example, weight loss, stop smoking, anxiety, sex drive. There are different types of Wellbutrin as well, there is SR and XL.
Avatar f tn I am not a health nut, i am wanting to find out taking Wellbutrin SR 150mg. it is twice a day, i take for depression and hope to help on stop smoking and lossing weight and the Tramadol(not prescribed for me) 50mg taking for pain and hope weight loss. I do not even know if it is safe. buuuuuuuut anywaay. funny you are sunny66, I am mary66.......
Avatar n tn 2 yrs later I started wellbutrin xl 150, 6 months later 300mg...not working but have been very happy with the weight loss so I don't want to stop (gained LOTS during paxil period) I just want the wellbutrin to work so bad that I keep giving it more time to see if it kicks in (about 4 weeks now on 300). I am not suicidal AT ALL but I would really not mind dying, so I know something needs to change. Ultimately, my question is what do I do?
Avatar n tn Wellbutrin XL 150mg works really well for me for two weeks of the month, and then I drop into a really bad pre-menstrual cycle of hopelessness, moodiness, rage even. I'm planning to ask a doctor about upping my meds for those two weeks. The thing is, for the two weeks it's working, Wellbutrin is really great. No side effects for me at all. No weight loss, unfortunately, but I didn't gain either (been on it for over a year now). And my libido is much stronger.
Avatar n tn I had a similar reaction when I went off of Wellbutrin several years ago after losing some weight while taking it - I actually split my jeans I gained so fast when I went off it. I would do a very slow weaning from it this time. I am actually on it again to try and quit smoking. I have gained weight while on it and am afraid that I might gain more when I go off it again. I am older now, though, so I think that might be the difference. natural metabolism slowdown.
Avatar n tn hi_im new here but not to wellbutrin or psych drugs--I am pretty sure that it is not safe to break apart SR or XL forms of wellbutrin as they are timed-release and will release all wrong and do "who knows what" if you break them--not good I don't think.
Avatar n tn my doctor changed me from Lexapro to Wellbutrin for the exact same reason, I have been on it a couple of months now.....no weight loss, extreme constipation...loss of sleep and I certainly don't feel as well as I did on Lexapro, but just like you, I was on Lexapro for eight months and I gained over 25 lbs, if it wasn't for the weight gain itself...I would go back on Lexapro. I go back to the doctor next month (October), I'll see what she suggests.
Avatar n tn Has anyone switched from Lexapro (or like SSRI) to Wellbutrin XL for Anxiety or more specifically, Social Anxiety? If so, what were the results? My Dr. wants me to try Effexor if this doesn't work, but I'm not excited about the reported side effects. If I gain any more weight I'll be even more depressed. Also, my Dr. won't give me Benzos since they're potentially addicitive. I tried Xanax in the past and it worked so well! Sigh... Thanks for any help!
1390847 tn?1344661068 Side effects of Wellbutrin SR include agitation, constipation, dizziness, dry mouth, insomnia, nausea, rash, sweating, and/or weight loss. Side effects of Wellbutrin XL may include abdominal pain, agitation, anxiety, constipation, diarrhea, dizziness, dry mouth, heart palpitations, increased urination, insomnia, muscle soreness, nausea, rash, ringing in the ears, sore throat, and/or sweating.
Avatar m tn Yesterday morning I popped my first Wellbutrin XL. Wellbutrin for those neuro pharmacologically healthy is an AD (antidepressant). First time with ADs, and as mentioned in a previous thread, it's not so much I feel *depressed* as feeling a lack of motivation to get back to what is left of my former life.
Avatar n tn I had no sex drive before the wellbutrin, now i do...I cant say enough for wellbutrin and how its worked for me, but just because its right for me..does not mean its right for you...
Avatar n tn Has anybody noticed an increase in acne with Wellbutrin XL? I have an issue with this as I came off Depo about 18 months ago, I was on SR for about 5 years, and my acne got worse, then switched to XL about 10 months ago and my acne went berserk! I am still waiting on a period???? The dermatologist wants to use accutane but I quit the Wellbutrin about 14 days ago in desperation, and it looks a bit better, just what I need, another drug induced mess right?
Avatar n tn I have been on Lexapro for a year and have gained 10 pounds. This despite eating healthy as adviced by dietician and working out strenously 5-6 times a week with personal trainer. I just can't loose the weight and I am constantly hungry. I have had weight issues my whole life but this is the worst I have ever been. My psychiatrist is weening me off the Lexapro and is giving me Topamax which should induce weight-loss and also lessen the side effects of going off the Lexapro.
Avatar n tn My doctor had given me a prescirption for Wellbutrin XL not for depression or anything like that but for weight loss. Apparently the most common side effects of XL is a reduced desire to eat, and an increased libdo. My insurance would not give me XL only SR. The first few days I wasn't hungry after that... well lets just say next week i am going to get the B!@ shot. How long have you been on Wellbutrin? If not at all i would wait and see what type of effect that has on you first.
Avatar n tn Thanks everyone for putting my mind at rest. I had been on effexor xl since August last year, and my doctor changed me over to Zispin just 2 weeks ago. Effexor worked really well for a short-time (I was on prozac before that which were useless for me) but I just seemed to be taking a nose dive. Since then I've had really strange side effects, more lucid dreams, strange sensations when moving my eyes, cold type symptoms and tearfulness (I even cried when watching a holiday programme!!!
Avatar n tn heya, Glad I came across this community, enjoyed reading some of the posts, helpful info for sure. Currently I am taking Wellbutrin XL, topamax, Lamictal, and Xanax (for sleep) and have been feeling desperate on what to try next for my Bipolar. I started on meds over 10 years ago when I was "diagnosed" (although not told with that terminology", then put eventually on Seraquel, Zoloft, Prozac, Buspar, Celexa......
Avatar n tn The headaches have improved and I can't wait until the FDA officially approves it for weight loss. So what if the soda tastes bad. Who needs it.
Avatar f tn First of all I am not a nurse ot doctor but I wanted to comment on the hair loss. I have also been prescribed topamax for pain, mood stabilizer and weight loss so I have been looking a lot on the net. I have seen a few things about hair loss. I wanted to comment on that. I have been a hairstylist for 24 years and one thing that I have noticed without doubt is that when one of my customers loses a significant amount of weight (25 lbs or more) they always have a loss of hair.
Avatar m tn I take a fairly high dose, 80mg a day. I also take Provigil and and two meds for Bipolar, Lamictal and Wellbutrin. I was diagnosed Bipolar over 6 years ago but still struggled quite a bit, even though medicated to treat this illness. When I started being treated for The ADD it was kind of like a missing link or puzzle piece in my treatment had been found. You cannot tell me that it does not exsist. That is absurd!
Avatar n tn About this same time I had decided to start weaning myself off of Effexor for several different reasons. I was taking both Wellbutrin XL and Effexor XR and was just tired of taking so many medications ( I am also on hormone replacement therapy). The side effects I had from Effexor were not that totally bad; sweating and being hot when nobody else was, decreased sexual feelings, not as intense orgasms. I had quit about a year ago but don't remember feeling like this at all.
Avatar m tn - A feeling of the penis being 'pulled' in. - A 'brittle' or' shell-shocked' feeling in the penis when this has persisted for a day or two. - Visible stress to skin, wrinkling, color spots, redness, irritation, etc. 2. A common complaint is left-side veins 'popping' out or becoming much more prominent, also sometimes accompanied by some pain. I've heard some complain of right-side issues, but I personally have not had much of an issue with that side. 3. Shorter length.