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Avatar n tn Not sure what the effects are on the baby, other than the vicodin is passing thru the placenta. Could they put you on say a high dose ibuprofen and tylenol w/codeine combo and take you off the vic? I've been put on this combo for pain after giving birth and while nursing. Don't know if it is strong enough for your condition to be managable or not. Try seeing if you can't get another concocction of drugs that have less issues. Best of luck.
Avatar f tn I felt minor withdrawl when switching to the codeine but not much at all. Tylenol 3 are opiates too. I think Doctors prescripe vicodin more often because tylenol 3 can make you more nauseated than vicodin. That's what I've heard anyway.
Avatar f tn She just thought that it would help her. I just saw the 8mg of codeine and compared it the Vicodeine ES that has 7.5 mg of codeine and thought it would be the same thing, just courious on how they can sell that without a RX. Thank you to all that answeared, I appreciate it very much.
Avatar n tn No disrespect, but this is one of the more absurd questions I have read. You are on an anti-depressant (lexapro) and consuming alcohol, a CNS depressant, AND taking another mind-numbing substance (Vicodin). You should be taking Lexapro ONLY to deal with depression or whatever reason you are taking it. Both other meds are contraindicated for Lexapro. Smarten up.
Avatar n tn I was in a car accident 3 years ago. I didn't want to have back surgery so I've been maintaining the pain by taking one or two vicodin Everything I have read says to stay away from the pain medicine. Does anyone else have any info or have taken the medicine while pregnant?
Avatar n tn I'm allergic to codeine. I'd been taking vicodin, then norco. now i'm having itching and anxiety when i take it. Any suggestions? I'm seeing my Dr. Monday..this is Friday. Thx!! I also take lyrica, trazodone (RLS), celexa, synthroid. I have degenerative disc & joint disease, injury to coxica & sciatic joints and severe fibromyalgia.
1124862 tn?1303850973 So I went to sleep last night with a bad migrane for which doctor prescribed tylenol cod3 which is a mix of acetaminophen and codine mixed... so i took that and then at 4am i woke up with a horrible back through chest pain... it wasnt muscular it was just a sharp pain that went from my back through my chest and kind of down to the top of my belly... it was very weird, i know it wasnt contractions cause my belly wasnt getting hard... but i just cant figure out what it is...
Avatar f tn I’m in the UK and a number of times when reading posts have wondered what certain drugs are in the US as they are all called different things in the UK. What exactly is Vicodin, Percocet etc? We have codeine phosphate here which contain 30mg of codeine each. When I see people talk about 5’s and 10’s etc, are they talking about pills with 5mg or 10mg of codeine in or is it completely different?
Avatar f tn The historical use is more of a problem than the codeine - the codeine is one of the easiest narc's to w/d from and one of the harder to acquire a strong habit for - this is compared to oxy's, heroin, methadone and the whole list......its still no fun....but it is one of the easier to quit - taper as far as possible as circumstances permit...then treat it just as any other w/d (Thomas Recipe, Amino Acid Protocol) and it can be resolved.
674555 tn?1272600376 im a member on this site and my lil brother called me cause he was high and (because im in college he thought id know) me mixed hydrocodone (10mg) cough syrup and a tylenol 3 (30mg codeine) with a shot of vodka and i want to know if thats a dangerous mix after he did it of course ...i honestly dont know and was wondering if anyone does??
Avatar f tn I have been taking 1 vicodin daily at night to relive pain in my ribs due to the pregnancy. I took codeine with my first and he was 100% perfect with no problems or complications and took that from 14weeks through the end of my pregnancy. I did tons of research and i trust my clinic so if its what your dr. Has given you than only use it when its necessary and try relax about it.
1717759 tn?1309056248 Although, I was upfront with my p-doc about my problems in the past with vicodin and xanax and she gave me klonopin anyway. I should have done my research before taking it. I learned too little too late. My question is this: how to I come off both drugs at the same time or is that advisable? I've done extensive reading about the side effects of both. I don't want to end up in the ER by withdrawing too quickly. Any help would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn or if u can figure out a way of tapering where u dont mess up the taper by cheating (usually an addict will as the definition states we have lil contrl over our doc)handing them over to someone u trust to dole them out to u daily/plus writing out ur taper//and picking a QUIT day is cruial Taking 6 hydros/vicoden/unless they were 5 mg pills is a bit stronger than 6 tyleonol 3s..
