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Avatar f tn I prefer medical marijuana but we finally found something that worked. Vyvanse. I'm not to sure about how this stuff works and I was curious on how it works. Does Vyvanse help depression? I tend to think poorly about the future and about working out. But when I take a 40-50mg pill, I feel happy, confident, focused and smart. Am I the only one who experiences this? Is Vyvanse for just focusing or can it be used for depression? I want to hear some input about Vyvanse and its effects.
Avatar m tn First off, Vyvanse is not just prescribed to "children"... it is a medication for young people AND ADULTS who have been diagnosed (typically) with ADD, ADHD or a Learning Disability that significantly impairs Executive Functioning or Processing Speed. Do not delegitimize the treatment of a health issue for all those who NEED and take their meds as prescribed, just because others might abuse them.
Avatar f tn It should not be a problem. Two entirely different types of meds without any conflicting problems. However, Benadryl will make you sleepy.
Avatar f tn I am considering switching to vyvanse or something similar. Ask about concerta also, I'm not sure how the two differ. You keep doing the next right thing and I pray you will have an awesome road ahead of you! Also if you would like to talk more, ever need help, ever just need someone to listen, or ANYTHING find me on FB and IM me. Landie Campbell . I would like to follow your story and know what you find out about your ADHD drugs and what your doctor says.
Avatar f tn The side effects were not caused by the V, but were caused by it not lasting long enough. If V is not working it is not going to cause him to have trouble sleeping. That is the ADHD. If he could get a ton of exercise in the afternoon, you would see a big difference. This is another very helpful link to Dr. Parkers site where he explains the Side effects in the afternoon when the stimulant wears off. http://www.corepsych.
Avatar f tn About 2 years ago I was prescribed vyvanse but decided to get off of it about halfway through my senior year. I'm a freshman in college now and recently saw my physiatrist during break and got a 1 month prescription. This is the first week I'm taking it again and I have been experiencing extreme paranoia late at night. Ive also been experiencing insomnia throughout the entire spring semester so far.
Avatar f tn He then prescribed to me the amphetamine, Vyvanse (30mg). I was to take it the very next morning after breakfast. I have had very few problems with the my other medications, like the antidepressant, Zoloft (50mg), and the antihistamine, Zyrtec (10mg). But I have started to notice some very disturbing and confusing side effects the same day I started taking this. On Friday, I had taken one pill in the morning and left to go to school (I had taken my other medications the night before).
Avatar m tn I am going to get off sub later this year. (Not to make it sound easy, but I have a set date, time off work and I'm ready) my sub DR had me tested for ADHD, which I had a feeling I had, and I do. I'm not desperate for ADHD drugs like some are, they don't make me feel "good" but they do seem to help me get **** done :)...I have taken adderall before and know it helps with my issues, especially my lack of motivation, focus and follow through.
Avatar f tn - If not Vyvanse, do you have any other/better suggestions that I can discuss with my Dr tomorrow? - If you think Vyvanse would be a suitable alternative, what dose do you think I should be trying? (My body is now used to 30mg of Adderall ir, 3 times a day = 90mg total) - Does anyone have any experience with (female) sex drive in relation to these meds? For the most part, with the adderall, my sex drive is definitely on the lower end of the scale...
Avatar m tn 30AM and felt fairly refreshed. The Vyvanse was of little help during the day but seemed to keep me awake at night. Wierd, eh?
Avatar m tn Ive also been on spring break for the past week, so i did not take the drug(i feel like it worked waay better before).. Ive now been on vyvanse for about 4 weeks maybe? and i feel like its not working as well. its weird because its been working but idk what happened. Now its like i only get the bad side affects, rather than helping me focus. honestly im not sure if its making me worse, or not doing anything anymore..I find that im always cranky aswell, like its hard to stay in a good mood.
14987738 tn?1437745635 In September of last year I was admitted for my depression, I was diagnosed with major depression disorder, anxiety, schizophrenia, and ADD, I was put on Vyvanse 30 mg, Zoloft 50mg later upped to 100, Abilify 5mg, I was doing good when I got out, vyvanse has helped my concentration steady, I stopped Zoloft and Abilify months ago because they were no help but my vyvanse has been causing troubles, I feel more depressed, and depression runs on both sides of the family, I rarely sleep, I sometimes g
883807 tn?1240690885 + Flashing visual transparent colors and/or strobe like effect with images in rapid succession lasting 20-30mins. + severe confusion where unable to get out of bed lasting 20-30mins followed by 2-3 hrs of confusion where im able to get up and move around but unable to concentrate or work with the feeling of almost being 1/2 asleep like I am there but not. RECENT SYMPTOMS DURING DAY : Lips, hand, legs, feet, arms may go tingly and/or numb with paint in joints or from joint down leg for example.
5757880 tn?1395581622 September 2013 – Intuniv 2mg w/ Vyvanse September 2013 – Concerta 36mg (removed from Vyvanse and Intuniv because he became over-emotional and violent/aggressive) December 2013 - Concerta 54mg (Dr.
