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Avatar f tn Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, not sure why he has chosen the "booster" vs a larger vyvanse dose. I guess I should ask him at the next appt.
Avatar m tn I just want to comment on the Vyvanse. I am also a recovering Alcoholic / Pain Pill addict and was recently diagnosed with Adult ADHD. I was prescribed (by my Psych that was with me during recovery) Vyvanse. I was scared as hell, rightfully so but so far it has changed my life. I finally feel normal. He also gave me a 10mg "booster" as the Vyvanse only seems to cover me from 7am to about 2pm.
Avatar f tn resolution of his because I felt like he was just trying to make the symptoms better instead of finding what was causing it, but he's been my PC doc since birth so I listened to him. I ended up losing a bit of weight, due to the Vyvanse I'm taking for ADHD, and I know being overweight can cause problems like PCOS so I crossed my fingers that it would help, but it hasn't. When I started having aches and pains a couple months later, I went to see him about it.
1058261 tn?1256061140 so here I am with another diagnosis along with the bipolar I have ADHD(diagnosed on 11-16-09)...and was given vyvanse WOW!!! my whole life changed just like that...I was happy upbeat motivated and got things accomplished I had never before in my life felt this complete..if you have adhd you know what I mean...
Avatar f tn >>> 1- what was your field of study,i mean you are 20 so you maybe finished school? I'm attending a University. I'm a dual major: Psychology and Pre-Med. >>>2- do you have a job right now? Yes, though it's just a little money to get me through school. I wait tables. It was very hard for me to keep track of many things at once...the medication helped IMMENSELY, and I can tell the meds have started to wear off when I start forgetting to do things.
253566 tn?1219683299 Vyvanse (for chronic fatigue), Omeprazole, Topiramate, Baclofen (both pain meds), Lorazepam (Ativan - anti-anxiety), Ambien. Interferon (a form of chemo) is the main med for Hep C that I treated with. New patients are lucky as they are trying to do away with it as it is so damaging! Back when I treated the usual was, at the longest, 42 weeks but due to a lab error I was on treatment for 72 weeks! Ribavirin is the other main med. It is a booster med to the interferon.
Avatar f tn It might take about eight weeks or so for you to notice regrowth, but it does help. Keep using the Nioxin products too. There is one called Follicle Booster which is expensive, but helps a lot. And drink tons of water. Topamax is dehydrating and water will help the tingling sensations you get, along with the brain fog that comes with it. A couple of gallons of water a day will help. That's a lot, but you'll notice the difference.