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Avatar f tn They give vitamin k shot to help with blood clotting.
Avatar f tn How do you feel about the vitamin K shot? Are you going to give it to your new born?
Avatar f tn There is evidence that cutting the cord too soon leads to more problems, such as bleeding on the brain and in the lungs than babies not given the vitamin K shot. Look up the benefits of delayed cord clamping and see it is something that follows your decisions. It also severely decreases chances of other common newborn problems. There is one study that said the shot increase leukemia, but that was quickly ruled false after the study was repeated by many other scientist.
Avatar f tn I have only had one shot some hs also. I won't point that stuff on my system while or after my pregnancy. We also aren't doing boosters perhaps just the vitamin k shot. And that's only if we get him circumcised before day 8.
Avatar f tn they also have vitamin k drops so u dont have to give ur baby a shot right away ..
Avatar f tn I think those who are opposed to a vitamin K shot for baby should do more research. Vitamin K can prevent a bleeding disorder, not blood clotting. Vitamin K aids in the ability of blood to clot, which is why it is given to newborns as a preventative measure. A lactation consultant friend sent me a link to an article, which includes statistics, about this very debate. http://evidencebasedbirth.
Avatar f tn like whether or not you want to vaccinate your baby for hep b or get the vitamin k shot etc.. and remember.. you have to stay flexible because you never know what's gonna happen till it happens when your in labor..
Avatar f tn It's to help the baby clot better and faster. At least that's what I heard.
5110781 tn?1378361950 Anyone planning on not giving their newborn the vitamin k shot or the eye drops?
Avatar f tn They give a Hepatitis B vaccine and a vitamin K shot. The vitamin K helps prevent brain bleeds since its required for clotting and babies don't naturally have any till 8 days.
Avatar m tn Vitamin K is an essential vitamin but too much can be toxic to the liver. Vitamin K2 has shown more benefits to the liver, particularly in the area of fibrosis, also known as MK7, you can read more about it on the life extention web site. I think the verdict is out on whether this is a good thing or not for liver patients, and especially while on tx the risks may outweigh the benfit..
Avatar f tn Just got an email from the np that said she had talked to the doctor and wants to put me on Vitamin k 10 mg daily. I gave her the pharmacy number and asked her to send me the lab results. Still waiting to hear back. Have any of you had to do this before? What is the Vitamin k used for? Thanks!
Avatar f tn I was reading yesterday that after the baby born the midwife will ask you if you agree to give him vitamin k . This is new for me ( FTM) ..of course if it is good for my son l will do it, just want to know if you have been through this ?
Avatar f tn Where I live they only get the hep B, but only if you want them to give it to the baby after its born
Avatar f tn I've just been given the vitamin k injection . I'm 31 weeks. This doctor told me i have to get one at 28 wk and 34 wk while pregnant. With my first pregnancy i only got given it after given birth and was told i only needed it while pregnant IF i had any bleeding. I'm now worried.. Can this injection do anything to my baby?
Avatar f tn I don't know where taunted octopus got that info but as a nurse I can tell you that completely not true. The reason you have to get it is because the blood mixes at delivery- it causes the mother's body to develop antibodies. It doesn't cause complications with first pregnancies. The issue arises in future pregnancies. The antibodies remember and attack future fetuses, which can result in miscarriage.
9187090 tn?1406264221 She also got a vitamin K shot.
Avatar f tn I mean vitamin K shot oops
Avatar f tn Yes with my last pregnacy baby stayed in hospital for 2 days cos his vitamin d leavel were low but all good now had to give him vita k shots
Avatar f tn I believe you should have one cycle before starting birth control. And I would suggest depo first because you shouldn't be on that for a long time. I would go with the pill. There are some risks with depo, like you gain 15 pound, your bones can become weak over time. My doctor told me this, im not making it up lol. I tried depo once, I didn't like it. I did gain 15 pounds, and my right hip bone seemed to hurt when I layed on it. (side my shot was given).
14089185 tn?1439417585 As a frequent birth control changer, I have seen some pros and cons to most types. I have tried the shot, the patch, the pill and I'm currently on the arm implant. Each had pluses. If you are looking for a birth control where you will have a period every month, take the pill or patch. If you are looking for something that you don't have to worry about every day/week, there's the shot.
8762956 tn?1406304757 I've always been told out of all birth controls depo shot is the worst for causing weight gain
Avatar f tn i had a twin miscarraige in july and have gained 22 lbs my breast are huge and i keep getting sick my husband and i use condoms and i got put onto the shot after my dnc im going crazy so if you have any ideas help me out
796579 tn?1266432024 for any one who is interested she was saying how in Jewish tradition they wait for the 8th day, which is when baby starts making their own vitamin K, plus they are stronger, we were discussing whether the vit. k shot was neccesary for baby at birth and she said definatly get it if we plan to circumcise him. just a little FYI, now i remember talking about it at birth class, but so many things to think about its overwhelming to remember it all with your first baby!!
Avatar f tn Then, apply an eye cream that contains Retinol and vitamin K. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to prevent the vitamin deficiencies that can affect your skin’s appearance. Reducing your salt intake will also help improve the look of your skin. One treatment is to massage almond oil with honey around the eyes before going to bed. http://en.wikipedia.
1103592 tn?1274753561 Well the Vitamin K helps the babies blood to clot after delivery. They are both just routine shots. I would say don't do anything your not comfortable with. I know there is a lot of information out there and it can be scary and overwhelming. I personally will be getting those two shots but I work in health care and see what happens if you don't get the shots. If you want to wait until your child is older that's fine I have had patients that have done that as well.