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Avatar f tn I would recommend speaking with your doctor. Valtrex is sometimes given during pregnancy. Your doctor will know if it is safe for you to continue taking it. It is never recommended to stop taking a prescribed medication without speaking to your doctor. I suggest calling your doctor to find out what the safest path is for you and your baby. You will probably not need to be seen, If the office is closed leave a message and someone should get back to you.
Avatar f tn I had two outbreaks in the first trimester. At doc appointment yesterday, Dr. said that's too many, and put me on 500mg valtrex daily for suppressive treatment. I thought baby was safe from contracting it while in the womb, and was only at risk during vaginal birth, but Dr. said that babies CAN contract herpes in utero. I'm worried sick now about it, and cried after my appointment. I'm also worried about valtrex's affect on baby.
Avatar f tn 5 weeks along. They put me on Valtrex again for the rest of the pregnancy (t.i.d. for the first 10 days, then q.d. the rest of the pg), and I know this is a fairly safe drug. My concern is whether or not the shingles can harm the developing baby? I see all kinsd of conflicting advice online, and my midwife says something different than the doctor on call the night I called in for the meds. Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
Avatar m tn I now think I am pregnant again. I know Valtrex is a class B drug during pregnancy, BUT of course no drug is proven to be 100% safe. I will talk to my OB, but I was wanting the opinion of others on this board - if I stop taking the 1 gram daily dose, is it possible my body will have developed a dependence on the Valtrex and outbreaks will run amuck again?
Avatar f tn Hello there, I am a 52 yo perimenopausal female and am trying to come off Valtrex. I contracted HSV2 in 1989 and did not have any further OBs until a pregnancy in 1995. After the birth of my second child in 2001, I was having monthly OBs so began suppressive therapy (500g daily). In 2010 I was diagnosed with chronic idiopathic neutropenia (I don't know the actual neutrophil count, just that it was low enough for me to have to see a hematologist).
Avatar f tn acyclovir and valtrex are both approved for use during pregnancy. their safety is well established and not an issue. the dose for acyclovir for the last month of pregnancy is 400mg 3x/day as you already know. acyclovir is not the cheaper generic form of valtrex. Valtrex is an acyclovir prodrug which greatly simplified means that you swallow valtrex but your body converts it into acyclovir inside your body.
1472764 tn?1287591786 Also, I do not believe Valtrex is safe during pregnancy in case you take it. Lots of women with HSV2 go on to have healthy pregnancies but if you have any type of oubreak, precautions need to be taken during delivery.
Avatar n tn I am wondering if anyone knows if taking acyclovir during your first trimester or anytime in your pregnancy can cause your baby to have any birth defects or problems. I am not sure if the acyclovir crosses the placenta into the baby. Everyone tells me not to worry, but I just can't help thinking I may have done something wrong. Has anyone taken valtrex or acyclovir during there first trimester?
Avatar f tn I have heard that valtrex isn't one of those meds that have been proven safe yet for pregnancy. My best friend has had 2 pregnancies with herpes and was given acyclovir for her treatment which she was told was safe. I would still talk to your doc about it because you know how all docs have different opinions. Best of Luck.
Avatar m tn I have been living with herpes virus for 10yrs now. It isn't even an issue anymore. I'm on my second pregnancy and to be on the safe side as a precaution I take Valtrex to keep outbreaks at bay starting about a month before my due date so I can deliver vaginally. If I didn't do this they would have to preform a c-section. When incontracted HPV in my early 20's I thought I would never have children or fall in love again for that matter.
Avatar f tn My doctor says it won't be a problem with the birth as long as I take a suppression treatment (valtrex, or generic for about a month prior to due date once a day). My fiancée is still extremely worried that in the 1% chance he could get the virus during birth he will, and I don't think the doctor would steer us wrong but he is worrying me now. He thinks a c section isthe right choice. Is it selfish of me to not want to do the surgery? I honestly feel everything will be okay.
Avatar n tn yes valtrex is safe to take ttc and while preg but make sure your doctor knows you might be preg because they might give you a different not sure. example instead of the 7 day treatment they could put you on the 3 day time released 500mg pills so your not on it so long.(which is what i take when outbreak occurs/havent had to with this preg but my doc did tell me it is safe to take treatment if i have a outbreak.
