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Avatar f tn Recurrent episodes rarely if ever occur more often than once a month, even without valacyclovir. My advice is that you NOT treat this episode with valacyclovir and see a doctor ASAP, preferably in the next day or so. The apparent outbreak can be tested to confirm the diagnosis.
Avatar f tn Ignore norainbow's comment about hydrogen peroxide, which has no effect. (Although I certainly agree with his advice against alcohol, except for dedicated masochists who enjoy pain.
Avatar n tn I know that several of those supplements/herbs are shown to be virucidal against HSV-2 via different mechanisms than valacyclovir, so I thought that may help reduce transmission, although there have been no studies proving so. In addition, when my girlfriend and I have sex, I wipe my genital area with rubbing alcohol (70% isopropyl) beforehand to kill any virus that I may be shedding asymptomatically.
Avatar f tn I have very not understandable situation. I am mail. I ve had relationship with a girl for 6 months. We had protected sex all time. But few times condom creeped for few minutes. After six months I started new relationship with new girl. I still have relationships with she. And I had unprotected sex. In few days I felt burning on my public area and head of penis. I went to clinic and passed all std analyses. Everything came negative. I was happy and forgot. But burning continued.
Avatar m tn Hi, About 21 October I had mutual masturbation with a hooker. She said she was clean and got tested regularly. She had no lesions. Before she masturbated me she dragged her hand across her labia with the lube (why????) and then prolonged masturbated me to orgasm. I was mortified and washed my penis thoroughly in soap as well as a 70% alcohol/chlorhexidine solution.
Avatar f tn Grace, I was just reading up on it and it said to not take with alcohol, or at least to reduce my alcohol. I was in a bit of a funk when I was recently laid of my job and I did some excess drinking for a couple weeks. I am certain now that could have attributed to my outbreak, but I am curious how alcohol consumption does reduce the effects of not only Valtrex but of anti-depressants too. Does alcohol affect your immune system and make you more vulnerable? Thanks again for your help.
Avatar f tn Is a man's sperm will be affected with HSV? 2. I had thought of using IUI or IVF to conceive the baby, is this possible? Or are there any other methods? 3. Do condoms protect me 100% from getting infected? 4. Is there a medication that my husband or me to consume while having the sexual intercourse with a condom? 5. I am currently living in Seattle, do you accept patients consultation? I would like to make an appointment to talk to you directly.
Avatar f tn Valacyclovir rarely has the liver effects that rorainbow has experienced, and there are no scientific reports that liver problems (or any other adverse effects of valacyclovir) are any more frequent with alcohol intake. If NR was also drinking a bit too much when his enzymes rose, I don't see any reason to invoke valacyclovir as the cause. That would be like a guy getting whacked by a baseball bat and then attributing his headache to a brain tumor.
Avatar n tn I immediately freaked when I noticed it and showered promptly. I went as far as scrubbing a bit later with Ethyl Alcohol. Yes, I was that extreme. I also took Valtrex 500 mg for 5 days as a form of PEP if that is possible. I am an RN and I am aware of some of the risk of contracting oral to genital but find myself in constant worry over this. To date I have had no symptoms that I am aware of. No swollen lymphs, no high fever, no blisters etc.
Avatar m tn You have seriously overreacted to a minimal risk situation. Your actions, especially in your inappropriate treatment with valacyclovir -- which did absolutely nothing to prevent herpes but, as you suggest, could interfere with finding out whether you were infected. I would estimate the chance you caught herpes form the exposure described as well under 1 chance in 1,000, maybe as low as 1 in 100,000. It was wrong of your doctor to agree to your reqeust for valacyclovir treatment.
Avatar f tn Hello, I was diagnosed with HSV1 last December 2013. It was an unusual breakout as it attacked my entire chin but not really my lips or inside my mouth. At first because it looked like it, the doctor thought it was impetigo and after the treatment for that did nothing. I was referred to an infectious diseases specialist and I was put on Valacyclovir and bacitracin ointment which only helped the problem to about 80% better but the issue never really entirely went away.
Avatar n tn My advice, you may have the disease, but don't become depressed about it. Be careful and mindful with future people you want to have sex with, or they could sue you for not telling them. Get a blood test done as well. If it comes back as positive, get prescribed Valacyclovir, and take it when ever a genital area starts to tingle. It is not the end of the world to have herpes. I cope well now and my boyfriend is okay with it. Do not have sex during an outbreak or the warts will thrive.
Avatar m tn Gave me Valacyclovir 500mg 3 times a day for 10 days with 2 refills. Started valacyclovir. Very uncomfortable in groin area. Tingling and stinging pain in my groin area, electric shock feeling on inner thighs, above average urge and frequency of urination and in past 4 days emergence of small cluster of bumps at base of penis and larger white bumps on pelvic area above penis - maybe 5 all over. Just flat and slightly fluid..largest is about size of large nail head.
Avatar f tn Even though listed as a theoretical side effect, in fact in the early studies of acyclovir and valacyclovir (valacyclovir/Valtrex is really a version of acyclovir), the frequency of mild liver dysfunction was equally common in people on drug and on placebo. Further, even healthy people have occasional minor fluctuations in liver tests.
