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233622 tn?1279338505 Funny - they had to really work with our insurance to get this filled because I also don't have a prostate and its use in women is definitely off-label. Be sure and visit their website and signup for their promotions. I just got another $20 off coupon in my email the other day. Glad it works for you!
233622 tn?1279338505 It is for men but approved for use in women with MS. It has really helped my situation. I have not had a bladder infection or pain since I started using it. Now I can wait to urinate and have a normal amount of urine when I go, not just little tinkles! I can go without having to concentrate on relaxing enough so that muscle with allow the urine to pass. It has made a huge different! I just hope it keeps working for me. My bowel issues are a whole other story.
Avatar f tn These were perscribed in place of Flomax and Celebrex in the hopes of reducing the inflammation and opening the neck of the bladder to release the urine now being held in my bladder. Should I take these meds even though the Flomax (tamsulosin) is not approved for women? Also considering my past medical history Im scared to take either meds, should I?
Avatar n tn For a couple of weeks, I have a vibrating sensation in the penis area. I first thought my cell phone may have started it since I have had it attached to my belt, on the vibrate status. I stopped doing this and still feel it. It is either a vibration or a sensation of filling up with liquid. No other symptoms are there. No pain in urination, no pain in sex, have been married for many years with one partner, and no urge to go to the bathroom.
Avatar n tn do you know what stds are associated to my symptoms? i have never heard of blood in the sperm and in the urine after ejaculation being related to an std.
Avatar m tn When you are lying on your back, put a pillow under neath your knees, this will tilt your pelvis slightly, enough to take some pressure of of your back. Also, when you lay on your side, put a pillow in between your knees, this will help as well. I have invested in a $2000 bed just so I can have the proper support. Not saying that you need to spend that much money, thats not the only reason why i bought the bed, but find a bed that is mostly firm but still comfortable.
Avatar n tn What kind of bacteria is that I wonder? Why is my urine so acidic? And what kind of bacteria could live in that kind of acid environment? Etc. etc. Enigma, have you had the same types of tests? If not, I'd strongly suggest you get them, and we should compare notes. Morgannon P.S., have you tried direct heat on the testicles and penis? I took a long hot bath the other night and everything relaxed down there. Oh man I feel great, even now!
1415321 tn?1306973553 Turns out it’s just a little plastic strainer with a filter inside it and I was able to buy one at a local medical supply store for $7.00. But, if I was in fact in the process of passing a stone it’s important to catch it so they can run tests on it. Lesson learned on that. I spent the weekend in bed, with a heating pad. Super painful cramping in my mid back area, threw up a few times and just felt exhausted. They pain was also moving to my side, and then my pelvic area.
Avatar n tn My symtoms seem to migrate and alternate - a few days of warm sensations in legs and then a few days of left side headache. Very weird. My neuro doesn't have a clue (said its likely stress). I'm on antidepressent but doesn't seem to help anything. Has anyone had succeses with a holistic doctor practice? Any success with vitamins (B?). If so, any details would be much appreciated!
Avatar m tn This means that we can almost exclude food/lifestyle related things. In case of ED, urologists often use this information to differentiate between physical and psychological causes and I am the opinion that our problem is mostly of psychological origin. Stress and anxiety can easisly cause pelvic tension which and our symptoms are a secondary effect. Every person has got its personal psychosomatic Achilles heel and this may be ours.
1530342 tn?1405020090 (those of us who are Christians know we are to care for the poor) soooo, how about we petition them to live in normal size homes, and drive regular cars and use the rest to support those in need. Think that will happen? No, me either.
186606 tn?1263513790 Before taking this medication, tell your doctor if you are allergic to sulfa drugs. You may also be allergic to Flomax. Flomax can affect the pupils of your eyes during cataract surgery. If you have cataract surgery during your treatment with Flomax, tell the surgeon ahead of time that you are using this medication. Do not stop using Flomax before surgery unless your surgeon tells you to.
Avatar n tn Hi, There are urethral stents that have been studied for the management of DESD in women, and the results of these studies have been promising. As far as I can ascertain, UroLume can be used for women as well, but I have no current info on this other than what is available at sites such as the following. Other options include intrasphincteric injection to relieve detrusor action.
284078 tn?1282620298 So, if you are taking Topamax or getting ready to increase you dose or considering starting it - please, please take my advice and remember that it can cause sudden worsening of your vision, and if an attack of narrow angle glaucoma starts, you can develop severe eye pain, extreme headache, nausea, vomiting and nearly complete loss of vision.
