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Avatar m tn I had three test, urine flow test(?), bladder test, and urine test. All three came out as normal. Does it mean I am normal? or do I need to specifically ask for STD test to know if I have chlamydia or not? I still have some itchiness inside but the doc told me that I might had some kind of inflammation before and its gone now. Or it's just from stress- thinking that something is wrong and being paranoid. So, if those tests results are normal- I no longer have to worry about it?
Avatar n tn Hi, Is it still possible that chlamydia is present even though a routine urine test shows pus cells 2-3 hpf and nothing else? There has been no previous positive results or symptoms.
Avatar f tn the results came back 1.
Avatar f tn Hi - this is a two part question. 1. In July, I had a ThinPrep pap test as part of my first prenatal appointment. A "Chlamydia, Nuc. Acid Amp" test was performed and it tested positive. I have been married for 11 years with no other partners and have never tested positive (this is my third child), so I asked for a retest. The next day I took a urine test - "Chlamydia trachomatis, NAA" and it came out negative.
Avatar n tn to get check out. Well the urine test came back positive for Chlamydia. I've been in a relationship for the past 2 years and have been having unprotected sex for a while with her. I have been completely faithful but when I confronted her she admitted to cheating on me but the STD was news to her because she had never experienced any symptoms. She went right away and got tested in the ER. Needless to say her test came back negative and now she's trying to say I cheated.
Avatar n tn Well, an ENT infection cannot increase the urine WBC. It can result in high WBC in blood though. I am not sure why the urine test was done. You had some symptoms? A high WBC in urine and no culture can happen if the UTI is caused by an organism that does not show growth on normal cultures. Certain special cultures are set up for them. Your urologist can help you with this. In case you have no symptoms, then there is a possibility of error in the report. Maybe you should get a repeat test done.
Avatar m tn I'm unsure how they came to the conclusion that she had chlamydia. I believe my test results, as we have had past issues with our family doctor. Wouldn't chlamydia have been caught during previous gyno exams, as she has never missed one. I'm concerned that if she actually had this, she is subject to infertility. How long does it take for that to occur along with PID to develop and if so doesn't PID make you sick to almost hospitalize her. Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn I took a urine test for chlamydia and am currently awaiting the results. I am concerned that I did the urine sample incorrectly...the doctor recommended I get the sample first thing in the morning and then drop it off at the office for processing. Unfortunately my first sample did not meet the minimum requirement line. So I added a few MLs from my 2nd trip to the bathroom a few hours later. Any idea if this will affect the outcome of the results?
Avatar m tn It might help to know the "test required" were called Urine M/C/S,; CHLAMYDIA PCR-NEISSERAE PCR
Avatar f tn Usually 7 to 30 days for symptoms. Testing at 7 days will give reliable results especially with the urine NAAT test.
Avatar m tn my ex-girlfriend got tested and was positive for chlamydia and told me she had it so i got tested and i did the urine test and the results came back negative, and we never used a condom... 1. what are the accuracy % differences for the urine and swab testing? 2. is it possable to have had sex with her and not of caught it? 3.how much better is the swab then the urine testing?
Avatar f tn Two days later I was extremely suspicious so I went to a lab. They did every STI Test possible for urine plus a blood test (IGG and IGM) for Chlamydia and Ghono. All came back negative. The last month or so I have had a discomfort in a testicle which is only painful if I touch it and paranoia took a hold of me again. Could it be Chlamydia like the first doc said? Or something unrelated? That first diagnosis has really played games on me.
Avatar f tn Yes it can be transmitted more then once, but a blood test is not the correct way to diagnosis chlamydia. A urine test or swab test is. Blood test is only going to look for antibodies not the actual infection.
Avatar n tn The urine screen for chlamydia and gonorrhea is a good test but may have some false negative results. Take care.
Avatar n tn Five weeks ago I experienced symptoms similar to Chlamydia -- Discharge, painful urination and burning feel. I went to the doctor and had both gonorrhoeae and chlamydia DNA, SDA test by urine sample. The results of the test was positive for chlamydia. Given that I have not sex of any kind with anyone other than my wife in the past six years, what are the chances I could have contracted chlamydia from non-sexual means? I read something about how it can be contacted through eyes.