351524 tn?1222973687 ) No issues because of the herpes infection that as for now we'll assume you've had since before you were pregnant.
Avatar f tn I hear the likelihood is something like 1%, but even that 1% scares me. I also hear you can go on Valtrex in the later stages of pregnancy, but I'm not sure how safe that would be, given the current stats on Autism, etc. As a side-note, I'm not sure if my partner has oral HSV-1, but I can tell you I haven't transmitted GHSV-1 to him in the almost two years we've been together. I'm happy about that, but I sometimes still get upset about the thought of transmission.
Avatar n tn I was devastated because I thought I had done something horrible to my baby. When it was time to give birth I was taking valtrex (completely safe during pregnancy) and I had a vaginal birth. My babygirl is now 6 months old and completely healthy!
Avatar n tn The antiviral medications available to treat genital herpes are acyclovir, famciclovir (Famvir), and valacyclovir (Valtrex). Acyclovir has the most data on the safety of use in pregnancy. A registry of over 1000 pregnant women who were exposed to acyclovir during early pregnancy suggests that acyclovir is probably safe as there were no increases in birth defects.
Avatar n tn if you are going to bother to take suppressive therapy during pregnancy, make sure it is the 500mg twice a day dose. you need the higher doses during pregnancy because of the natural immunosuppression of the body. you should take it up until you deliver the baby in order for it to have any value. stopping it even a day before delivery would make it useless to use it since shedding can kick in that quickly. do you have to take suppressive valtrex during pregnancy? no you do not.
Avatar f tn Also just itchiness and soreness and no obvious lesion might just be something else like the position of the baby or something. Get it checked out. For pregnancy for the last month you should be taking valtrex 500mg 2x/day.
6709254 tn?1389306949 should you have a recurrence near the time of delivery, a c section is recommended. can you stay on daily suppressive therapy during pregnancy? most obgyn's will allow it. there are no known risks from being on herpes antivirals during pregnancy and current ACOG guidelines are to leave it up to the doctor and the mother. you also should discuss with your provider increasing suppressive therapy to the pregnancy doses for the last month of pregnancy.
Avatar f tn The last month of pregnancy the dose of valtrex is 500mg 2x/day everyday. You need higher doses during pregnancy to control the virus. If you want to increase your chances of not having an obvious lesion near the time of delivery you should talk to your OB doc about increasing it for these next 3 weeks. No obvious lesions at the time of delivery and it's a less than 1% risk of transmitting the virus to your baby.
Avatar n tn They will do a C-section, it is not safe to deliver vaginally during herpes outbreaks, do not worry, all the best
Avatar n tn You should be able to call your local pharmacy and ask them if the valtrex or abreva is safe to take.
Avatar n tn Yes we do have studies that show that valtrex/acyclovir are both safe for momma and baby during the last month of pregnancy. In fact we don't have a single study anywhere that shows that they aren't safe - it's just erring on the side of caution that suppressive therapy isn't officially ok for the entire pregnancy. They've actually placed all the herpes antivirals in the same pregnancy category as tylenol and one can easily argue that tylenol is far more of a risk than they are even!!
Avatar f tn i had the same problem, i wasnt taking the valtex every day like you, but i did have to take it once during my pregnancy because my doctor thought i was having an outbreak(i wasnt but he was just being cautious) valtrax is safe during your entire pregnancy, oh and congrats!!! also i went on to have a safe and healthy natural delivery, i was sure i would need a c-section bc of the disease, but you only need one if you have an outbreak DURING delivery, good luck!!
Avatar f tn Hi there - The chances of you getting hsv2 from him if all you do is avoid sex during an outbreak, are about 8-10% per year. If he takes daily suppressive therapy, such as daily valtrex or acyclovir, it cuts it down to about 4-5%. Condoms only bring it down to about 2-3%, which isn't a statistical significance.
351524 tn?1222973687 Your doctor has you on the wrong dose of valtrex for pregnancy. It should be 500mg twice a day for the rest of your pregnancy. If your OB doc argues with you - encourage him to contact dr zane brown ( he can get his email addy easy enough or he can just look up his work on ). He's the doctor who's done most of the research on herpes and pregnancy. The higher doses are recommended during pregnancy because of the natural immunosuppresion of pregnancy.