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Avatar n tn The rate of resistance to valtrex is about 1% in otherwise healthy folks. It really isn't going to be an issue for you. did you ever follow up on your other issues?
Avatar f tn ve known that I had it for almost 2 years). My doctor prescribed me with generic Valtrex and to take 2 pills when I feel even a slight tingling or what I suspect to be an outbreak. I've had sex with a man 3 times since being diagnosed. All 3 times we used a condom before any penis to vagina contact was made AND I took a Valtrex pill before intercourse. 2 questions - What are his chances of catching genital herpes from me?
Avatar m tn the rates of valtrex/acyclovir resistance in otherwise healthy adults is about 1%, the same rate they were when acyclovir was first developed to treat herpes. You really don't need to worry about resistance to herpes. you will still have recurrences even while on suppressive therapy. you've actually been pretty darn lucky only having your 2nd one now.
Avatar f tn I have an appointment with my obgyn a week from Monday to follow up with him. Should I be tested for an immune deficiency or resistance? Any advice welcome.
Avatar n tn Any thoughts on whether this is the case or perhaps I have developed resistance to Valtrex (I have read on this site it is rare). My gynecologist told me increase my Valtrex dose to 2x a day but my primary care physician said that probably won't work since I don't weigh very much and 500 mg should be enough. Would really appreciate any advice or comment.
Avatar f tn My doctor told me to stop taking Valtrex for a while to let my liver regenerate. While I think Valtrex is an excellent drug for treating HSV 2, I think users should take into consideration that long term use can cause some mild to moderate damage to the liver as my tests have proven. Also, anyone using Valtrex should not drink ANY alcohol while on it because it will exacerbate the problem with your liver. I'm hoping in a few weeks my liver tests go back to normal.
Avatar f tn I have been on Valtrex 500mg and take higher doses when I think I am having OB. Can I build resistance to the drug? 6. Should I stay on the Valtrex? My physician thinks for as long as my partner also has HSV, I do not need to worry about transmission. Thank you for any information.
Avatar f tn s end. My gynecologist is even running a culture for acyclovir-resistance. Could that be the case?
Avatar n tn I immediately went on Valtrex. For the first 10 days 2mg then 1 mg a day for suppression. Long story short, it is 6 months later, I have never had another outbreak. I feel prefectly normal. My question is: Should I continue to take 1 mg of Valtrex? My understanding is that based on my Genitial HSV-1 diagnosis, I should never have another outbreak (or at least very few) and that I am at an extremely low risk of spreading the virus through shedding.
Avatar f tn Hi Grace - Thank you for your fast response. I haven't had any other workups for this pain, as it only started 2 days ago, and I flew overnight from South America and only landed in the States this morning. It feels identical to the tailbone pain I had after my first OB, though. I am sure I have HSV2, as I was cultured during my first outbreak, and the test returned positive for HSV2 and negative for HSV1.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with herpes 17 years ago. For many years, Valtrex or Acyclovir worked miracles and then one day - they just stopped. No matter how much I took - the outbreaks kept coming back and wouldnt subside. Since then, I have been trying natural remedies as best as I can. Has this happened to anyone else? Are there other medicines on the market to try that I may not have a resistance to?
Avatar f tn I know this is unusual but is there resistance to valtrex that can make the virus stronger. Am I crazy to insist on a c section?
Avatar n tn Hi. I am HSV-2 positive ( 2 years) and was started on valtrex for suppresion one year ago. On suppressive doses of 500mg per day I continued to have recurrent outbreaks for the first three months of treatment. I was switched to 1000mg per day and again continued to have recurrences about twice per month with prodromal symptoms of tingling once per week. I believe that the only difference between my symptoms before and after starting suppression was the duration of the outbreak.
Avatar n tn Thank You for your help. She is on Valtrex to suppress cold sores. Md. said that she should be on it for 3 months or so. It has been successful so far. (one month ) Should we ask Md. to take her off Valtrex so she can fight the infection? We think that she had a cold sore and when it was open she contracted infection. She is first year student in college living there. We were very concerned about Staph. She has tested negative for it.
Avatar m tn does the body ever built a resistance to valtrex to where a point that is isn't effective any more?
Avatar n tn no, your body did not become immune to valtrex. The rates of valtrex resistance are low in general and your symptoms sound more like something else going on to boot.
Avatar n tn You can develop resistance to a STAT-C drug however. So when someone is choosing a trial with a STAT-C drug involved, you want to choose with care - the same will apply when undergoing treatment with a STAT-C drug when they finally get to market. You want a doctor/treatment team who understands the issues and you'll want to understand them yourself so that your first attempt with a STAT-C drug is as hopefully your last.
Avatar m tn I had my first cold sore outbreak on my lip about 1.5 months ago. I took Valtrex the day I had the outbreak and it immediately provided relief and eventually the sore crusted over and healed in about 7 days but left a small scar on my lip. Two weeks later, my lip started to pulsate in the general area, not really tingle but a definite inflamed feeling. So, preemptively, I took the Valtrex.
Avatar f tn I have herpes and have for approx 9 years now. I have kept it under control with once a day valtrex. I honestly can't even remember the last time I had an outbreak. My partner was very accepting of this and we've been together 7 years now, married 3. I'm currently 37 weeks pregnant. I have, of course, discussed these concerns with my doctor, but with most things I've read it says your doc will do a culture before you deliver to make sure you don't have any lesions.
Avatar m tn m on a very high does of Valtrex, 1G twice a day, prescribed by my Dr. to get this under conrol (for about the past two months). I have had a type specific blood test and am positive for type 1 and 2. I'm in a new relationship and have told my boyfriend. He seems thus far supportive and of course wants to know how to limit his risk. He has HSV1.
Avatar f tn How good does valtrex work in suppressing HSV 1 I started taking 1000 mg a day?
Avatar f tn So now that i found out that i have hsv-1 do i need to take valtrex everyday for the rest of my life if i dont want to get my partner infected?