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Avatar m tn I started Vyvanse back in August 2010, and it was the miracle that I've been searching for. Over a span of 4 years, I've taken stimulants including: Concerta, 30mg Adderall IR, and 30mg Adderall XR. Concerta gave me migraines. Adderall XR completely sucked. Adderall IR was the best medication that I found until Vyvanse. Now I think Adderall is horrible in comparison. I've been taking 30mg of Vyvanse for a few months now. This has been my adjusted dose from trying 20mg, 30mg, and 50mg.
Avatar f tn If a sore throat is causing your son distress with Vyvanse, then i don't think he has even close to the degree of tolerance that he needs in order to be taking this medication. Vyvanse will make your child's life a living hell and you'll never know about it. I am 19 years old and I have been taking Vyvanse since 3rd grade and what a mistake my parents made. When starting a young CHILD on a medication like vyvanse, you may unintentionally revolve their life around it.
Avatar f tn I have been switched from Cymbalta (weight gain) to Fetzima (weight loss) and additionally 50mg of Vyvanse for adult ADD. My symptoms of depression have subsided. I do not notice any huge difference in my attention span and still feel distracted when reading, unable to focus. I also feel tired and appear to crash about every afternoon regardless of when I take the medication, which is in the morning.
Avatar f tn His doctor put him on Vyvanse. He has since flunked out of 2 colleges due to the fact that he can't focus. He IS and has always been a very good athlete, playing football and basketball in high school and college. I assume that is due to the fast-pace of those sports. However, I am beginning to wonder if the Vyvanse is working on the problem. The doctor said that he has to get him on the right dosage and has been changing the strength.
Avatar f tn i am currently on 50 mg of vyvanse, have been on it for about a year, and over time it have been proving less and less effective. Also, i tend to crash 3 to 4 hours into they day. Would 3 to 4 daily doses of instant release adderal be better for me?
Avatar m tn I am a 19 year old male who just started college. I started taking vyvanse since the beginning of August. It has helped alot with my focus and concentration but I get jitters, I have become socially awkward, my anxiety and depression has increased, and the crash I get from it gives me horrible headaches. The crash also makes me not want to be socially active. What should I do? and are there any other good ADHD meds that I should talk to my doctor about?
Avatar f tn I have a question about Vyvanse. Currently, I am on 70mg. The problem is it wears off after 4-5 hours and I experience the worst crash and depression! I have experimented and taken 2 Vyvanse 70mg in one day.. one at 7am & the other at 1pm. That dosage lasted me until 9pm that night. I have read tons of articles about this wearing off on ADHD websites & forums.I also read where doctors are prescribing up to 210mg of Vyvanse. The most common high dose is 140mg.
447130 tn?1225474466 old ffemale who was put on Vyanse to help with my focus and concentration.I have been on Vyvanse for 1 1/2 months. The original dose wa 30mg. but I didn't see a difference so I was upped to 70mg. 2 weeks ago. The past week I have felt very unmotivated to do anything. I don't even want to talk to my friends, I just feel like being alone all the time. This is partially what I went on the drug to get rid of but it's making it worse.
Avatar f tn I am going to go off Vyvanse due to severe anxiety when crash hits. No dose seemed to fit for me. But, I lost the weight I was needing to lose (20 lbs) and if I go off Vyvanse, will it come back on with a vengance? I have heard hunger just is out of control when stopping this drug. So I am afraid to stay on it and I am afraid to go off it.
Avatar f tn He then prescribed to me the amphetamine, Vyvanse (30mg). I was to take it the very next morning after breakfast. I have had very few problems with the my other medications, like the antidepressant, Zoloft (50mg), and the antihistamine, Zyrtec (10mg). But I have started to notice some very disturbing and confusing side effects the same day I started taking this. On Friday, I had taken one pill in the morning and left to go to school (I had taken my other medications the night before).
Avatar m tn I have just been recently diagnosed with adult onset ADHD,I was prescribed 5mb abilify and 50mg Vyvanse. I was so glad to read your article on vyvanse because I was sooo scared to take it til today when I started. I needed the meds but didnt want my appetite suppressed like my son gets when he is taking focalin. What do you think about an 11yr old taking it? Also would it help with my son's suppressed appetite he has with focalin? Please help!
Avatar m tn I've been prescribed many different stimulant medications for my ADD and mood disorder/ Depression. 1. I am taking 70mg of Vyvanse but it only lasts 4-5 hours tops followed by a significant crash including anxiety and sometimes irritability. 2. I have taken 20mg of Ritalin but it's' similar to vyvanse, lasting short and crashing hard 3. I took 30mg of adderoll and had absolutely no affect, I may have even doubled up yet still nothing happened. 4.
Avatar m tn I am partially on Vyvanse because I cannot take any antidepressant whatsoever, which occurred about three to four years ago. No clue why. Thus, off Vyvanse, my depression returns to baseline. However, like many people with ADD, Vyvanse does not agitate me but rather calms me down. Thus, I suppose the answer could in part be a rebound effect in the case of both anxiety and depression? However, the morning attacks seem anxiety related.
Avatar f tn All the sudden my knees have gone week. I can't jump without feeling a kind of pain in my knees. When I was 12 I got into a car crash with my mom and got 3 bulging disks. Could that be involved with any of this?
