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Avatar f tn Weight loss not likely due only to thyroid. If the vivelle dot is new, then the synthroid requirements may need to increase again within 2-3 months - so if the dose of synthroid is decreased (which is appropriate with TSH of 0.07) then recheck in 2 months to make sure things are stable.
Avatar f tn Before all this happened I was very active - social worker by trade working with kids - Then diagnosed w/hypothyroidism then menopause then GERD.... then oxygen, loss of muscle and weight gain. What's a girl to do. I am only 54 with so much life left to live - want to be around to watch grandchildren graduate from school! Meds: Synthroid, Omeprazole (stomach), Vicodin (PRN - used maybe 3 times a week), Vivelle Dot (hormones) and now Amitriptyline 100mgs (depression/pain tx).
1344197 tn?1392822771 Compounded Bioidentical Hormones have received a great deal of coverage in news, on talk shows, and in magazines over the past several years. Claims of weight loss, increasing energy, improve mood, are safer, and many others have been made. Hopefully this article can help you answer questions and dismiss many of the myths surrounding this highly published, highly marketed topic.
Avatar f tn I was very heavy growing up and maintained a huge weight loss that I achieved in High School. The weight issue started up again when I hit perimenopause (a decrease in Progesterone) dispite four to five workouts a week plus healthful eating. I struggle with weight as it is, but know that when I am doing all that I can regarding lifestyle and when I am balanced hormonally, things are not too bad in that department. Such a delicate dance, isn't this? Talk to you soon.
Avatar f tn And, after years of trying to fix my own problems in the hormonal area, I am living proof that going the route of Estrogen and Testosterone only and at Optimal doses for Optimal health, is the way to go. I have been on the Vivelle dot since my total hystectomy in 2000. I strayed for awhile to try the compounded creams (estroil and estradiol mixed and at lower doses) and had a ton of problems. It's Estradiol for me from now on.
Avatar n tn My reproductive endo says I am low in estrogen (I am 32) so I am contemplating some sort of hormone replacement therapy (Vivelle-dot and prometrium). My estradiol levels have come back repeatedly on the low end (in the 60's or 40's) but my FSH levels are normal. My last estradiol was taken on day 12 and it was 40 which is low but I don't have regular cycles. Honestly, I don't know if the low estradiol would cause the weight gain...
Avatar n tn I started the vivelle dot 0.1mg patch for hormone replacement a couple weeks ago. Even though I feel better, I think my dose and schedule still need to be tweaked a little. Has your doc added any testosterone in to your hormone replacement? That is a biggie to help correct things. Mine has not added it yet, but I see the nurse practitioner on Dec 11th and hopefuly we will get it all straightened out. You really need to be your own advocate in health care.
Avatar n tn 50 dose of estrogen, I was on the vivelle dot 1, so it was half the dose. He gave me some estrogen cream to rub into my arm to make up for the difference, if I needed it. I thought it sounded like a good idea because the vivelle dot 1 is the highest dose, so if I could go lower it would be better.
Avatar n tn I had hysterectomy 20 years ago and was advised by PCP to stop Vivelle dot about a year ago. I have not slept well since stopping the patch. FSH 75.6 (1.0-12.0) LH 20.7 (1.0-12.0) Prolactin 4.3 (0-15) Estradiol 23(30-500) DHEA 49 (0-200) Cortisol pm 7.1 (2-10) Thanks for the link. Excellent info.
536969 tn?1297471264 *** January 28, 2011 Friday Very tired. Angry at myself because on 1/26 I was supposed to start with the Vivelle/Dot patches on my belly. I completely didn't realize the date. Put the patch on today. Took a long nap with Zoey in the afternoon and came home from Elgin. Dinner with girls. Overeating. Why am I so hungry and the choice is steak. I'm very worried that if I'm pregnant I won't be able to maintain a healthy weight.
1168718 tn?1464987135 I'm not sure if it would help you or not..but I'm on Vivelle-Dot. It's an estrogen patch and helps with everything. I haven't had any side effects so far and I have been on it since they removed my last ovary last year.
Avatar n tn I am active and have always been and I struggled with weight big time while growing up,I totally get the concern about weight....but I don't suspect this will be a problem for you (again...those ovaries will hopefully work well and if not, you can look into bioidentical supplementation...not a fountain of youth, but a very big help). Lifestyle in general is so important...a healthy one, of course. I have had good luck trying to manage my weight...
Avatar n tn He gave me the Vivelle dot (0.1) patch to use. I don't want to use this because of all the bad things I have heard. I have had been using the progesterone cream for the last year or so and taking calcium supplements. I believe I had begun going through the change, getting hot during the day, a few night sweats, my periods changed, missed a month here and there and were very heavy when I did have them. I have read all the posts and didn't realize the Vivelle Dot was something different.
