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Avatar f tn So now I am just wondering if I am having a reaction to the vivelle dot. I have posted before on the hysterectomy surgery and won't go into that again. Just wanted to know if anyone else has had this problem...Don't know what else to do. Thanks...
Avatar f tn I have been on vivelle dot for about month so far after dealing with menopause symtoms for the past couple of years. I love the stuff so far, feeling more and more every day like my old self and even starting to lose weight. The only thing is I am reading that if I still have my uterus (which I do) that I should also be on a progestrogen also because of endometrial cancer. It has me concerned and I go in for a follow up appointment in a week, is this something I need to bring up to my doctor?
Avatar n tn I think I may have found the perfect dosage at this time, but want to make sure I am taking enough progesterone to protect against cancer of uterus and breast cancer. The patch I am taking is Vivelle Dot .0375 twice per week, and 100 mg of Prometrium. Is that enough progesterone for protection, I feel good, but want to be sure I am protected...Please advise.. Thanks.
Avatar f tn I had a TAH two weeks ago and started on vivelle dot. My gyn says I dont need progesterone cream, but I am reading otherwise....Does anyone know if I can get it over the counter or does it require a RX?? Just wondering, because if I need it, I want it!
Avatar f tn I did the saliva test, and results came back that I am estrogen dominant and dhea and prog. and test very low. So they pharmacist started me on 5 mg of dhea and also a progest. cream. I was good for 4 days and thought I found the cure. Until just last Wed all the way until today...that is 6 days....I started with severe cramps, pain in lower back, almost as if I was getting my menstrual cycle. Then came the Diarrhea and I am not talking one time....
1053407 tn?1352033971 Did any one have the protocal asprin 81 mg daily,crinone 8% twice a day, vivelle dot 2 patches every other day and prenatal vitamin. if so did it work for you.
Avatar n tn Can this patch Vivelle-Dot 0.1 MG Patch cause Ovarian Cancer?
178345 tn?1242539846 Hi Girls - Just wondering anyone on HRT Patch..Vivelle Dot..Lately, I have been so tired..extremely tired and my joints hurt..I am not sure what this is related to..wondering if it has to do with the hormone patch??? I am eating well and losing weight (on purpose) so I dont know what is wrong..tomorrow I am seeing my primary MD..Just thought if anyone has any idea...please share..
Avatar n tn my doctor has precribed a low dose bioidenitcal progesterone to accompany my .025 vivelle dot for chronic insomnia. everything i find on this is estrogen should be taken alone after the ovaries are removed.
Avatar n tn a patch (vivelle dot) and a pill to be taken 3 times a day. When I read the information about it, it said do not use if pregnant. I also went online and it said the same thing along with it causing fetal damage. I understand the progesterone because of my problem with low hcg levels and maybe the baby aspirin, but not the estradiol. I don't feel comfortable taking something that will harm the baby. Has anyone heard of a doctor prescribing this during pregnancy?
Avatar n tn These are specific blends to each individual and they have got to be properly balance for the individual to maintain wellness and ward off disease and counter act with human progesterone and testosterone for balance. I am not on HRT nor have I had surgery - but recently I was found estrogen dominant by specific labs that aren't commonly used. I am still in the beginning stages of balancing progesterone and estrodiol to maintain my wellness.
1344197 tn?1392822771 These compounding pharmacies obtain the bioidentical or natural hormones, Estradiol, Progesterone, and Testosterone in USP raw powder from for the SAME suppliers the drug companies do. They use different amounts of each but the hormones are the same. Many formulations are based on Saliva testing to “individualize” hormone therapy. It is well documented that hormone levels in saliva vary widely and do not correlate well with blood levels.
Avatar f tn I HAVE HAD A COMPLETE HYSTERETOMY AND MY DOCTOR PUT ME ON THE VIVELLE DOT PATCH AND PROMETRIUM CAPS (200 MG.). SHOULD A PERSON WITHOUT A UTERUS BE TAKING PROMETRIUM CAPS? Had blood work done about 2 years ago and my testestrone was high so my regular MD prescribed the prometrium caps. Had complete blood work 2 weeks ago by my ob/gyn. Blood work and hormones were all normal. He suggested to stop taking the prometrium caps and keep taking the vivelle dot patches.
901431 tn?1242069634 thanks for your imput, I was on estrace but caused a rash so he had me get on Vivelle dot patched, what is timed bd ? and which meds did you not use ?
1018470 tn?1251337123 Take a anti-depressant and be on your merry way. Infuriates me! Took the anti-D meds and they would work and then wouldn't work. I think I had a T problem, during my entire life, but since I wasn't out of the RANGE no one would listen and, of course, if I knew back then what I know now about the T problem, I could have had a better life. "Should have, could have, but didn't...doesn't help the past and I am okay with that!
Avatar f tn 0) Currently taking .2 Humatrope daily Vivelle dot .1 patch Progesterone 200mg ten days per month I know my thyroid looks normal but I am wondering if I need a small dose to feel better? Your thoughts Rumpled?