Avatar m tn Serequel 100mg Vyvanse x2 60mg Pristiq 50mg Wellbutrin 300mg Adavan 2-3mg Age: 17 male History: been hospitalized twice but no clear diagnosis has ever been made other than ADD and Depression. *suspected mood disorder or sensory modulation disorder. I've been depressed since 12 but this is just out of control. I can't get to school because I can't wake up and if I do I'm fatigued all day. I constantly feel depressed, like my suffering won't end.
Avatar m tn It seems, also, that I respond well to Adderall, however, the crash from adderall is sometimes a little more difficult to deal with than the vyvanse crash. Adderall, at lower doses, doesn't seem to make me lose track of time as much or become so focused that I lose track of everything around me, at least not to the extent that vyvanse does. I was thinking that maybe the mixture of D and L enantiomers in Adderall works better in my body than the 100% D enantiomer in vyvanse.
Avatar f tn http://www.healthline.com/health/adhd/vyvanse-crash#vyvanse-crash2 Apparently, it is important to take this med at the exact same time every morning, especially to minimize the nighttime effects on sleep. Are you careful about the timing? Trazodone is an antidepressant which doctors can prescribe for "off-label" use to help with sleep. Most people seem to find it effective for this, and I haven't read about any bad interactions with Vyvanse.
1396846 tn?1332463110 He did up my gabapentin, gave me vyvanse for the fatigue, also gave me baclofen (spelling) for the spasms. Hoping the meds get me through this week. He also said that if I start getting worse then to call him right away because there is no sense in suffering if there is something that may ease it. Since taking the extra gabapentin, and the vyvanse I feel a little alive lol.
Avatar f tn I half assed tried Wellbutrin, Paxil, Lexapro and Buspar over the last decade for the depression to no avail. I have now been on Vyvanse and Viibryd for 3 months, and I feel some resemblance of my old self again. I am very apprehensive of pharmaceutical dependency, but after adjusting my 40 mg Vyvanse time in the mornings and dreading the evening crash or hours of yawning and spaciness if I forget to take it, I have discovered that doses at 7 am and 1 pm help me function.
Avatar f tn I had difficulty retaining information developing the habit of teaching and reteaching techniques in my field. Since my dx and the addition of medication (Vyvanse 30mg), I can concentrate for the typical 6hrs with most ADHD medication however during the "crash" phase, I return experiencing the typical sysmptoms along with agitation.
Avatar n tn I used to be on Vyvanse and am thinking asking to get back on it for a while at least...any input or supportive words are appreciated...I would love to hear a story about someone who got through it all...I never have.
Avatar n tn Vyvanse and Tenex for the ADHD and Risperdal and Lamictal for Bipolar. He also takes Melentonin to help him sleep. This combination of drugs to help him has been wonderful. They all seem to compliment each other.
Avatar m tn I went to my doctor about 9 months ago and am now on Vyvanse and Fluoxetine. Although my depressions meds should be stronger I have not yet made that jump as I am worried about the reaction of the 2. Thus far though they have worked very well together. Vyvanse is a newer ADD med and I specifically requested something other than Adderall due to side affects.
Avatar n tn I have also heard of this one called vyvanse. I would lokk online and see all the risks on them all and then talk to your doctor about wha he/she thinks is best for you child. Good luck.
603015 tn?1329866573 it is common for bipolar patients to want to go off their meds, i go through it too and it always leads to a crash of some sort. if you are mentally ill you need to take your meds even when you feel good or you could have a major mood episode. if you aren't happy with your meds talk to your doctor, there are a lot of different meds out there but you have to be patient and give the meds time to work, and be persistant with your doctor. that's what they get paid for.
Avatar n tn Now she is taking 40mg of Vyvanse. It seems to work as well as Adderall and has no GI side effects however, she now does this hand movement thing....its not a tick, and seems to be both voluntary and involuntary. Like sometimes she is aware of it but is drivin to do it subconsiously. She places her hands(both of them), palm facing outwards, to her mouth and wiggles all ten of her fingers rapidly into the air.
Avatar m tn It seems, also, that I respond well to Adderall, however, the crash from adderall is sometimes a little more difficult to deal with than the vyvanse crash. Adderall, at lower doses, doesn't seem to make me lose track of time as much or become so focused that I lose track of everything around me, at least not to the extent that vyvanse does. I was thinking that maybe the mixture of D and L enantiomers in Adderall works better in my body than the 100% D enantiomer in vyvanse.
Avatar f tn whoah.. i just switch from adderall xr 20mg to vyvanse 50mg.. i like the vyvanse so far, less anxiety with it, but anyways i had the same problem with the adderall.. i would drink so much alcohol, which is something you should not do if you take any type of psychiatric medications.
Avatar f tn i still don't sleep fantastic, i wake up way too early, but i don't wake up feeling like i have been run over by a truck anymore, either, except on a rare occasion. i also take vyvanse, which is an add medication. it has done wonders for me as far as my energy goes. not that i have tons of energy, but without it, i pretty much just crash and fall asleep on the couch.
Avatar f tn //www.squidoo.com/vyvanse is recommended. Read more: http://www.corepsych.com/2009/06/vyvanse-dosage-for-adhd-finding-the-safe-top-of-the-window/#ixzz2uZTnIWvJ This if from this link - http://www.corepsych.com/2009/06/vyvanse-dosage-for-adhd-finding-the-safe-top-of-the-window/ I think its worth checking out. And yes, your new doctor is part of the problem because the doctor is not used to working with you. I would try what she is suggesting and slowly work upwards.