Avatar n tn I took a 70 mg slow release vyvanse in order to stay up all night and study for a test later today at about 4 in the afternoon. At about four in the morning I took a 15-30 mg slow release focalin because I thought the effects of the vyvanse were gone. I don't have ADD so that may be part of the problem. My heart rate was very high, i was lightheaded at times, and my temp climaxed at 99.5, checked every twenty minutes or so.
Avatar n tn I have noticed a huge help with these fits when the vyvanse is taken on work days and not on off days (or taken for school and given a "break" on the weekends). Me personally if I take it every single day I start feeling robotic if that makes sense and like I can't express my full range of emotions because I'm too busy with my work or trying to be social and friendly.
Avatar f tn Now, my friend has presented me with vyvanese, which I am considering to take but i'm worrisome about the interaction. I am not taking both of them together, I took the ephedrin almost 12hours ago. Would taking a small dose of vyvanse have any impact on me? I am wary of the side effects, and want to know the severity of the interaction. Any help would be appreciated. Thankyou.
1401877 tn?1288111239 Wellbutrin (300mg) Vyvanse (60mg) Valtrex (1g) Lamictal (200 or 300mg, not sure) Klonopin (1mg) Seasonique bc pill I've read that Wellbutrin and Lamictal and Klonopin are often used for POTS (those were prescribed by a psych bc of "anxiety" .... it's funny how a psych dr. inadvertently ends up treating POTS...).
Avatar m tn The difference is that while the Xanax really helps for the anxiety, it is not treating the cause of the anxiety. That is what the adderall is doing. Of course, not positive on that - but anxiety is a very strong co-disorder of adhd. And, I feel it is even stronger in adult undiagnosed adhd. So if you are now treating the possible cause of your anxiety - then that is good. And, I have seen this reported many times with adults.
Avatar f tn That time frame can be from 3 to as long as 12 or more hours for a med like Vyvanse. So when you say the medicine is not working, I don't know if you mean at all or just that it is not working as long. If he is in school, have they reported any difference in him? If its just that the meds are not acting long enough, that can be a fairly easy fix by his doctor. In terms of being disrespectful, that kinda of comes with the age and exposure to other kids (if he is at school).
Avatar n tn You might want to check out Vyvanse. It is longer lasting and not as anxiety causing as ritalin I believe. Also, Two sites aimed at the adult ADD sufferer that you might want to check out are totallyadd.com and http://jeffsaddmind.com/for-first-time-visitors.
Avatar n tn I have had many patients tell me that 'none of the antidepressants work', and then after finally getting them to trust me, finding good medications for them. Too often they are prescribed by people who do not understand them adequately. I could deliver a baby if I had to, but I wouldn't try to sell that service to a patient!! Consider seeing a psychiatrist, even if you have a responsive pain doc.
Avatar f tn I take one 300mg tablet at night before bed and it last 24 hours. 3 weeks ago my doctor but me on 50mg Vyvanse for ADD which didn't work causing withdrawal so he switched me to 20mg Adderall which also didn't work so he stopped me cold turkey. Somewhere during that 3 week period I began taking tramadol because it would relax me during the withdrawal from the other meds.
Avatar f tn There is no way to raise her dose (and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to if we could) but this doseage is not lasting her all day at school. She takes her dose at 7:30 and the teachers say by 1:30 it seems to be gone. Also, the teachers have told me that she pulls her hair out and it's progressively gotten worse in the last few weeks. One of her friends tried to get her to stop yesterday and finally told the teacher who emailed me that she saw the clump of hair at her chair and it scared her.
Avatar f tn because he had to stay in room for the night because he has been throwing temper tantrums for the last 3 night all lasting over 2 hrs.any suggestions on how to cope with this? i have recently talked to his dr.s and seem to be getting nowhere they say that there are services out there and they called someone for me and someone will contact me but as of yet nothing. i feel like my options are limited and i have three other kids to think of.
Avatar f tn But now he is full of anger he has no respect for authority, he is not having problems at school but I worry that will come if we don't get control of the issues. He is now on a trial prescription of 10mg Focalin XR but that has turned into a fight cause he doesn't want to take it anymore...although he says it does help him at school, he disobeys me, disrespects me, hits his sister, hates everyone.
Avatar m tn The commonly prescribed drug by the doctors is sildenafil, which causes erections to be stronger and long lasting. It is not safe to take this drug without doctor’s advise. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar f tn 50- 100mg Trazodone daily PRN for sleep/ anxiety (taken at bedtime usually for recent onset insomnia) 35 mg Seroquel daily PRN for sleep/anxiety (also taken at night for sleep new onset insomnia) 100 mg Pristiq daily (depression) 30 mg Pantoloc daily (acid reflux and nausea) 30-60 mg Vyvanse daily PRN (ADHD; not taken every day, always taken in divided dose) (JUST STARTED this MARCH 2017) Other info: Little to no caffeine intake daily Pertinent Medical hx: * since 12 years of age have