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739424 tn?1235233104 I went to the gyn about the ulcers and pain i had on my vulva, and she didnt seem to pay any attention to the things i told her about the recent staph infection or the antibiotics or my recent hospitalization. she said she thinks its herpes and prescribed valtrex. she did a swab and two blood tests, all of which i have not received the results back for. but insisted that i take herpes medication. is this a good idea if i dont have herpes after all?
Avatar n tn We want to have a baby, the doctor prescribed valtrex daily for my husband. He is very apprehensive about taking a daily medication, and we were wondering if taking valtrex maybe once or twice a week would have any impact on his already minimal outbreaks, and thus the transmission. Second, if we have been having oral sex for 6 years (unprotected) in addition to protected sex, how have I not gotten hs2?
Avatar n tn I went back to my doctor and he gave me the same perscription of Valtrex. I'm on the 5th day and it is doing NOTHING. The sores just keep getting worse and worse and the pain isn't going away. The extra strength Tylenol isn't even working anymore. Is it possible I don't have Herpes and I have something else? Is it possible that I'm just resistant to the effects of the Valtrex?
Avatar f tn I have been taking Valtrex regularly for 2 months and I have been taking 1 gram of Valtrex steadily for 2 weeks, and it is not going away. Valtrex has always worked quickly when I have had outbreaks in the past. The symptoms of this lesion (itchiness or soreness) come and go. What could be causing this? Could it be something other than herpes? Could the Valtrex be harmful to my baby? I go to the doctor again, soon, but want to be armed with all the inform. I can.
Avatar f tn He had an affair 6 years ago but swears that he has not been with anyone recently and says that if he had been and had given this to us, I would deserve to know the truth so he wouldn't withhold it. I actually believe him. He is devastated as am I. I'm struggling with thinking this "thing" could have been laying dormant in me for 14 or even 6 years, feels like it has to be a new infection. Any intelligent thoughts?
101028 tn?1419606604 Both the herpes handbook at and the herpes info at have terrific info on herpes and treatments to learn more at. Be prepared when you talk to your doctor so that the two of you can make decisions together about how to treat your herpes. Genital herpes treatments are patient driven - the patient gets to make most of the choices about it. So what are your treatment choices? Well first off - you can chose to do absolutely nothing if you want.
Avatar n tn I've done a tremendous amount of research and have started a course of L-Lysine along with all kinds of other immune boosters and a totally healthy diet, tea tree oil topically and tylenol paste. There has been very little change and it's been 8 days. I also have chronic yeast infection which I trying to cure with Fem-dophilus and this condition has caused pain, swelling, itching and cuts over the years as well. The thing is, I haven't had sex in almost two years.
251222 tn?1270939717 This is on the L side of the chest also. Last October my Neuro started me on Valtrex, 2 gr. daily, and after a few weeks the lymph nodes started to improve. The gram pills are huge, and I as much as I felt a ton of improvement with them, swallowing them was a frightening experience. A couple times I nearly choked to death, but got them back out. So this led me to sort of slack off taking them (bad I know) for fear of choking.
Avatar n tn I'm going through hell and have for close to fifteen years and eat tylenol ones like it's candy! I go to emergency when the neck and face swell so bad I can't take anymore- three times now in ten months! They give me nasal spray, ear drops usually thirty to fifty bucks at a time over and over again. It's so much pain and tonight is hell. I'm so swollen that my customers sand coworkers see it in my face and ask about it all the time. I turn red very easily too.
Avatar n tn Other than that, it's fine and manageable. My doc said to take tylenol pm--I think it has benadryl in it. It works great and basically knocks me out for the night. Drink plenty of water and relax. The anticipation was worse for me than the actuality. Good luck and keep us posted.
Avatar n tn I've been taking Lexapro and Xanax to try and manage the symptoms but I've been on the Xanax for several months and my body is building up a tolerance to the dose I'm on. I'm been taking tylenol like it's candy. The muscle symptoms range from painless twitching, to stabbing pain and tightness which can be quite painful at times.
Avatar n tn They only last a few seconds. The build and peak like labor pains. Say I'm in the kitchen and I'll feel it coming on so I have time to brace myself. I'll set down whatever it is i'm holding and get ready. I have to cross my legs, bend my knees, hold on to something, clench my body tight, and try to breathe. Thank God it only lasts a few seconds. My 14 yr. old son witnessed it yesterday and tried to call 911. I kept signaling him not to. I knew it wouldn't last long. My gyno.
Avatar m tn unless you have a medical reason not to, you can alternate tylenol and advil. it gives you pain relief comparable to some narcotics. for instance tylenol 1gm at 6 am, advil 600mg at 9 am, tylenol at noon, advil at 3pm etc you can use topical anesthetics like dermoplast spray too ( the blue can for the genital area, not the red can ). It's typically under $10 at most drug stores and you can spray it on where it hurts as needed.
Avatar f tn I usually have 1-2 outbreaks a year and they are moderately painful. I take Valtrex and typically I can tolerate the pain. I recently began taking Buspar and Tegretol for anxiety, I am having an outbreak that is as painful as I have ever experienced. I have taken hydrocodone that I usually reserve for terrible pain from fibromyalgia. I have added tylenol and asprin. I am getting zero relief.
Avatar f tn I went back to the doctors and confirmed that I have HSV2 and was prescribed valtrex and Tylenol 3 to help manage the pain. I was able to finally pass stool once on the Tylenol 3s, so I'm incredibly relieved. I'm feeling optimistic that my life will go on basically as it always has been.
