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Avatar n tn If I use Vagifem, will this type of vaginal treatment affect my male partner in anyway?
Avatar f tn Swimming, natural bath salts, buscopan, vagifem, hypnotherapy, reflexology and at present pregabalin have no effect on the condition. Can anyone suggest anything else I might try?
Avatar m tn I have been prescribed 2x daily Vagifem tablets as part of a fertility treatment with Clomid. I have been told that should I fall pregnant I would have to continue this treatment for 6 further weeks (~8 weeks treatment with Vagifem in total).
Avatar n tn I've just been for my annual pap smear and was informed by my NP that my cervix is closed. Was prescripbed Vagifem tablets twice a week for 5 months and need to return for another pap so that cells can be taken from the cervix canal. I am concerned with using estrogen due to family history of breast cancer (my mother). The Vagifem literature indicates I should not use estrogen due to higher breast and/or uterin cancer risk. Is it safe to use Vagifem given my family history of breast cancer?
Avatar f tn I agree with cherie, i had the same problem, go speak to GP and he will prescribe hormone treatment to help there is also a pill you can insert inside called vagifem which help to plump up the skin inside again, to get things back to normal.
Avatar f tn I've been getting this warm sort of flush in my vergina, if I bend over it starts when I straighten up, after sitting for a while it starts to burn and goes down my legs to my knees,doc as put me on vagifem it has helped a bit ,I also have a coated tongue white, in the morning,can a vaginal problem cause me to have a.
Avatar n tn She wants me to go on an antidepressant that apparently deals with hot flashes (I am NOT depressed, just frustrated), and Vagifem for the vaginal atrophy/dryness etc. I have a uterus. Would not bioidenticals be a reasonable option for me for a while, no longer than say five years? The aging is so rapid and unpleasant and the Vagifem, which I am trying (five days so far at 25 mcg) actually seems to be making my head ache and I now have brain "fog", which I never had before. Help.
Avatar n tn The doctors say that is fine the clonazepam tillI have a positive test for pregnancy in my hands and then I will stop for the 1st trimester. And the treatment with Vagifem is for 3 weeks / 3 times a week. My ob/gyn said is completely fine if I get pregnant during this process. I'm really concern .I'd like to have a second opinion about these medications since I read they can cause birth defects to the fetus. What do you think I should do?
Avatar f tn Within the last year and a half I have been seeking treatment for horrible burning inside and out of the vaginal area. My doctor has done many tests and has said that I have vaginal atrophy (sp) and told me to use replens. She also recommended Prempro as I still have a uterus. I no longer have health insurance and can't afford the prempro and the replens DOESN"T work. This situation has made me very anxious and I am on Xanax and Cymbalta. Any suggestions would be most appreciated!
Avatar f tn I am allowed to use Femoston conti 0.5/2.5 (estrogen/progesterone) one pill per day and local treatment with Vagifem 1-2 times per week. I have purchased Vagisan moisturising cream and I think that it could help. I have hypothyroidism (treated with Thyroid Erfa) and hyperparathyroidism (hypercalcemia) and other diseases. I am taking vitamin D, Marevan (coumadin), atenolol, sometimes selenium, vitamins B, lactic acid bacteria, and magnesium. Maybe my thyroid medication is too low.
437280 tn?1225521403 The itching is especially bad at night and I tear even with gentle wiping or looking to see what hurts. My gynecologist told me to use premarin topical cream for 2 weeks and then vagifem. I don't understand the use of estrogen when I'm on anti anti-estrogen. I also am having problems with headaches and vision (blurring, nystagmus, dryness and redness). Has anybody else had these symptoms and how did you treat them? Can any body explain the estrogen conflict please?
Avatar n tn To thicken the lining of my vagina however, she gave me a short course of vagifem. The first day of my last period was before this on March 7. Since then, I have not had a period (16 days late today). I called the dr. to ask if vagifem has to do with this and she said it doesn't. I took a pregnancy test April 20, close to midnight and it came back negative. I'm not sure what to think. The first time I concieved I had been taking BC pills for at least 2 years or more.
Avatar f tn Your tissues are so dry that they cut and bleed with any friction. Luckily, there is a remedy. A vaginal estrogen pill (Vagifem) or cream (Premarin) can be inserted into the vagina on a regular basis and it will help rebuild the tissue and prevent this type of dryness. I personally prefer Vagifem because it is less messy and each comes in its own applicator. You will still need to use something like Astroglide duirng intercourse to have even better results.
Avatar n tn Vaginal dryness is a very common complaint in menopause. There is a very good non hormonal treatment for this problem called Replens. It is sold in the women's section of most drugstores and retail mass merchandising stores like Wal-Mart. Use it daily for one week then twice per week afterward. About 20% of women who use it notice a small amount of white discharge. It is not an infection but the shedding of lining cells of the vaginal that are coated with the Replens.
Avatar f tn Crinone 8% -- once a day Progrsterone (utrogestan)--- once a day Estradiol (vagifem) 2x a day Estradiol valerate (progynova) 2 tab twice a day Dydrogestrone (duphaston) 3x a day Prednisone (pred 10) 2x a day Aspirin Heparin (innohep) 4,500iu once a day Do i really need all this?
Avatar f tn I'm 32 and have suffered with this since I was about 27 until I finally started using Vagifem which has helped around 60%. My periods are also shorter (cycle and days of menstruation) I have a host of other symptoms like fatigue. Brain fog. Mild heart palps. I've been checked for std's. Pap was excruciating! I should also mention I have an under active thyroid but my treatment is as optimal as can be. My levels are as follows. I took these tests two days after my period.
