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Avatar n tn We use condoms, do not have sex during outbreaks, and I am on Valtrex suppressively. He is comfortable with the low risk of transmission, which we understand to be about a 1-2%/year risk, but we would both obviously like to avoid him becoming positive if possible. My questions are these: 1) In the event that we do have sex and I notice an outbreak in the few days afterwards, is it of any benefit to him to take Valtrex himself? Could it possibly help the virus not "take root"?
Avatar n tn But now that I am confirmed to have the virus, I would like to take Valtrex as a pre-caution even if I have no outbreaks. Is that ok? I have ordered Valtrex online and it should arrive soon. I read from another thread that I can take one Valtrex/day as my dosage and that it is safe. Also, once I start taking it but continue to not have outbreaks can I choose to not continue the medication? Thanks again so much!
Avatar m tn I am having a really bad cold sore outbreak (getting one right after the other), so I finally asked my doctor for Valtrex. He prescribed 1000 mg a day for 7 days to clear it all up. I am looking online though, and it looks like the normal dosage is 2000 mg a day, twice a day, for one day. I am confused, and the doctor's office will be closed until Monday. Anyone know anything about the dosage I was given and if it will be effective?
Avatar m tn Also it seems since I've gotten the diagnosis, that I'm having more outbreaks, could it be I need a stronger daily dosage for suppression? Or do I need to wait to see my long term response? I have been on the Valacyclovir for 31 days. I'm terrified to have intercourse because I feel like I'm always in OB mode or possibly shedding. How many OB's are typical in a month?
Avatar n tn Hi...husband tests positive for hs1 and hs2, I test positive for hs1. His outbreaks are maybe 3-4 times a year, tiny and with minimal discomfort. We want to have a baby, the doctor prescribed valtrex daily for my husband. He is very apprehensive about taking a daily medication, and we were wondering if taking valtrex maybe once or twice a week would have any impact on his already minimal outbreaks, and thus the transmission.
Avatar m tn I am very healthy, don't smoke, seldomly drink, exercise, etc. 2. For a person like me who has multiple outbreaks a year, by how much can taking acyclovir reduce the frequency and how much can it reduce the shedding? In other words, is it possible to go down to maybe one outbreak a year from taking acyclovir daily? And can I reduce the shedding by around 95% as has been suggested by some studies I have read about? 3.
Avatar f tn I am an constantly stressful person I would usually only get outbreak (cold sore) once or twice a year but later in my later 20's I was getting outbreaks twice in a month or every month so I was prescribed 1gm of valtrex daily dosage. which would help for the most part and brought my outbreaks down to none or once a year again. but recently I have been getting outbreaks once a month it started out as fever blisters every month now this month I have a cold sore.
Avatar m tn What is the maximum suppression dosage for Valtrex? One doctor told me it was 1 gram daily, but my current doctor prescribed 2 per day and said that was ok to take as long as needed. He said in an immune-compromised patient, it could be 3 grams per day as needed, but no longer-term studies have been done about it to determine the upper-limit of the max safe long-term dose. Is this the consensus opinion?
Avatar n tn hey I have severe genital outbreaks of hsv-1, I have been put on valtrex for 3 months an I'm in my second month now an I am still having severe outbreaks. Is there anyway I could find out what is triggering these outbreaks?
Avatar m tn Lots of area exposed to heat and friction during sex that your condom doesn't protect. 3. HSV-1 was really not well studied for valtrex. Genitial HSV-2 was what all the studies were done for. I don't think it is that effective for HSV-1. I am sure grace can clearify. 4. Most likely not. If the drug doesn't do well they won't make it. 1. Not many people can make an outbreak happen. The only thing that will cure outbreaks is letting them heal.
Avatar n tn The real advantage is for folks who have insurance that have a flat rate for generic prescriptions - right now valtrex is either on their no discount list or at a higher rate - for instance my own it's $30/month. Once valtrex goes generic - for my own insurance it drops it down to a $10/month charge for me.
Avatar m tn Hello Dr. I have had HSV2 for 20 years and have had an increase in outbreaks in recent years. Location varies, back of thighs, buttocks,chest and vagina. The lesions are pimple like and never turn into vesicles. Sometimes they present in a straight line along the nerve path. I'm on a very high does of Valtrex, 1G twice a day, prescribed by my Dr. to get this under conrol (for about the past two months). I have had a type specific blood test and am positive for type 1 and 2.
Avatar n tn Could genital HSV1 really cause non-stop symptoms for this long? At about the 4.5 month mark, I broke down and order Valtrex over the net. It seemed to help with the simptoms but did not suppress anything. I was taking 500mg 2x/day and still had non-stop symptoms. I've also tried taking 500mg 3x/day (even though I know it's not FDA approved) and it seemed to work better but still no suppression (allows me to go out in public without severe pain). In addition, I've tried Acyclovir and Famvir.