Avatar f tn Now just tylenol a couple a day and the neurotin 800mg a day. I have a very burning and slight pain @ r. waist line & up r. back especially @ & just to r. of navel. I am a 73 old female. Do have slight heart problem, arthritis, osteopenia. Is this pain normal for shingles or could it be something else. I have talked to my Dr. but he says maybe. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn He sent with home with a prescription for Valtrex and Tylenol 3. Later that night I had a horrible headache that felt to be behind my eyes, and I have had it for a few days now. They I began shivering horrible and my mother took my temperature. I had a fever of 39 degrees Celsius. These are completely new symtoms, and so is the bleeding and the discharge. As well, I only had one the first time and it did not spread. I am incredibly embarrassed about the entire situation.
Avatar n tn Can you advise me what to do, or what to eat to build my self up at that time so I can get through my day. I do take Valtrex, 500mg every day, and when i am feeling weak i take 2 tylenol twice a day.
Avatar n tn from all of this I take 300mg of allegra, 3 times a day breathing treatments, tylenol, allergy drops (for those who dont know same as shots) and nothing is helping.
479224 tn?1214055452 Because they thought it might be my gallbladder but no it wasnt. o they gave me valtrex and a shot of morphine and a prescription for Percocet and now I drugged up and have to take it every 5 to 6 hours. hot bath helps but I want to be off these drugs I cant even drive. Does anyone out there know of any thing else that might help with this. I want to go back to work. But I cant....please let me know. Thanks so much. Ohh does Steroids help?
Avatar n tn One week later I woke up with a sore thoat and a headache. I went to the doctor and she gave me a shot of Rocefin and a Z-pack, but did not swab for strep. The next day I got a fever of 101.6 and it has persisted for 3 days only going down for short periods of time with extra strength tylenol. I went back to the doctor. They swabbed my throat and drew blood. I am negative for mononucleosis, the flu, and strep. My CBC was normal. He gave me Levaquin.
Avatar f tn I will be finished my Valtrex this evening but my symptoms are still there. Should I be getting a refill and continuing on Valtrex or just let it runs its course. I understand the initial breakout is the worst. If I still have to use a catheter by tomorrow the dr is sending me to a urologist. Could it be the swelling of the lymph nodes that is blocking me up in every way?
Avatar f tn I have been having an outbreak on my forehead and scalp almost every year since I was about 12 of what was initially diagnosed as impetigo and later as shingles. Every time I have an outbreak I take valtrex and use zovirax cream and it clears right up. It isn't as painful as most people's so I considered myself lucky. My mother has recurring shingles as well. Also, before I go into my real question, I feel it is important to preface this with a little history. I am a lesbian.
Avatar m tn Soaking in the tubby with epsom salts thrown in is also soothing. He can alternate tylenol and advil unless he has a medical reason not to. It helps to give pain relief similar to some narcotics - ie 1000mgtylenol at 6am, 600mg advil at 9 am, tylenol at noon, advil at 3pm etc. also send your friend the link to the herpes handbook - www.westoverheights.
Avatar n tn They've actually placed all the herpes antivirals in the same pregnancy category as tylenol and one can easily argue that tylenol is far more of a risk than they are even!! Why you don't see this info on the valtrex website is because they've never went to get official FDA approval for any of this info. You'll find that the majority of drugs out there aren't tested officially on pregnant women and recommended for pregnancy. Too much potential for lawsuits so they just don't do it.
Avatar n tn Most took place inside the mouth, and were easily resolved by taking Valtrex. 5-6 weeks ago, I had an oral outbreak outside the mouth for the first time. Later that night, I also experienced a genital irritation for the first time--specifically, burning. I hadn't had any sexual contact for over a month prior, and have never in my life had unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse.
Avatar f tn Also you should take a stool softener or even a laxative to keep your bowels soft and moving. unless you have a medical reason not to, alternate tylenol with advil - ie tylenol 1000mg at 6 am, advil 600mg at 9 am, tylenol at noon, advil at 3pm etc. Combined like that they give you pain relief comparable to some narcotics. definitely try the epsom salt soaks azmiranda recommended - I think they help a lot myself. also anytime you can go bottomless - do so.
Avatar n tn The doc tested for flu (negative) and then strep (positive), then proceeded to write prescrips for Tylenol with codeine, penicillin and Valtrex (also have a few cold sores on my lips). No other symptoms. I've been using the meds for 24 hours now and simply put, they do not work. They don't lessen the sore throat at all, and it's pretty miserable.
Avatar m tn Six months ago I contracted HSV2 and now have groin and neck pain but also numbness in my left leg. The in pain in my neck is debilitating and never goes away but does change in its degree. Sometimes I can't turn my head at all or touch my shoulders. Do you have any recommendations. Started taking a B-vitamin complex about a week ago. Hoping that will help because IB profin, tylenol nor aspirin helps. Should I see a neurologist or an infectious disease doctor?
Avatar n tn But now that I am seeing someone and want to have sex, I took my first dose of Valtrex, which my doctor has prescribed in a 500 milligram daily dose. I want to take anti-virals to reduce transmission risk, and I will practice safe sex with condom use. Do all anti-virals reduce transmission risk, or is Valtrex the only one as is claimed by the manufacturer? Do I risk damage to my kidneys if I take this drug at a 500 milligram dose daily for long term use and is it effective long term?