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Avatar f tn I had a hysterectomy in October 2009, I was put on the vivelle-dot patch. I'm on the lowest dose (0.05mg). I change the patch twice a week. I had my yearly mamogram (which has always been normal). I picked up the report today and it says: Findings: Dense and hetergenous breast parenchyma is again observed with minor asymmetry.
429647 tn?1249757029 after coming home from the hospital after a 3 week stay due to many complications...I switched to the vivelle dot patch and I am now on 0.5 which is so much lower than i was far so is from a plant deritative which I heard is stablizes my mood also...I also would check with your Doctor before doing anything..I was only 40 so they highly recommend me on the HRT...I do see a difference than when I am not on it...Good Luck and so happy to hear you are in remission....
279234 tn?1363108849 I was put on the 10 estrogen patch. Does anyone have experience on the estrogen patch Vivelle-Dot, and if so did you like it? How long was your adjustment period if you had surgical menopause and was put on an estrogen supplement? I do have, what I believe might be mild hot flashes..I feel like I'm hot and I'm running a fever but I'm not.
Avatar f tn Started having sever hot-flashes so my doctor put me on the Vivelle Dot. It took care of the hot-flashes but caused me to gain 10 pounds in a 6 week period. My doc said the weight gain was from menopause. Well, I took the patch off 2 weeks ago and threw it away, and I have now lost 6 of those pounds and feel much better. I think it was causing depressiont too. I have been on bio-identical hormones for a few years - progesterone cream and DHA cream - and have done fine.
Avatar n tn Now I went back on my patch out of desperation and still don't feel 100 percent better. Does it take awhile for the estrogen to build up in my body again so I can feel better? I am so depressed about all of this.
7649183 tn?1393017836 I started recently using the patch since I thought it would be better for my liver and a more natural way to get the estrogen. I'm doing this to protect again osteoporosis. I take Vivelle-Dot lowest dose--.025. I feel fine, but my breasts are sore. They never were when taking the estradiol pill--.05/day. There's a patch available that states it has the lowest dose necessary to protect against osteoporosis (Menostar).
Avatar f tn I have been using the estrogen patch (Vivelle dot .1) since my surgery and have had no problems with hot flashes. However, for the past 8 months I having been getting hot flashes every now and then. Is this normal? When I mentioned it to my doctor, he just said I was already taking the highest dose the patch comes in and didn't like the idea of me using the oral kind. I'm just wondering why this would start after so many years and if anyone else has experienced this. It drives me nuts!!!
Avatar n tn Or, you may want to think about something completely different like the Vivelle Dot patch. This is something your Dr will have to prescribe just like your Estrace pills.
Avatar m tn Hi. I am 52 and was doing wonderfully on Vivelle dot 0.05. Then drug co. sold it to another and they 're-labeled / redesigned the patch, ..and the new patch does Nothing. Apparently, I cannot absorb from this different patch. So, I tried a Gel estr. and I show no signs of absorbing that, either! Has anyone else had experiences like this with transdermal estradiol replacement?
Avatar f tn I had a full hysterectomy back on Feb. 11. I was immediately put on HRT patch. .05 (vivelle dot). Six weeks my endo did lab work to make sure everything was okay with my synthorid dosage. At the time of my lab I have been on 200mcg for about 6 months or so. TSH .02 T4 - 1.84 Of course she has decreased to 188mcg and retest in 3 months. Is the patch affecting my levels? I do not have any hyper symptoms that I am aware of. I told her I felt fine, but she refused to leave the dosage as is...
178345 tn?1242539846 Girls - I know I should maybe post this elsewhere but since you guys are my friends and know so much I was just wondering if anyone here that is on the vivelle-dot patch have any side effects from it..for 2 days I have this drawing pain in my upper is more of a nuisance than a real terrible pain...I always worry about blood clots..I took my patch off just in case for a few hours but had to put it on due to the hot flashes ...I am hoping this is nothing but I am worried..
Avatar n tn Can this patch Vivelle-Dot 0.1 MG Patch cause Ovarian Cancer?
Avatar f tn I have been put on the Vivelle dot patch 0.1 (2 at a time). My blood tests are showing normal estrogen levels but on the very low side. I am having some problems with fatigue , moodiness and anxiety. What do I need to ask my Doctor? I don't seem to be getting a lot of help from my gynocologist? Do I need to give this more time?
Avatar f tn I HAVE HAD A COMPLETE HYSTERETOMY AND MY DOCTOR PUT ME ON THE VIVELLE DOT PATCH AND PROMETRIUM CAPS (200 MG.). SHOULD A PERSON WITHOUT A UTERUS BE TAKING PROMETRIUM CAPS? Had blood work done about 2 years ago and my testestrone was high so my regular MD prescribed the prometrium caps. Had complete blood work 2 weeks ago by my ob/gyn. Blood work and hormones were all normal. He suggested to stop taking the prometrium caps and keep taking the vivelle dot patches.