901431 tn?1242069634 Hi everyone, I did my 2nd IVF in July yesterday I turned 5 weeks when I went in for another Beta my Hcg was 362 and progesterone was 15 are thoes numbers ok or sound really low ? I didnt get to speak to a nurse it was left as a message so didnt know if thoes numbers were ok. Which it has risen and not lowered.
16702 tn?1234094245 Whole grains, fruits, seeds, beans and herbs all are know to have estrogen and/or progesterone activity. In general, any food that has been eaten by a culture or people group for centuries is probably all right to eat if the people group in question is relatively free from these estrogen related diseases. When referring to phytoestrogens, it is generally thought that a "weak" estrogen may actually be protective against cancer causing xenoestrogens.
2174421 tn?1391870564 I'm 49 in peri. Have been using 0.0375 Vivelle Dot patch continuously and using Prometrium 200mg for 10 days every 6 weeks (to minimize progesterone effects but protect uterus). (been on this regimen for 2 months). My prior blood testing in late May showed FSH 89, Estrogen <10 and progesterone nearly non-existent). After this most recent 10-day round of Promethium, I have only had some brownish/pink spotting but barely enough to even use a mini pad.
Avatar f tn by the way i have a uterus so I was taking prometrium(progesterone)100mg every day. After the vivelle starting making me itch i stopped it and stopped the prometrium. I noticed maybe 1-2 weeks after I started getting a small period not enough to use a big pad just enough for 1 minipad kinda like the tail end of my period. Is it possible it can be related b/c I'd stopped the patch a couple times before(in the past year)but no "period" or even small spotting happened.
Avatar n tn I agree with Mary regarding the possiblity of adding a little progesterone to your regimen. I'm also on the vivelle dot patch (.075 strength) and have just recently 50 mg of progesterone (which I take orally, but many prefer to use as a cream or gel transdermally). I'd ask your doctor about adding some progesterone to your regimen. Just my thought :-) Good luck!
Avatar f tn Prempro (Premarin and Progesterone)...And, you are would not need that because first of all, you are not on Premarin and you don't have a uterus (or you would be on Prempro...since some women do take Premarin, estrogen only, after hysterectomy). Like you, I would not take Premarin anyway...but, I have been asked by doctors why I take progesterone since I don't have a uterus. This is where all the confusion starts ...and, continues.
Avatar n tn My reproductive endo says I am low in estrogen (I am 32) so I am contemplating some sort of hormone replacement therapy (Vivelle-dot and prometrium). My estradiol levels have come back repeatedly on the low end (in the 60's or 40's) but my FSH levels are normal. My last estradiol was taken on day 12 and it was 40 which is low but I don't have regular cycles. Honestly, I don't know if the low estradiol would cause the weight gain...
Avatar f tn Also, was started on Vivelle Dot and have been reading alot about needing progesterone, my doc says no, what do you all think??
Avatar n tn Hi I did IUI on Saturday and am now doing the dreadful 2WW and I am already feeling discouraged but not defeated. I have PMS signs and it sucks cuz IF and WHEN AF shows up I'm gonna feel like burying my self under my sheets and never waking up. Don't mean to seem negative but today I am feeling prety down. Anyhow good luck to both of us.
Avatar n tn We tried Angeliq for 4 months but my hair became dry and brittle and I had breakthrough bleeding that became continuous until the end of April when I stopped taking it. At that time, my doctor put me on the Vivelle Dot - two .1 mg patches changing them 3 times a week. This month I started using 100 mg of Prometrium inserted in my vagina (to be used for 12 days).
Avatar f tn Well, I took the patch off 2 weeks ago and threw it away, and I have now lost 6 of those pounds and feel much better. I think it was causing depressiont too. I have been on bio-identical hormones for a few years - progesterone cream and DHA cream - and have done fine. I had osteoporosis before the hormone creams but have now reversed it. (still have low bone mass though). I'm worried that the hot-flashes and osteoporosis might recur if I don't take the estrogen. . .
1476337 tn?1311810543 I was originally placed on Mirette B/C pills but after by First bloodwork came back my DR told me NOT to start them because my FSH level was to high it was a 14 when they wanted it at a 11 or under. Soooooo I was placed on the Vivelle Dot Patch and Genirelix Injections Which By the Grace of GOD did the trick and my Levels were where they need to be.
Avatar n tn , endometrium flat ... But my 1st and only ultrasound, after only 8mos of HRT (Vivelle dot .1mg x2 weekly and 14 days of 200mg Prometrium each month), shows thickened endometrium at 1.2 cm?? US was done on day 4 after last Prometrium tab -- maybe too soon in cycle? In addition, report notes a "paraovarian cyst and small amount of fluid in endomentrial canal.
Avatar n tn I do have the precancer kind, which is scary but I read half of women don't go into cancer PLUS WITHOUT UTERUS OVARIES THE BLADDER AND BOWELS MOVE OUT OF PLACE AND SHIFT AND CANNOT SUPPORT THE PELVIS BONES AS WELL SO SPINE BEGINS TO PULL DOWN, NO WAIST, NO ORGASMS, LOWER BACK AND HIP PROBLEMS DOWN THE ROAD BC WHOLE BODY SHAPE CHANGES. I AM 58, pls help, the reason I am scheduled is bc I was on vivelle dot .