Avatar n tn often have to press on it to release but know that there is still a significant amount of urine left in the bladder when i am done.would bladder training work - similar to training used for incontinence. Please help. My doctor is of no help and this has been going on for a long time. It should be mentioned that i am an otherwise healthy 33 yr old female. Any help would be appreciated.
Avatar m tn I was a Flomax user and when I went to Iceland I tried a new product called Sagapro I now use sagapro and have given up on the Flomax which did not work well on me. Go to the web site i was amazed at how it helped my swollen prostate, and it was all natural made from angelica. My friends in Iceland tell me sagapro is now outselling Flomax and you dont need a doctors note.
Avatar f tn Really, though, virtually every MS issue mostly occurs in women, or happens to women, because women MSers outnumber men by nearly 3 to 11.
Avatar m tn As I understand, Flomax is off-label for use in women to help passage of kidney stones by smoothing the muscles of the ureter, etc. I know exactly how you feel ... A 3.0mm stone has a high chance to pass on it's own, but the waiting is the hardest part. You've gotten terrific advice above.
Avatar f tn I take the max dose of Flomax (tamsulosin). Its primary use is men with enlarged prostates. There is nothing enlarged about my prostate, but MS seems to be telling it that it's 90 years old :-) I'm not sure if Flomax works, or can be prescribed for women though..
Avatar n tn Chronic Prostatitis --- commonly used to describe a collection of symptoms characterized by the presence of pain or discomfort in the perigenital area (perineum, groin, testicular region) often radiating to the lower back or the inside of the thigh. It would be better to have an ultrasound done (TRUS), as it would give an idea about your condition. Have an urine culture done as UTI can also lead to chronic prostatitis.
572651 tn?1531002957 I know this medication is for men but it has been approved for use in women with MS. It has been a great help to me.
535089 tn?1400677119 Substances Causing False Positives According to a report by the Los Angeles Times New Service, a study of 161 prescription and over the counter medications showed that 65 of them produced false positive results in the most widely administered urine test.
Avatar f tn That will involve various things, including a reverse cath procedure. They will pump X amount of water in, using a cath, and then I think measure how much comes out. That sounds a lot better than drinking a lot of water and waiting around for nature to take its course. They will be able to see how well the bladder muscles and the other parts of the system work together to achieve healthy urination. I asked her a number of questions that other members here might have.
Avatar m tn I got to find out in March that I had a stone and the remains of the stone were surgically removed in August (this was 20 years ago) because of the above symptoms. Ultrasound confirmed that it was stuck in the ureter and had to be removed urgently. Luckily I have not experienced such a severe kidney stone problem since that time (and never want to go through that ever again). But occasionally I have found very fine sand in the urine when I have caught it in a container.
Avatar f tn For instance, the pain I have been feeling is in one specific spot on the left side of the pelvic/abdominal region and is not in my bladder. I'm not exactly sure where it is anatomically, but I'm wondering if it could be around a female organ. When I push on this spot, I can feel pressure inside, and when I stand up, I can feel the blood rushing to that area and hurts. Many doctors thought it was a UTI and gave me medication and none of which worked except for one, Sulfameth/Trimethoprim.
Avatar n tn I looked up Flomax and it is for prostates (I don't have one of those) and is not recommended for women.?????
Avatar f tn My husband went through prostate biopsy in January 09. in December 2009 kidneystone removal by sound but it was not removed then on 22 JAnuary 2010 again and then the kidney stune came out in pieces. It was 0.8mm. Since November 09 my husband is doing 2 hours yoga too. before he use to do 30minutes. He has enlarged prostate. which was effecting urine flow so he is on Flowmax. He is on medication for High Colestrol too. But since March he has hemospermatomia.
Avatar f tn in December 2009 kidneystone removal by sound but it was not removed then on 22 JAnuary 2010 again and then the kidney stune came out in pieces. It was 0.8mm. Since November 09 my husband is doing 2 hours yoga too. before he use to do 30minutes. He has enlarged prostate. which was effecting urine flow so he is on Flowmax. He is on medication for High Colestrol too. But since March he has hemospermatomia. Urologist is saying it will go by itself.
Avatar n tn Also i find somthing odd, i was with another partner and my symptoms were improving i did have my sexual problems but they were not getting worse but improving, my next relationship after this i had a round 2 of what happened to me in my first sexual experience, could i be allergic to certain types of women? sounds weird i know.
Avatar n tn I also have lack of sensation with all of my formerly high sensitive parts to include ears Lack of sensation as in numbness or just not sensitive in a sexual way? If numb you might be lucky. Lucky in that this sounds serious and you can probably get noticed if you see a doctor. I know what you mean about feeling like my life is over. In one sense it's a blessing for me. Or at least it was while I didn't have a girlfriend.