Avatar n tn If you are bleeding during intercourse, its possible that you have an active case of chlamydia. Your partner also needs a urine or swab test. Where do you live? Most countries do the urine and swab tests.
Avatar f tn My partner got a phone call yesterday saying that theyve found 2% trace of chlamydia on her urine (confused) as i did a test myself in the summer because my doctor put it forward to me because i was haveing a few problems and just said its because of your age its just routine. My results came back i was clear??? I havent changed sexual partner since the day we first slept together and weve been together over a year and half now. I beleive her and i know she wouldnt cheat.
Avatar m tn Oh and does chlamydia come up in a blood test?
Avatar m tn My concern is that the other result may not be in because I have chlamydia so they are retesting maybe. The nurse who did the test said it does sometimes take longer - up to a week but the nurse I got the results off seems to think it may be because they have found something. I have two questions: 1) What are my chances of having caught something?? 2) Do you think the delay means I may be positive for chlamydia?
Avatar n tn I had sex with my wife 2-3 weeks after having a negative urine test, I then had a swab test 3 days after having sex with my wife which was laso negative. from the time after a was treated for Chlamydia i have had little or no sex with my wife, this has been me giving here oral sex but not her giving it me. Or hand releif only, no intercourse.
Avatar n tn I just got my urine test results. Everything negative.The only thing that scared me was that when I met with the practioner. She said she thought it was probably herpes. I was in shock . Then the other Dr came in and she told him that she thought it was herpes. The Dr said that it was not herpes becuse it is rare to have herpes in the urethra nad that herpes symptoms would not lat 4 weeks. What is your opinion.they didnt test me.
Avatar m tn DNA test from urine... and it came out negative(undetectable). Concering chlamydia infection my questions are: 1. Is this test conclusive? 2. Was this test done too soon after exposure? at 4 days? Thanks in advance....
Avatar f tn The rest of this reply assumes your test results are reliable, i.e. you are truly infected with chlamydia. If so, your husband's story doesn't compute. Chlamydia is rarely acquired by oral sex, and is rarely carried (by men) for more than a few weeks or months and 14 months is extremely unlikely. And although it can be carried by women for a year or more, 12 years is much too long. Therefore, assuming your own history is accurate -- i.e.
Avatar f tn He immediately asked about my sexual activities, I informed him I was a vergin and have never had sexual contact with anyone. As a result he ran urine test for a UTI. Everything came back clear. He looked at my urine under a microscope, to look for crystals to see if I might have passed a stone, again no signs that I passed a stone. He said my urine had broken down red blood cells that would indicate I was fighting an infection.
Avatar n tn He takes a look and claim's it was nothing. Give's me the test anyway's and I get the results right then and there. I tested positive for Chlamydia. He give's me 4 zithromax I think and some blue pill's which I believe were doxycycline. He tell's me to take these and Im cured. Along the line of about a month the skin looks as if its healing. At some point the healing process seem's to have stopped. The discoloration is still there just not as bad.
619690 tn?1221836541 That said, to get the most an accurate results regarding gonorrhea, Chlamydia and NGU, then I should test by urine. I tested for each of gonorrhea, Chlamydia and NGU by urine test. And as we know, the urine test contains three parts: Physical, chemical, and Microscopic examination. Now I am going to talk about WBC, because some people "not experts" diagnose appearing of WBC and in particular more than 5/field as NGU. But STD's Experts from Medhelp.
Avatar m tn If my urine test showed no traces of Chlamydia, how conclusive is this? Could it still be pretty likely it just wasn't traced adequately? My symptoms also include a sudden urge to urinate but not frequent. Occasionally I will experience a bit of pain towards the end of urinating. Testicular pain is quite constant and is felt mainly on the left side but also a bit on the right side. It can be quite warm to touch. Could gonorhea be a cause for concern?