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1094771 tn?1330284476 Cetrotide 0.25mg and 3mg, Doxycycline, HCG 10,000, Vivelle dot patch, Luveris, Dexamethasone, Citranata Assure, Baby Aspirin, Progestrone, Medrol . I am waiting for my meds to arrive today and I am waiting for AF. I can't wait. I hope we all get BFP and healthy pregnancies. I will be doing a 5 day transfer.
Avatar n tn This has been going on for about a year and a half. Always in the morning and usually when my stomach growls. I had been thinking that it could have to do with the fact that I take pre-natal vitamins before I go to bed. They kinda upset my stomach so, maybe there is something to the two symptoms going together. Anyway, hopefully we'll get some answers!
Avatar m tn My doctor didn't want me to use a progesterone cream but the pharmacist has actually told me that I can cut the capsules in half and spread the oil/cream on the inside of my arm. (This is something that I just found out yesterday) It's such a relief to get some help with the horrible symptoms I was having. My GYN didn't even do blood work. She just knew from the problems I was having.
Avatar m tn 6 months ago I was on 75 mcg's of T4 (2x what I'm taking now), along with the 10 mcg of T3. My Endo cut my T3 in half 6 months ago because I had the following labs with horrible symptoms of anxiety and heart palpitations. Labs 6 Months Ago (before cutting my T3 in half) TSH: 0.111 Range: 0.34 - 4.00 Free T3: 2.6 Range: 2.40 - 4.
1018470 tn?1251337123 I am wondering if any one else gets shoulder blade and neck muscles constricting (drawn up so tight and can't get them to relax) while taking Cytomel as well, not being able to sleep good, shortness of breathe too? I had to cut my pill in half to take only half of a 5 mcg. pill. My doc wanted me to take 2 x 5 mcg - I can't or at least I need to titrate very SLOWLY?
Avatar f tn My gyn just told me to start the Vivelle dot patch 0.025… My upper neck has been visibly swollen since a thyroid med change in August, can hear a clicking when I swallow, and tightness in my throat seems to happen most times within an hour of taking my cytomel, and gets better as the day goes on. I am also having pains and slight swelling on the sides of my neck, where my arteries are.
661941 tn?1297450955 I know also, that if you have a uterus you need estrogen and progesterone as hormone replacement. I take estrogen replacement, the bioidentical vivelle dot patch. It is working wonderfully. Also, I didn't want yearly uterine biopsies as was suggested I would need if I left my uterus in. I had them in the past and they are no fun. I guess what I am saying is, for me the removal of the whole shooting match made more sense as to avoid a future surgery.
Avatar m tn I really didnt want to but I cut the dose in half, and I fell apart, mood hot flashes,ect....
Avatar f tn Mine is 60 miles away and I have the hormones mailed to me. And, my pharmacist and doctor stay in touch. But, the pharmacist in this case is the real guide. And, many compounding pharmacists really know their stuff. They can also tell you which docs they work with so that if you need a doctor if your regular doc is not willing to help you for whatever reason (many just are not involved with this yet) your pharmacist can offer suggestions. Insurance may cover some of the costs...
Avatar m tn Your HC dosing is not consistent with a normal body - most people take the bulk in the morning and lesser in the afternoon (not night so not to mess with sleep and body healing. Also, if you have a bunch of other things going on, you may need a higher dose - and you have to stress dose when you are sick. Do you stress dose? Do you have an emergency kit?
Avatar n tn In the year and a half that I have been coming to this forum I have found the majority of the posts very helpful. Not everyone has the ability to phrase their comments in terms that ALL can understand, they do the best they can, please do not condemn any of us, for doing the best we can, to pass on knowledge we have gained in facing this damn disease.
Avatar m tn ( soon to be 40) I'm taking 1 grain of NT, but he did prescribe the estrogen patch and testosterone and progesterone cream. My estrogen levels have improved quite rapidly, in 6 weeks I was able to cut the dose in half,(from the highest dose available) some improvement from testosterone but not worth getting too excited about it. Since I'm at almost 0 testosterone will take a while for the level to get where it needs to be.