Avatar m tn My doctor suggested that I should perhaps consider upping the daily suppressive therapy dosage to 2x800 mg which I decided for now to do only prior to vacation or when I know I have chances of being rundown. 2 month later (July 25th) I was away for the weekend in a social party house in the Hamptons and went out 2 nights in a row (only 1 night of drinking) and not much sleep.
Avatar m tn it is design to suppress outbreak's ...what the confusion is the volume of medication..400mg vs 200mg 3x for 7days Valtrex..2x a day for 7-10 day's ...this explaining on directions is wrong in fact and why it is used ....I don't know...but what it means is (this way of= taking it is design to take when you have a if i have a out break...Boom...( I take it this way for 7 to ten day's to suppress the current outbreak)..but what about the gray area's.
Avatar n tn ) I am glad to hear you're off Valtrex for the time being. While off treatment, be alert for localized genital itching or sores; if that happens, see your doc immediately (within a day, if possible) for lesion testing for HSV. Discuss it ahead of time with your doc, so the office is prepared to see you the same day without an appointment. As for lysine, arginine, etc -- it's quackery.
Avatar m tn I was first diagnosed with genital herpes on 02/19/13 I was having my first outbreak it was just at the base of my penis exactly where my penis starts and my pubic area ends. I was prescribed with valacyclovir 500mg twice a day for 5 days, by the third day the scabs where dry and I had no pain so the treatment worked. Just 4 days ago I started to feel itchiness on the same area and it was a few small blisters so the next day I started again the same treatment, the same dosage.
Avatar n tn I was on 500 mg daily valtrex. About three weeks ago I upped the dosage to 1000 grams daily. Yesterday I broke out in a [single] lesion. I'm thinking this unusual pattern and frequency of outbreaks has to do w/the sudden onset of extreme stress. I'm otherwise healthy. Exercise daily. Eat properly. Sleep well. Any information between the two - GH outbreaks and stress - would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn I saw my doctor about the cold sore, she prescribed 500mg Valtrex daily and we discussed the possibility of genital infection and agreed that it would be dealt with should it occur. Now, four months later, there's been no genital infection. As I write, my last daily dose of Valtrex was taken yesterday and due to a small error, I won't be able to get a refill for a few more days.
Avatar m tn The other reason would be, I assume, because the outbreaks are frequent and/or too disruptive -- but I have no history of outbreaks to compare to at this point. And my sex partners are (for the time being) mostly hypothetical, though I'm wondering if the value of being on suppressive dose might be more psychological then anything else -- that is, I might feel better about telling someone I'm HSV positive if I can also assure them I'm taking a daily medicine. Hope this question makes sense.
Avatar m tn Aclyclovir... First time outbreaks:400 mg three time a day for 7-10 days Recurrences: 400 mg three times a day for 5 days or 800 mg three times a day for two days. Suppression: 400 mg twice a day, every day.
Avatar m tn If yes, should I go for 1g daily and for how long? Also, if my outbreaks reoccur, should I consider increasing the dosage of my suppressive therapy for ever? I’m currently away from my country of residence (Canada) where I have my doctor and won’t be able to get there before one year. That’s why I’m asking you. Thanks in advance Background: Jannuary 2010: First diagnosis: took generic Valacyclovir for the first 3 outbreaks, didn’t seem to have a strong effect so I stopped taking it.
Avatar n tn If this is herpes, why isn't Valtrex working? Why is it getting worse when I increase the dosage from one to two pills per day? I've told new sex partners in advance of becoming intimate, and nobody has ever not been with me due to herpes. I haven't been tested for HSV2 or HSV1 because my Dr. said it's expensive and not worthwhile. Dr. Handsfield told this person that his tongue white spots aren't HSV2 because it's so rare:
Avatar m tn I'm going to my doctor and plan to have the areas swabbed. If they come back as herpes 2 what can I do. Will upping my dosage of valtrex help? How much is safe to take? Since its been over 1 year since my initial outbreak, is this likely to continue happening at this rate? (There isn't much break between sores in my beard... so feels continual). Or is there likely to be some magical turning point in the 2nd or 3rd or even 4th year.
Avatar m tn Actually, my pharmacist told me he knew people who have been taking it for over 15 years without any trouble. Thanks for your help!
Avatar f tn Sometimes there is a few days in between but mostly back to back. I tried taking Valtrex on a suppressive dosage for about 4 months, no help. I am taking a variety of supplements and vitamins that also do not seem to be assisting me to keep the outbreaks at bay. Outbreaks on buttocks and base of spine. Diagnosis confirmed by culture and blood test as well. I have seen dermatologists, a infectious disease doctor, medical doctors, and a naturopath.
Avatar f tn 1) I recently had sex for the first time since my outbreak and, to my extreme disappointment, two days later I started experiencing itching, vaginal discharge and a slight tingling so I immediately upped my Valtrex dosage. No bumps ever formed but I still have itching and a rather foul-smelling brownish discharge. Does this sound like a recurrent outbreak? 2) Would the sex have triggered this outbreak? I read that friction may trigger outbreaks.