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Avatar m tn What is the maximum suppression dosage for Valtrex? One doctor told me it was 1 gram daily, but my current doctor prescribed 2 per day and said that was ok to take as long as needed. He said in an immune-compromised patient, it could be 3 grams per day as needed, but no longer-term studies have been done about it to determine the upper-limit of the max safe long-term dose. Is this the consensus opinion?
Avatar m tn Also it seems since I've gotten the diagnosis, that I'm having more outbreaks, could it be I need a stronger daily dosage for suppression? Or do I need to wait to see my long term response? I have been on the Valacyclovir for 31 days. I'm terrified to have intercourse because I feel like I'm always in OB mode or possibly shedding. How many OB's are typical in a month?
Avatar m tn I understand that Valtrex its just 1 pill - - Acyclovir is x2 and possiblities of missing a dosage is more likely however is Acyclovir more affective?
Avatar m tn Anyone know anything about the dosage I was given and if it will be effective? Is the dosage maybe different because I am having an active outbreak instead of preventing a cold sore from popping up in its very early stages? I am also breastfeeding my baby, so maybe the other dosage would be too high? I'm so confused...
Avatar n tn 1. Can I increase my Valtrex dosage or try another drug (Famvir?) to control my outbreaks? 2. I'm also asthmatic and take a inhaled steroid inhaler (Advair). Could that be lowering my immune system to increase outbreaks? Why all of a sudden is my herpes so bad? 3. Is there anything else I should be doing? I eat well, exercise, try to minimize stress and try to get enough sleep. 4. What will happen to me if I ever try to go off of suppression, like if I ever decide to have kids?
Avatar n tn I unfortunately have oral and genital herpes (I've only had one partner so, yes, it only takes once!). Anyway, I keep reading that for suppression valtrex is once a day and acyclovir is 400 mg twice a day. My dr prescriped 800mg once a day. What's the difference, why would someone take acyclovir twice a day when they could just take it once? Is there an advantage to taking it twice a day? My second question is that when I am having an outbreak should I increase the dosage?
Avatar f tn You don't need 1,000 mg of Valtrex unless you are taking it around some kind of outbreak and then you follow a short dosage schedule specifically for the outbreak. For suppression to protect your partner, all you need is 500 mg a day.
Avatar n tn I have read that Valtrex and Valacyclovir can be used for the suppression of herpes , does that hold true for Valcivir also,, isn't Valacyclovir the generic of Valciver ,, if yes what is the usual dosage for the suppression of the virus?
Avatar m tn Hi. I first showed symptoms 13 years ago and treated episodes with Valtrex. I switched to Acyclovir 5 years ago and found that 200 BID prevented episodes. At that time I was not in a sexual relationship but soon I will marry (to a non-infected) and obviously I want to prevent infection through asymptomatic viral shedding. I read (from the book “The Good News About the Bad New”). Do you agree that 400 x2/day will reduce shedding? Therefore would 400 x3/day or 200 x5/day would reduce it even more?
Avatar m tn It didn’t disappear yet and another one appeared today on my testicule. My question is, since I’m already taking 500mg Valtrex daily, can I increase the dosage when I have an outbreak? If yes, should I go for 1g daily and for how long? Also, if my outbreaks reoccur, should I consider increasing the dosage of my suppressive therapy for ever? I’m currently away from my country of residence (Canada) where I have my doctor and won’t be able to get there before one year.
Avatar f tn 400 mg twice a day every day. What dosage are you taking?
Avatar f tn Hi Grace does not pop in often but i will try to help. The recommended dosage for valtrex per terry warren is below: 1. first time outbreaks 1000 mg twice a day for ten days. 2. recurrent outbreaks is 2 grams, twice in one day, 12 hours apart or 500 mg twice a day for 3 days. 3. suppression is 1000 mg once a day for people wheo have 10 or more outbreaks per year. 500 mg once a day for people who have 9 or fewer per year. Doses are taken every day.
Avatar f tn I took one Acyclovir pill that day then twice a day for about 3-4 days, not sure of the dosage, but the outbreak seemed to be going away, then today I felt the pain again. The outbreak is still there but much smaller. I did miss a couple of days I asked my doctor to prescribe Valtrex, she did, so I will start taking that today twice a day for 3 days. Any thoughts or experiences like this?
Avatar m tn I was first diagnosed with Genital Herpes back in 2003 - since then my outbreaks have become very mild. Upon noticing symptoms, I start treatment (using Valtrex or Valcivir) and sores healed quickly (couple days at most.) May 2012, I got a new infection of Herpes (not in same location as previous infection) on tip of penis from a sexual contact. This outbreak was most severe since my initial outbreak in 2003. Unlike any other time, the sores were very painful and were very itchy and tender.
Avatar n tn I am wondering how long does it take for acyclovir to start suppressing virus? Have HSV-2 and just started on suppressive therapy but also having active outbreak so dosage is higher to start.