Avatar f tn Amitriptyline 30 mg, topomax 150 mg, back to back Lutera (bc pills) to halt my period (half pill in am and pm) with a .1 vivelle dot patch 2x per week to even out estrogen, sertraline between 25 and 50 mg daily, Botox for migraines. Zomig 5 mg pill as abortive (which I often take after Zofran so it works). Zomig spray of I need something fast, or I've eaten (works best for me on empty stomach. I also take magnesium and butterbur each day.
Avatar f tn The most common starting dose for patients with hypothyroidism is Armour thyroid, 90 mg which is cut in half with a razor blade and half is ideally taken twice a day, 10 to 20 minutes before breakfast and dinner. If you have trouble remember taking them, then take the entire dose before breakfast. It is also ideal to chew the tablet before swallowing. Taking it after meals also helps to reduce volatility of the blood-level of T3.
458090 tn?1256324762 The RE said it was low and they are hoping it will climb in the next few days. At this rate my retrieval will probably be next Fri or Sat. In the meantime, the follie factory will be working on overdrive! Lisa - Migraines? Girl, you just can't seem to win right now! Take care of yourself. I will pray for AF soon (I sent her a text message the other day to get over there asap) and she owes me some favors (she gave me many of scares as a teenager)!
Avatar n tn DHEA can and should cut that elevated level in half after 2 months. 10. BASELINE FSH GOES DOWN on DHEA. Again..poor responders typically have elevated baseline FSH. I’ll spare you the biochem and just tell you that mine went from 11 to 3.5 and stayed there around 3 while on DHEA. There is a direct correlation between these and increasing your Testosterone level via DHEA. 11. ALCOHOL INTERFERES WITH DHEA-S – DON”T DRINK AND DO DHEA. 12. ESTROGEN PATCH TO DOWNREGULATE OVARIES BEFORE STIMMING.
Avatar n tn Three years ago I had a partial hysterectomy. About a year ago started vivelle dot patch and I was doing great. Now all of a sudden the hypo is back. I;m on wobbly legs and all the other symptoms mentioned here. I am 51. My family history tells me that the females go thru menopause at 54.I am miserable because it comes and goes.I was yesterday but crappy today. I stay away from all of the triggers. No sugar, caffeine,simple carbs. Should I ask my doctor to put me on the higher dose patch?
Avatar n tn I did Ivf in dec resulting in M/c with donor eggs. I was wondering if my freind can be preg at 43 why I was told I needed to use donor eggs and if maybe there is a chance I could use my own???any thoughts?
1647691 tn?1363727302 Yeah I'm so glad you found it!!
766586 tn?1284386798 Orthocept Lupron Gonal-f Menopur Novarel Progesterone Vivelle dot skin patches Doxycycline pills Medrol pills Diazepam/Valium pills Cefoxitin baby aspirin Well that is everything. I will opt to have the progesterone in pills and only maybe do a few shots. I still have some nerve damage from the last shots of progesterone. The only thing I am not looking forward to is the moodiness that comes with the IVF drugs. Hopefully the acupuncture will help with that.
Avatar n tn All CT scans, MRI of brain and blood work keep coming back clean and ok. Nothing I try seems to work. There was a period of time about 3 and a half years ago that the symptoms lifted for about 4 months and then it returned full force. Some of the weird parts are that the shakiness seems to be seasonal - coming in spring and lasting thru summer and its miserable like a tingling pins and needles sensation thru out my body.
Avatar f tn Hi, I did a day 5 ET with 2 blast. On days 6-8 I had some mild cramping which my RE said could be from implantation. Then on the day before my Beta test I had some nausea during the afternoon. Beta was done 11 days past ET and I got a BFP!!! Try not to worry to much, alot of people say they feel no symptoms at all and still get a BFP. Best of luck to you.
Avatar n tn They say the shot is USUALLY out of your system within 10 days. It can linger in some. I'd test again tomorrow with same brand and see if is darker. It's sounding very encouraging!
318181 tn?1336447096 It's been a little while since last time I posted, and before I give you guys my update, I wanted to thank everyone for their kind words in posts, messages and notes I have recieved! I really appreciate all the support! It's been a crazy couple of weeks. As many of you know, we've had family in town for the past 16 days, and then my husband was laid off in the middle of their visit, which forced us to make a decision whether or not to continue with the IVF.