Avatar n tn I was tested for Lyme and that came back negative as well. With the pruritus and pain after alcohol consumption could lymphoma be a possibility? What about Human T-lymphptropic virus, Post-viral fatigue syndrome, Chronic Lyme, viral arthritus, or others? I have an appointment with an infectious diseases specialist and a neurologist next week. Any recommendations on what all this might be?
Avatar m tn Am I contagious when the back pain is present? Contagious with the dull pain?? I understand shedding, but I mean contagious like if I was having an OB or is this an idicator that I am shedding?
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with Herpes in March 09, and I'm reasonably confident that I contracted it in early December 08. The records didn't specify HSV-1 or -2, but I've had one cold sore (consistent w HSV1) and - the point of my question - multiple "pimples" that seem consistent with HSV-2. Both symptoms were on and around the groin, but the pimples seem to have spread - which is the point of my post, below.
Avatar m tn If it were herpes i'm assuming the blister/ulcer would HURT alot, but it really is only a mild discomfort, same goes with the rash, just a mild discomfort. I took valacyclovir for a week prior to the rash, and when i finished my prescription the rash appeared. This makes me believe it's not herpes related because the week of the antiviral should have stopped the rash from ever appearing right? I really hope this isn't genital herpes, that would just ruin my life.
Avatar n tn Specifically, stress, lack of sleep, alcohol in excess, ect. I haven't had an outbreak for years, and have only had 3 in the last 10 years. My question is, I am seeing a woman with RA. She takes RA med's that suppress her immune system. Are the risks significant? Are there any studies concerning this matter? Any info on the subject would be appreciated...
Avatar f tn Hello- I hadn't had sex in almost two years when I started with someone recently. Two weeks ago, we had unprotected sex. As I was about to leave her house, I noticed a few free pills that turned out to be valacyclovir. Although I should have, I didn't say anything at the time. When I returned home, the paranoid bug took hold and I went to the doc and asked for acyclovir, which she gave me. At the time, I had no symptoms.
Avatar m tn 5 weeks into a course of valacyclovir 500 mg twice/day with no change at all in my symptoms. Getting a lot of sleep seems to help mildly, as does exercise, but not much. It is, to say the least, painful and psychologically frustrating -- chronic genital pain is a difficult thing to have! So here are my questions: 1. Is there any way to tell if this is a continuous HSV-1 outbreak, or if this is post-herpetic neuralgia (which I hear is rare from HSV)? 2.
Avatar n tn Herpes and yeast infections often are confused with one another. However, since several (?) health care pfoiders apparently have diagnosed yeast, and at least on some occasions your symptoms responded to yeast medications (Diflucan, Monistat), it seems pretty certain you have had yeast infections. Recurrent yeast infections are very common.
Avatar n tn A doctor at the STD clinic suggested that I could try treating the area with hydrocortisone. I have tried that for the last several days, with no change whatsoever in my condition. The STD clinic doctor also took a swab of the inside of my urethra which showed that there was no infection -- I assume that this means there is no local elevation in my white blood cell count.
Avatar n tn Five days ago (Saturday), I had unprotected sex with a woman for approximately 1 to 2 minutes before I withdrew to put on a condom. The next day (Sunday), she informed me that she had genital herpes and was afraid that she might be in the midst of the beginning stages of an "outbreak". Upon hearing the news, I was able to obtain a prescription for Valtrex on Sunday night.
Avatar n tn But having a second location (most recently, labia in addition to the perineal lesions) is atypical, and as I said earlier, 2-4 outbreaks a month doesn't fit herpes and failure to respond to valacyclovir is very atypical. It is possible to be infected with an HSV strain resistant to acyclovir and related drugs, but quite rare; and when it happens, usually the virus becomes fully susceptible once again, following a drug holiday.
Avatar m tn Im applying zovirax oinment wait a couple of hrs, like 4-5 hrs then wash hand blisters with alcohol and let it 15 mins without oinment and then apply it again.. When you have time let me know advice of recurrence, treatments and transmission, as i bath my kids, put their cloths, give the dinner etc.
Avatar m tn My mouth is healthy and I was intermittently drinking a low alcohol wine. d. Masturbated her with my finger for a few minutes The girl had a sore right under her bottom lip; i asked her about herpes and she said it was not but was from someones bite(kiss?!); it was crusty and didn't ooze any liquid as far as I can tell. I avoided kissing her on the lips. Her vaginal area was clean (no noticeable warts or lesions) and didn't emit any odors.
Avatar m tn I had a negative HSV test years ago, so I am concerned that this exposure puts me at risk for primary HSV infection (likely HSV-1). I washed my face and lips with soap and an alcohol hand wash 2 hours after the kiss. I talked with my physician the next day and he thought I had relatively low risk of getting oral HSV infection and started valcyclovir 1g tid for 7 days and said I could get another blood test for HSV titers two weeks after the exposure.
Avatar n tn Canker sores aren't contagious. You need to follow up with this with your doctor. It could be an allergy to food or even your toothpaste ( if you are using anything other than plain ole toothpaste stop - don't use the complete, total, whitening or tartar control - try the sensitive brand even for a few weeks to see if that helps ), it could also be a sign of other illness in your body - sinus infections and even reflux ( GERD ) can cause mouth symptoms.
Avatar n tn All results came negative except Herpes... What are the chances that I might have been infected with any other STD's? Also how long should I wait to get my next tests?