Avatar f tn After having had a hysteroscopy which found 'no serious problems', but did show some Atrophy, I've been prescribed Vagifem 25mcg pessaries. I've started using them but was concerned to find on reading the patient leaflet that these are HRT and I'm wary about the risks. I'm 61 and have been post-menopause (with no menopausal problems) for several years.
Avatar f tn I am a postmenopausal woman (65 y). I stopped estrogen treatment in January 2013 but have sometimes used local estrogen and lactic acid. I have had problems with my urinary opening, vaginal atrium and vagina. My distal urethra has been swollen, sore and smarting. On May 7, 2013, I found a "sand" grain betveen my labia. It vas brownish, with innumeral vacuoles and some regular structures, not exactly like microvilli.
Avatar n tn 2008 december after that i want to ivf treatment doctor say my uterine lining is too thin is it 5.1mm so he give me estradiol vaterate 2mg 2tab on mornig & night about 14days after i go check up again lining is still thin so he give additional estradiol vagifem 1 tab at night put through vagina to womb after four days i want scan again my doctor says lining is still very thin this time is about 6.
Avatar f tn I was having really bad flashes prior to treatment. During treatment they stopped completely for a while and then came back near the end of treatment. But they were not nearly as severe and they didn't happen as often. Now they are back in full. I'll ask my nurse about Estrace cream. I just looked at their patient information sheet and it says women who have or had liver problems should not use it. I'll check anyway cause I'm kind of desperate. I will drink more green tea. I like that.
Avatar n tn I'm sure that your vaginal tissues are very thin and dry from lack of estrogen (called atrophic vaginitis). There is something called vagifem that might help, if you can take estrogen even genitally. This really could be from herpes, or from the hysterectomy, or its something different causing the vulvodynia. If you've had PHN for a long time, then maybe its that. When they are treating you for bacterial infections, are they testing you or just assuming?
Avatar f tn Recently I felt as though they were coming back and so did an entire 7 day treatment of Monistat. Seemed better for awhile (like days) but now I have slight burning and itching again. I am 50 years old and had only very mild period last month but none so far this month. I am cramping and bloating with breast tenderness like I am going to start my period but haven't. My question is could some of this burning and itching be due to the menopausal process?
Avatar m tn The use of some vaginal estrogen cream or tablets (such as Premarin cream, Estrace cream, or Vagifem tablets) can restore these tissues and result in a normal pap smear. Also, even if the ASCUS result is not from this loss of estrogen, there are other harmless conditions that can cause ASCUS which is why a repeat pap is often recommended in 6 moths or so versus undergoing further testing or treatment. But even so, going straight to hysterectomy does not make sense.
1128665 tn?1269277071 Support structures for an abundance of diseases and syndromes are the norm, specialists within health fields help us narrow down our choices for treatment. Unfortunately for women with pelvic organ prolapse, symptoms that create a scenario of embarrassment as well as discomfort lend themselves to a hidden world of suffering that often goes on for years while this health condition progresses, impacting women from every angle, physical, social, sexual, emotional, and financial.
Avatar f tn Susan Love Research Foundation, wrote that because of the very low systemic absorption of estrogen from two very low-dose locally (vaginally) applied estogen products, oncologists have become more comfortable having women who have had breast cancer use either Vagifem or Estring. At that time Vagifem came in a 25mcg dose. In 12/09, the FDA approved the even lower-dose Vagifem 10 mcg. (This is the product which is being used in the third clinical trial mentioned in my June 16th, 5:33 p.m.
1344197 tn?1392822771 Estrace, 1975 EstroGel, gel, 2004 Estraderm, 1985 Estace cream, 1984 Estrodiol Generic 1997 Estrasorb, lotion 2006 Vivelle, 1994 Estring, ring 1996 Prometrium 1998 Divigel, gel 2007 Climaria, 1995 Prochieve 4% gel 1997 Elestrin gel, 2008 Vivelle Dot, 98 Vagifem Tabs, 98 Evamist spray, 2008 Femring, 2003 The true indications for hormone therapy are obvious, vasomotor symptoms, vaginal dryness, preventing bone loss, and it is best to start them as close
Avatar f tn So I called a new doctor and explained my condition. She said I am too -young and after 20 plus years of practicing, she has never treated anyone with estrogen cream for atrophic vaginosis during breast feeding. She suggested I use monistat because it may be a yeast infection. So, I decided to not even bother to make an appointment. I am still looking for a new doctor. I am so confused with all that is happening to me: tears/cuts burning, intense itching, painful intercourse, raw feeling...
Avatar f tn - IF it is, is it likely to be the cause of my symptoms, and if so what should be the next course of treatment? (I have to proceed with caution in taking erythromycin as I am on Epilim to control tension headaches and I understand both drugs are metabolised in the same way.) 2. - Do I need a long-term course of antibiotics? 3.
Avatar n tn I used a three-day vaginal treatment but my symptoms continued. I went to my doctor and was tested for STDs (including herpes) and yeast/BV infections, all of which came back negative. My doctor did a vaginal exam and could see nothing irregular and nothing that looked like a sore or lesion. My symptoms continue to reoccur every month. The only time I really feel any relief is during my period and the week following. I have been back to the doctor for two more visits with the same result.
Avatar f tn It’s a bit confusing why you have to wait until October to see the urogyn again, if you are in advanced POP state, you should at least be utilizing a pessary for more comfort and to keep it from getting worse. There are also additional treatment options for women who opt to avoid surgery, typically a physical therapist can provide these treatments such as biofeedback, electrical stimulus, Kegel instruction to utilize along with pessary use.