Avatar m tn progestrone and or combos..I use vivelle dot for a year then stopped as my symptoms went away. to sum it up....a cardiologist/ and most oncologists will tell you BIHRT is bad..too many risks. A osteopath (bone dr) will tell you bio-hormnes are really good for bone density strength ....I wonder often if my stopping hormones. lead to my one year later discectomy...3 vertebras became fused in the cervical area of neck...
Avatar f tn The benefits out weigh the risks for me right now. I have noticed that a day before I am supposed to change my vivelle dot patch my symptoms return. I am apparently burning through the estrogen quicker than I should. I don't know if it is bc I had it on my hip. I was told to put it anywhere where the underwear goes. I have done some research online and read it may absorb 17-25% faster if it is NOT on the lower stomach.
Avatar n tn I have premature ovarian failure and vivelle dot and prometrium can this help to jump start my period? has anyone ever heard of such a thing?
Avatar f tn I can't understand why the barely cover my bio identical estradiol and progesterone creams or vivelle dot. Won't cover estrogen vaginal cream at all. Do you get these replaced? Does the ins. cover it? Can you tell me why it won't work to add HC at the time of day my cortisol is too low, or just 2mgs of Medrol instead of full replacement at 4mgs?
Avatar f tn Diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in August 2000 (cyst found during a tubal of all things....malignant). I did not have to have Chemo. But, my oncologist started me on Vivelle estrogen patch (a bioidentical product)but that was it. Now, I am grateful that she did not start me on what we all think of when we hear of HRT. I don't consider myself on HRT...But, bioidentical hormones have saved my life.
Avatar m tn McNally said to weigh myself every 3 days and call if I lose any more weight. What?18#s in 5 months isn't enough weight loss? I'm 5'2, and weigh 72#s, how little do I need to weigh before they feel concerned? I'm drinking Carnation Instant Breakfast Dark Chocolate 3 times a day. And I am truly making an effort to eat calorie dense foods. We bought our St. Joesph Statue today. I remember when we had a difficult time selling our last house, we buried a St.
Avatar n tn My specialists say take it, so I have, I'd have been a mental and physical wreck if I had carried on without sleep and in a constant hot do. I take Estradot, which is bio-identical, I think it's Vivelle Dot in the US - Mary53 on here is very good with HRT and has many posts on bio-identicals.
Avatar f tn palpitations nervousness feeling hot and sweaty rapid weight-loss fine tremor clammy skin What To Do If You Can Not Tolerate Armour Thyroid or Want To Continue Synthetic Hormones My experience is that well over 90% of people do much better on Armour thyroid. However, there are a small number of people who do not tolerate it. This is most frequently done with Armour thyroid.
Avatar n tn Three years ago I had a partial hysterectomy. About a year ago started vivelle dot patch and I was doing great. Now all of a sudden the hypo is back. I;m on wobbly legs and all the other symptoms mentioned here. I am 51. My family history tells me that the females go thru menopause at 54.I am miserable because it comes and goes.I was yesterday but crappy today. I stay away from all of the triggers. No sugar, caffeine,simple carbs. Should I ask my doctor to put me on the higher dose patch?
Avatar n tn But I have no clue where to begin, where to buy DHEA supplements and what kind to use? Also, I have read that DHEA can have lasting side effects like irreverisble hair loss, which of course has not been confirmed, but I was hoping you guys would know. Are there any side effects? Which brand of DHEA to use?
766586 tn?1284386798 none to freeze..retrived 10 mature instead of 3! Good for u for the weight loss..will be watching your posts!Lots of baby dust to u!!
Avatar n tn m. * Cymbalta 60 mg a.m. * Neurontin 600 mg a.m. and 900 mg p.m. * Nexium p.m. * Vivelle dot patch Searched for "fizzing in back of head," because my Migraine is ruining my life.
Avatar n tn I had my transfer on 7/3 and I only made 3 eggs (they all fertilized) & they put all three in. I was told that 2 were week & the cramping is so bad. I wish I could take a pain killer. My back feels like it is breaking. I'm not sure how to feel...I want to be positive but I'm thinking a little negative & I'm afraid to talk about it. If someone can get back to us to let us know if they got pregnant with weak embroys?
1647691 tn?1363727302 well the update has put me blind confusion and upset me even more. Managed to tell my story to the local women's hospital they were so kind. Told me to come in and they would give me a second opinion. I started to have brown mucus which suggested that I was bleeding, so I need an anti d injection. When I got in they did both a abdominal and vaginal ultrasound and found an empty sac 7wk 5 days pregnant. She also mentioned blood around the outside of the sac.
Avatar f tn Very sorry to hear your news, let youtself grieve and come to terms alittle with your loss before moving on. Wish we had some answers why some of us bleed, miscarry and others get the BFP and have the best news ever. There are alot of us (me included) who have had miscariages or bled and lost embryos on this site, and plenty of great support and kindness as we've all been through it.