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Avatar f tn m out of Vicodin and I have had a few 8 mg Dilaudid hanging around for awhile because a friend gave them to me. Has anyone had this combination of drugs? I need something but I am afraid the Lyrica and Prozac might interact with Dilaudid. Has anyone used Dilaudid to manage Fibro pain? How does its effects compare to Vicodin? Any advice would help - thank you.
Avatar f tn my father is 85 has been on vicodin for eight years following a surgery. Has many elderly ailments, diabetes, heart failure (with defibrilator in his chest) and other things high blood pressure, etc. He cannot take the rigors of withdrawal that young people can.
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Avatar n tn t doubt for a moment that she still has pain - she has taken Celobrex for years for arthritis and apparently that was never enough thus the dr. gave her vicodin freely for many years. She also suffers from depression, especially since the loss of my Dad to cancer. I will make sure she gets the right attention, which may be a combination of pain management and counseling.
144586 tn?1284666164 So if you are preparing meals for a VERY elderly person, and making beverages, I suggest that you adopt the rule of multiple beverages at every meal. No less than four flavors of everything. And to keep track of how much they drink by using small disposable cups. Stack them as they are emptied. Count the empties at the end of the day.
Avatar n tn My mother was taking vicodin for the past three years or so. We found out she was really addicted to them so the doctor took off of them. In Thirteen days she took over ninety pills. She has the normal symptoms but she also helusenates. Is this normal?
Avatar f tn I think I figured something out that may actually help me quit my addiction to vicodin & nicotine and I wanted to throw it out there in case it could help someone else. I have been addicted to vicodin for about 2 years now taking 5-7 750mg pills a day. I have also been a pack a day smoker for a very long time. Both addictions have been a nightmare to manage. After several attempts to quit, and I mean SEVERAL, I think I found a new way to tackle this problem.
Avatar f tn Grace’s mother had hypertension and due to her age and past history of miscarriage, the physician recommended bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy. Her father, who was working full-time, and caring for Grace’s elderly uncle had difficulty adjusting to these psychosocial stressors.
Avatar n tn She ends up getting she went by ambulance from the nursing home, and she got morphine for the first time. My 3 siblings and I are involved, and can't get the drs. to see an addiction....Mom even asked my sister in law to go get pills from her home and bring them to the nursing home(she didn't). When we asked her about this, she said the pills were for "situations" she ran into. One of her hospitalizations she had her own vicodin, and took it along with the 7.
Avatar f tn Hi. 5'10" Gent, and brand spankin newbie to this site. i just turned 56 in April. In my journal August. 12, 2013, I recorded wgt. 247.5 lb, BP 157/101, severe depression & anxiety with heaart palpitations and mid-nightime panic attacks. Also using CPAP setting of 14cm for severe sleep apnea, and suffered almost daily migraines. Plus my triglicerides were, as my dr put it, "through the roof!
1019316 tn?1262615059 I am worrying myself sick over this. I took vicodin for 5 days, I had 30 of them. I took like 6 the first day, about 9 the second day, maybe 9 the third day and then 10 the forth day, then like 4 the last day. They were vicodin 7.5 / 650, is it possible I may have acetaminophen poisoning? I woke up today feeling like hell, throwing up, not hungry, cold and hot, had a restless sleep, and I did drink the night before.
11360622 tn?1417799519 and OMG I have just described the things my stepchildren are NOW doing for me. (except for the litter box adjustments, yea, pretty much!!) See treat your elderly cat like YOU would want to be treated when you get old and grumpy----- They have been there for you most of your life. Through the good and the bad, now it is time to be there for our beloved kits when they need a little help......and that is LIFE! Best of Luck to you and your lucky Senior Citizen!
Avatar n tn We were scared for him, being so old and all but it turned out to be the best thing in the world for him. He is more mentally alert, not sleeping all the time, and actually sleeping better at night. It has totally turned his life around. He has really become his active former self, a real pleasure to be around. i would have him heart-monitored and see what his heart is really doing.
Avatar n tn Hi Grace, She has the horrible burning in her back. She was diagnosed with "shingles" several years ago after a doctor noticed the blisters. Most of the time she doesn't break out, but just has the internal symptoms. They are almost always on her back. She has had several different episodes in the last year or so and they usually last for weeks. She was diagnosed this week from a blood test. She had a really severe case of shingles years and years ago. Thanks!
Avatar f tn Hi everyone! This is my first time every posting anything on the Internet so I'm really nervous and embarrassed all at the same time. I am currently going through my 3rd try at staying clean from vicodin. I've been an addict for 6 years and the longest I have been sober is 6 months. I've have recently started up again and going through the withdrawals all over again to my dismay. I just need some words of encouragement. I have no other support.
Avatar f tn They last about one week and then I deal with the other 3 weeks but I find myself drinking during those last 3 weeks, not all of the time, maybe about twice during the time I am without the vicodin. I have such a wonderful family, God saved me once when I almost died from alcoholism and I went 11 yrs. with no drinking. I dont know why I started again, alll I can think of is when I have no vicodin I want some kind or escape, I dont know what from.
Avatar m tn Thanks for your comment The Dr. took my Mother off the metformin. They checked her blood her oxygen her heart and gave her a CT scan everything is normal but she is still feeling dizzy Dr.
Avatar n tn I had been on vicodin for 4 years straight when the accident first happened, and realized I did indeed have a problem with the vicodin and told my doctor I knew I had a problem. So, he gave me the PanlorSS stating it was less habit forming. The Panlor Im on, doesnt have a strength to it. Although Ive read that they do make panlor with certain strengths.
Avatar n tn My father just went on oxygen, but everytime I cook he says the oxygen air gets warm, would that be because I be cooking in the house?
Avatar f tn He offered help me to sweep the floor/yard. Hanging and picking up the clothes. He also concentrated on the weather make sure he picked up the clothes before it rained. He'll miss if he slept all the day long! LOL. He liked sleep (usually longer hour than us). He said to me, when getting old all the bones shrink, so can feel the body aching. He said exercise is important. Even he was on the bed, he also moving his toes and fingers a lot.
Avatar f tn Although I have worked with doctors and nutrition and am elderly myself, you need to have your doctor schedule a visit with a nutritionist that specializes in elder care. Not eating is a big problem with the elderly and lack of nutrients leads to illness an even death in some cases.
Avatar m tn t had any Vicodin for months now. However, the Risperdal seems to make me feel fatigued and not wanting to do anything. I could do without it I think...