2174421 tn?1391870564 I'm 49 in peri. Have been using 0.0375 Vivelle Dot patch continuously and using Prometrium 200mg for 10 days every 6 weeks (to minimize progesterone effects but protect uterus). (been on this regimen for 2 months). My prior blood testing in late May showed FSH 89, Estrogen <10 and progesterone nearly non-existent). After this most recent 10-day round of Promethium, I have only had some brownish/pink spotting but barely enough to even use a mini pad.
Avatar f tn Could you tell me if eating soy would interfere with the estrogen patch I take? I am on the vivelle patch .1mg and was wondering if eating edamames would help. Can the phytoestrogens be taken with the estrogen patch? Thank you so much for your help!
695104 tn?1442197188 Well, my Ob-Gyn is a great gal, she just does not believe in bio-identical compounded hormones...she has me on the vivelle-dot patch for my estrogen, but as far as help for my testosterone (which on last bloodwork was 0.2...yes, I mean 0.2!!!) all she is comfortable prescribing is a pill, and I cannot take pills that will affect my liver with my lupus and other diagnoses...BUT...there is a glimmer of hope...she did say she would refer me to an Endocrinologist who is up on all of the above...
Avatar f tn 0) Currently taking .2 Humatrope daily Vivelle dot .1 patch Progesterone 200mg ten days per month I know my thyroid looks normal but I am wondering if I need a small dose to feel better? Your thoughts Rumpled?
Avatar f tn I had a complete hysterectomy 5 1/2 years ago at the age of 35 for a borderline serous tumor in one of my ovaries. I have been on the vivelle dot .1mg patch for several years with no problems. Lately, I have been having symptoms of low estrogen like hot flashes. Unfortunately, my gyn oncologist has retired so I have been seeing my regular ob for my yearly follow up.
718868 tn?1230733629 only they took it all..I have a lot of good to say about estrogen replacement//Im on the vivelle dot which is a patch that you apply 2 times per week. its increased my happiness, Im not hot flashing and not a basket case of nerves...ask your doc about it..
Avatar f tn I had a complete hysterectomy 5 1/2 years ago at the age of 35 for a borderline serous tumor in one of my ovaries. I have been on the vivelle dot .1mg patch for several years with no problems. Lately, I have been having symptoms of low estrogen like hot flashes. Unfortunately, my gyn oncologist has retired so I have been seeing my regular ob for my yearly follow up.
1168718 tn?1464987135 I was put on Vivelle-Dot after loosing all my hormones due to a hysterectomy. Both Vivelle-Dot and Climara seem to contain estradiol (a form of estrogen bioidentical to your body's own). In the summer, I have been on this med for a year. I was put on this med right after my last form of hormone was removed (which was one ovary by this point). When I was first put on the med, I had the occasional hot flash until my body got use to the lower dosage of estrogen. How my doctor put it was..
178345 tn?1242539846 Hi Girls - Just wondering anyone on HRT Patch..Vivelle Dot..Lately, I have been so tired..extremely tired and my joints hurt..I am not sure what this is related to..wondering if it has to do with the hormone patch??? I am eating well and losing weight (on purpose) so I dont know what is wrong..tomorrow I am seeing my primary MD..Just thought if anyone has any idea...please share..
Avatar f tn I'm a 53 year old female who had a hysterectomy at 44. I was put on the Vivelle Dot Patch and immediately began to gain weight. I had never had a weight problem before. My ankles began to swell and I could not sleep; doctor did nothing so I found another doctor who prescribed a pill progesterone and swelling left and I enjoyed sleep once again. However, I continued to gain weight over these past 9 years.
1129774 tn?1279835362 I am currently on .1 vivelle dot patch and I am doing okay. I have no hot flashes, but I still have extreme dry eyes, vaginal dryness, and muscle aches in my upper back. It seems the symptoms get worse one day before I am supposed to change the patch. I have read that some women can burn through the estrogen quicker. My dr. gave me samples of the Divigel to try instead. I really want to stay on the patch bc of the ease of use.
Avatar f tn Oh great one of the side effects of vivelle dot patch is back ache,,that explains my lower back pain,,,it did happen after going on vivelle,but i am thinking clearer maybe it willl go away
Avatar f tn I got the one that helped me first try it was the Vivelle dot. There is a LOT of studies that relate lack of female hormones with increased depression...when you read side effect possibilitys on medications they are required by law to put all possibilities...example antidepressants may increase suicide risks...well most people who would think of such a thing are of course depressed, do you see what I am trying to say? It is very important to stick with bio-identical hrt.
Avatar n tn , endometrium flat ... But my 1st and only ultrasound, after only 8mos of HRT (Vivelle dot .1mg x2 weekly and 14 days of 200mg Prometrium each month), shows thickened endometrium at 1.2 cm?? US was done on day 4 after last Prometrium tab -- maybe too soon in cycle? In addition, report notes a "paraovarian cyst and small amount of fluid in endomentrial canal.
Avatar f tn I started hormones last week and they put me on the vivelle dot patch. I put a patch (0.1mg) on every Monday morning and change it on Thurs night to a new patch. Sometimes they have to tweak the dose as a person might need more in the beginning. That seems to be the case for me. The NP at my gyn/oncs office yesterday told me to change the patch after 2 days for now to see how I do. I was getting irritable and had an increase in night sweats by the last day and just feeling kinda yucky.