Avatar m tn There is a problem with NSAIDs and ssris, which is usually not a problem but they can cause a bleeding and bruising problem. My question is, why would you need codeine for just a headache? Anyhoo, I don't think it's a problem as long as you don't use NSAIDS if you do develop the bruising or the bleeding problem. The warning is on the info that comes with the medication. The problem isn't overdosing.
Avatar f tn Also, anything you eat, drink, breathe, or digest DOES cross the placenta. Codeine and vicodin are not classed as safe drugs to take while pregnant and should only be taken when the benefit outweighs the risks. There are risks. I severed my thumb when I was pregnant and I refused pain medication. I couldn't dress myself, shower myself, do the dishes or simple chores. I was in such extreme pain that I could only sit and bite my lip to keep myself from screaming.
Avatar f tn Take advil along with the codeine you should be fine I. have had teeth pulled and only used advil anti inflammatories tend to work better for dental pain.
5986700 tn?1380791380 Hey Spider, I have experience with Codeine withdrawal back in 1992 I was taking Tylenol 4's for about a year, about 10 a day, I was able to stop Cold Turkey with not to much discomfort =0) it took me about 2 weeks I started to titrate (wean) off every 3 days I would take 2 less pills and after 2 - 3 weeks I was Codeine free and functioning well. A year later I relapsed and had a horrible Vicodin Dependency but that's another story for another time. I'm 14 yrs clean now.
Avatar f tn Turns out I have bronchitis and she gave me promethizine with codeine she knows about my addiction problems with Vicodin.
Avatar f tn I'm having a terrible tooth ache and some friends.and my aunt suggested Vicodin. They said their doctors while they were pregnant and their children were fine. I would only take it in the rare nights I need it which is about 2 times in the same week every 2 months, that's all. I'm at my point where I ABOSULTELY CAN NOT SLEEP! Its 3 am here and tonight is one of those nights. What do you guys think?
Avatar f tn ve been taking fioricet w/ codeine for about 3 1/2 years and although codeine itself is a fairly mild opiate to kick, as far as opiate kicks go (and there are some nasty ones out there, trust me) it's the butalbital that's going to pose the biggest problem when it comes to a detox.
Avatar f tn Congratulations. That's great. I'm a Vicodin addict and going on my 4th day strong but I'm still a baby and crave. I visualize myself taking the pills and then say no way!!!! Thanks for the light!
Avatar m tn Glad things are better. Now just on 30 mg Vicodin no problems but when I was on Duragesic 75's, Actiq 800's and 40 mg Vicodin a day it was bad. Diet, Diet, and Diet. There wasnt any dose of stool softener that helped (SF is basically, chemically, a soap). Lots of Fiber one, nothing with less than 15% fiber. Forget Pizza and anything that is pure refined flower, think Cement! Lots of apples thru the day, salads with oiling dressings, etc. and you can almost be normal. Good Luck.
Avatar f tn right high could be gallbladder and right low could be appendix. Also codeine reaction will give the same symptoms if you have taken any Tylenol 3, vicodin, anything with codeine in it . . . it causes severe stomach cramps.
Avatar n tn Opiate False Positives Back to Top Poppy seeds, Emprin, Tylenol with codeine, Capital with codeine, Margesic, rifampicin, Vicodin, Percodan, Percocet, Wygesic. Benzodiazepine False Positives Back to Top Most prescription sleeping pills and anti-anxiety medication. Barbiturate False Positives Back to Top Fiorinol, Donnatol, some sleeping pills, antiasthmatic preparations that contain phenobarbitol, Dilantin.
967045 tn?1378399673 My husband has severe arthritis - and he takes Vicodin for it. Maybe 1 or 2 a MONTH. He hits a good spell and things are great - then one day he can't walk. Shouldn't I be strong enough to have that in the medicien cabinet? I have never taken his meds - I did give him a Norco once - he'd been up all night in pain.
Avatar f tn I WAS using co-codamol, 30mg codeine, 500mg paracetamol and codeine phosphate 30mg. I was taking 14 tablets at once twice a day. I really hope you are right as feeling so rough really isnt great!!!! Thanx again, as I know you have replied to me before and I really do appreciate it.xx.