Avatar f tn Last Wednesday I started feeling mild prodome symptoms just near my vagina but never developed a lesion (tingling and mild shooting pains on thigh, mild headache and fatigue but NO swollen glands). This is in spite of suppression therapy I've taken since week 36. My OB is aware of the issue. Almost a week later, I still feel a mild sensitivity in the area but there were never lesions or other visible symptoms. I am due for an induction in four days.
Avatar m tn I recently had by second OB mid-June (about two weeks ago). This OB was much more mild, with just a few bumps. I took a 3 day dosage of valtrex, and it cleared up. However, only about a week after, I started my third OB which I am currently going through. This one has no actual sores or visible effects, but there is itching, burning, and a lot of tingling. Here are my questions: 1. Is it normal to have this many OBs with HSV-1?
Avatar f tn I went to my doctor told him about the ER diagnosis and he prescribed me Valtrex.. I have had monthly outbreaks since then. After about a year I asked to be "officially" tested. My blood draw returned with a negative result for HSV 1 and HSV 2. They did a redraw which was also negative. However, valtrex did help alleviate my symptoms.
Avatar f tn I am really confused because on my tablets container it says, Take 2 tablets by mouth every day for suppression, 5 tablets a day for outbreak as directed. So I have been taking 200 mg 2x/day for suppression. I have been taking inadequate dose. Confused? Does that mean the drugs haven't been working?
Avatar f tn Thank you so much for your information, it's very helpful. I may start a new thread ( and thus pay for your time ) regarding valtrex usage (ie dosage 500 vs 1000 , or 500 usually but 1000 for a few days if symptoms occur). I'll post that later.
Avatar f tn Hi Per Terri Warren, with valtrex the recommended dosage for suppression 1000 mg once a day for people who have 10 or more out breaks a year. 500mg once a day for people who have less than 9 per year> doses are taken every day. For recurrent outbreaks 2 grams twice in one day 12 hours apart. It is no longer necessary to take for more than one day for the best results, An alternative would be 500mg twice a day for 3 days.
Avatar m tn At first I was getting cold sores about every 4 to 6 weeks. I then started taking 500 mg of Valtrex daily for suppression therapy. This seemed to reduce the frequency of my outbreaks to about once every 2 to 3 months. To save money, my insurance switched me to acyclovir (400 mg twice a day) with similar results as the Valtrex. Then starting about 3 months ago, I began to have outbreaks every two weeks even with the suppression therapy.
Avatar f tn Like I said I do take Valtrex 1 mg per day for suppression. Should I operate under the assumption that every pimple especially on my butt could be an outbreak? Can you tell me the difference between recognizing a pimple and a herpe bump. What if you pop it? Last question I hope. I can post another payment if you would like. I do remember my first fever blisters when I was about 17 with a boyfriend at the time.
Avatar n tn Acyclovir didn't work well at all unless I took 400mg 4x/day. Famvir worked a little better at 250mg 2x/day than Valtrex 500mg 2x/day but still no suppression. How long does it take for suppression to start working with these meds? I've tried each one for around a month at a time and no luck. If suppression at regular FDA approved doses does not work, do any doctors prescribe higher doses? Is there anything else that can be done if suppressive medication doesn't suppress?
Avatar f tn I was dissappointed to hear him also say that igm detects recent exposure and that my other Dr gave me valtrex because she probably saw something that looked like possible symptoms. He recommendEd that I stay on the valtrex suppression dosage for 6 mths and if I don't have any OB's take only as needed. Like I said before I'm afraid to stop taking it. I was examined and all was fine internal and ex. I did have sum discharge that was neg for yeast and bv.
Avatar n tn After a few months I went back to another doctor with hopes of getting a prescription for Valtrex which I have read is better for supp therapy. At first, I was prescribed to take 500 mg of Valtrex daily for supp therapy and then to increase to 500 mg twice daily for 5 days when having an outbreak.
Avatar n tn Since I never have recognizable outbreaks, my husband already has herpes, and I only have sex with HSV negative partners maybe a couple of times a month at most, taking Valtrex every day seemed like overkill. So I created my own little dosage regimen, which unfortunately was obviously not such a wise move. I'll start taking it every day, i.e. as prescribed ;-) Thanks so much for the response!
Avatar f tn On another note I went to the doctor and request suppression meds the doctor prescribed Valtrex 500mg 1 dose daily, when I went to the pharmacy they filled it with Cyclvir 500mg 1 dose daily. In reading on the Internet normally you get either 500mg of valtrex 1 time daily or 400mg of Cyclvir 2 times daily. My question is should I take the Cyclvir 500mg 2 times daily or should I go back to the pharmacy and request the valtrex?
Avatar f tn We will be using condoms when we become sexually active. My doctor pescribed me Valacyclovir 500 mg once daily. Is this the correct dosage to take to lower the transmission rate for HSV I and HSV II? If not, what is the correct dosage to lower the risk of transmission? If I have an outbreak, what will my dosage be then? Thank you very much. I learned a lot through this website, ASHA, and Westover Heights.