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Avatar m tn My Vitamin D3 is 7.85 ng/ml ( which is very low ). As we don't have any expert Dr. here. Kindly suggest me: - May i take D3 Injections or - Tablets ? I have Rock - D 300 dietary supplement which contains Elementry calcium 1200 mg, Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) 400 IU. Other Ingredients: Soyabean Oil, Glycerin,Gelatin, Soy Lecithin, Titanium Dioxide Color. If i go to tablets is it fine ? or injections ?
Avatar m tn Vitamin K is an essential vitamin but too much can be toxic to the liver. Vitamin K2 has shown more benefits to the liver, particularly in the area of fibrosis, also known as MK7, you can read more about it on the life extention web site. I think the verdict is out on whether this is a good thing or not for liver patients, and especially while on tx the risks may outweigh the benfit..
Avatar f tn Just got an email from the np that said she had talked to the doctor and wants to put me on Vitamin k 10 mg daily. I gave her the pharmacy number and asked her to send me the lab results. Still waiting to hear back. Have any of you had to do this before? What is the Vitamin k used for? Thanks!
1670856 tn?1316773768 but when starting to get the fish oil i stopped taking the vitamin tablets due to not being sure how good it is to mix that many pills/tablets with the anxiety medicine (Setralin 150mg) But yeah, wanna take the vitamin supplements again- so just wanna make sure its no issue. So yeah. EAch day that would then be: 3x 50mg Setralin for my anxiety. 1 Multi-Vitamin pill 2 Fish oil capsules. Thats no issue right? Its only if its two "medicines" it could be a issue?
Avatar f tn How do you feel about the vitamin K shot? Are you going to give it to your new born?
Avatar f tn I think those who are opposed to a vitamin K shot for baby should do more research. Vitamin K can prevent a bleeding disorder, not blood clotting. Vitamin K aids in the ability of blood to clot, which is why it is given to newborns as a preventative measure. A lactation consultant friend sent me a link to an article, which includes statistics, about this very debate. http://evidencebasedbirth.
Avatar n tn I also got supplements from my midwife but they only contain 400mcg folic acid, 10mcg vitamin D and 70mg vitamin C and I take a separate ferrous fumarate tablet at night (210mg). So I only take two tablets a day. The other vitamins and minerals I try to get from food and tea (like nettle tea where one cup can provide enough daily calcium, vit A,B, K, potassium, zinc, sodium, phosphorus etc).
16779510 tn?1456360285 Mine makes me so sick i dont wanna move for a couple hours. I try not to throw up because i dont want the vitamin to come back up. Anyone else having this issue? Ive tried taking it with food/water/milk. Any tips?
Avatar f tn We found anything with vitamin k such as green leafy vegetables and seafood was something she could not have as it made her meds wear off too quickly. She took her meds with a piece of toast and then waited an hour to eat. this worked well for her. Everyone is different though. try talking to your doctor to see if it would be okay to experiment with taking your meds with or without food to see if it effects you differently. Also nuts were a big no no with my Mom.
Avatar n tn Why do I have such easy bruising? I barely get bumped and I bruise. I get bruises and I don't know where they come from. Most of my bruises occur on my legs. Is it a sort of vitamin deficiency or something?
417564 tn?1287982827 It seems very common to get a cold/flu while detoxing/withdrawing - could this be because of the vitamin deficiency our bodies suffer from? Incorporating a strong vitamin program in with your detox helps to offset some of the more painful effects. It is in anyones best interest to research the Thomas recipe, and I believe it is Avisg journal that gives great info on proper dosage. (I need to check & make sure I am giving credit when it is due!
Avatar n tn Thank you for your response. I think you are right. This only happens when I scratch the part of the body that itches due to an allergic reaction. I have very sensitive skin that bruises very easily. I'll try to get more vitamin C, K, and B12. Thank you.
536009 tn?1293190781 I tested some chewable calcium carbonate tablets, and also some oyster shell tablets, with vinegar- to do the absorption test, and in the 30 minutes of testing to see how well both dissolved in the acidic environment, the oyster shell calium tablet absorbed completely in about 10 minutes, where as after 30 minutes, the calcium carbonate chewable ( with one of 2 minerals) hardly absorbed at all.
Avatar f tn Tingly feet, legs and hands, unbalanced and lightheaded and have passed out a few times. Now, with my new bloodwork my Vitamin K is elevated at 1453. I have no idea what this means. Am I not processing vitamins correctly in my body because of the MTHFR gene mutation. My doctors don't seem to have an answer for me.
Avatar f tn I was reading yesterday that after the baby born the midwife will ask you if you agree to give him vitamin k . This is new for me ( FTM) ..of course if it is good for my son l will do it, just want to know if you have been through this ?
Avatar n tn I have heard that there is some problem mixing vitamin K with a blood thinner. I am taking 75 mg of plavix and cannot find anything about the vitamin K interaction. I need additional calcium, and the brand I am looking at taking would give me 40mcg of vitamin K. Is this safe or a problem? Where can I find how much vitamin K is in a serving of broccoli or spinich?
Avatar f tn I have read of using a constant daily low dosage (100mcg) of vitamin K to resolve INR instability the theory being that the instability may be due to a vitamin K deficiency and the constant dosage gives a bias level for the coumadin to work against. Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on this?
Avatar n tn my dermatologist prescribed me zincovit 30 tablets for some infections on my face (discoloration,acne marks) how much will it help me???
Avatar f tn I'm taking 10,000 iu of D3, 500 mg of magnesium, 500 mcg of vitamin K, and 1280 mg of omega-3's per day. If my vitamin D level has increased steadily, I should be around 74 ng/ml now. I'm about to start slowly backing down my D3 intake to 5000 iu per day.
Avatar f tn If you are afraid of not having enough, you can explore taking vitamin K supplements yourself. Vitamins are better absorbed through food though, for Vit K try eating salads, broccoli, and cauliflower. There may be more, but those are the ones that come to mind off of the top of my head. There is evidence that cutting the cord too soon leads to more problems, such as bleeding on the brain and in the lungs than babies not given the vitamin K shot.
Avatar m tn spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprouts) are rich in vitamin K, which can affect your INR. Don’t avoid vitamin K-rich foods completely — vitamin K is essential to our health. Studies show that eating regular, consistent amounts of vitamin K-rich foods is better for maintaining a stable INR, than not eating them at all, or eating varying amounts.