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Avatar n tn My daughter is almost 11mo of age. She is about 28 1/2 in in height and about 22lbs. I have used the over the counter diabetic ketone strips. Her breath usually smells like nail polish remover which was my indication that something wasn't right.
Avatar f tn I have pretty much all of the symptoms of diabetes, and I was wondering, what do ketones in your urine look like? Don't ask why, but I looked in my urine three times, pretty closely, and i saw what looked like sugar in it. Is this a problem?? and if so, how would I ask my mom to go to the doctors??
Avatar f tn Hi,I was wondering if someone knows what the results mean. I had a urine test done before and they wanted me to repeat it because they found RBC's in my urine. I had the other test done today and this is what they found: Leukocytes(trace),ua hgb(1+),ketones(1+),and squam epi(many). I would appreciate any advice,thank you! I had the other test done before and nothing has changed except the red blood cells.
Avatar n tn whatever is causing the blood in her urine may also be stressing her body so that ketones are being produced. You said she was "fine" and yet blood in urine is not normally associated with "fine." If she's very active and perhaps not eating lots, then she can form ketones. Encourage her to drink lots of fluids to help flush these from her system. Good luck!
Avatar f tn burning in kidneys Sent by lwack 1 minute having a burning sensation in my kidneys and nausea I did a urine test strip first thing this morning. All results were fine apart from trace leukocytes, highest specific gravity and highest ketones. I do not take medication and do not feel unwell enough to go to the doctor I am not sure what these mean and should I worry?
Avatar n tn OK, so my Dr said my urinalysis came back with trace of ketones and protein in my urine. He said its probably not significant and should check it again another day. Can someone tell me how common or uncommon that is? I hadnt eatin like like 16 hours before hand, except for alittle something maybe 20 minutes before I gave the urine sample. Could this have caused it? I was really worried since I get cloudy urine after eating dairy, and only after dairy.
Avatar m tn I recently got my urine test done with the military and they sent me a letter asking for a family doctor to re-interpret the results and/or do a new urine test. On the info sheet, 3 lines were highlighted and the results were given beside then: Protein - 1+ Ketones - TRACE Bilirubin - 2+ I'm stressing a bit because I did some research online and the articles said that it might be a kidney problem. With me trying to get into the Air Force I need to be physically and mentally healthy.
Avatar n tn My question is this, I work in a law office and a client, who has informed us and the court that she is a diabetic, has tested positive for ethanol twice by taking a urine test. The client denies alcohol use. I was told my another attorney that ketones can cause a positive result for ethanol. Can this be true? I have tried researching the answer and am not making any headway. Please help if you can. Thank you.
Avatar f tn Color Yellow Clarity Cloudy Glucose, Urine Negative Bilirubin, Urine Negative Ketones, Urine10 Specific Gravity, Ur 1.019 Hemoglobin/Blood,Ur negative pH, Urine 6.5 Protein, Urine 30 Urobilinogen 2.
Avatar m tn If I get a Urine Analysis test, will THC show up in the results, even if they're just looking for bacteria?
Avatar m tn It might help to know the "test required" were called Urine M/C/S,; CHLAMYDIA PCR-NEISSERAE PCR
Avatar n tn The ER may not be the best place for a careful review of his history -- but your pediatrician or a pediatric endocrinologist will be able to help you interpret the results. As you know ketones are passed into the urine before they build up in the blood (which is much more serious), so you are right to be investigating now. Here's a website with some information on ketonuria; maybe something here will ring a bell for you: http://www.rnceus.com/ua/uaket.html Good luck, Lorit!
Avatar m tn Around two months ago I started seeing a nephrologist to see if the blood is coming from the kidneys, and around the same time my UA test started showing protein in my urine. Bellow are the results of my last UA and a 24hr urine protein. With this results, Is the protein in my urine secondary to the gross hematuria or am I having protein in my urine because some how my kidneys are not working right??? Any help will be really appreciated.
Avatar f tn Hi Over the past week but especially the last two days myself & my husband have been concerned over our sons drinking, as nothing seems to satisfy him. He is also getting up many times a night & having accidents if we don't restrict the amount he has. He shows no other symptoms although he may of lost a little weight but this could also be due to starting school & running around like 5 year olds do.
Avatar f tn The alcohol test may not be able to distinguish between ketones in diabetes and alcohol. So for sure ketones could affect the test results. You need to discuss this specifically with the pain clinic doctors. You may need to show them proof about your blood sugar levels / ketones. You may need to do ketone testing as well. http://www.shouselaw.com/ketosis.
Avatar f tn Did they test your key tones in your urine or through a blood test? If key tones in tour urine is high than it is normally a sign of dehydration. Jist drink lots of fluids.
Avatar f tn I read somewhere that diabetes and also the presence of ketones in your urine could possibly cause a false negative result on an hpt. I tried to look for more information on this topic but came up empty. Is this a possibility and if so why?
Avatar n tn My real concern at this point is Metastic carcinoma (which just means a type of cancer that has spread) so this can be anything and anywhere. Based on my bloodtest and urine results would it be safe to say that I do NOT have anything life threatening at this point? I have also read that a high alkaline phosphatase level alone is no indicative of any disease and may not be of any significance. I would appreciate your opinion.
Avatar n tn I do not know to read my test results. Please help..this is for a urine test. I went tot the emergency room for like flu symptoms and had a temp of 104.1 they took a chest x-ray and confirmed I had pneumonia. I also had some irritation vaginally so they took a urine test. Since I don't have a PCD I was never given the test results. I went today to the lab and got a copy of the results but do not know to read them??? can someone please help???
Avatar n tn It looks like a urinalysis that further investigated your slightly high bilirubin (UA/M WITH REFLEXT CULTURE) showed bilirubin wasn't present in the urine. However trace amounts of ketones were present in the urine. With regard to your calcium results: Different labs use somewhat different ranges for normal. One lab described normal for serum calcium as 8.5 – 10.9 mg/dL. So while your 10.3 was high for the lab you used—over your lab's normal by .
Avatar f tn URINALYSIS WITH REFLEX CULTURE Test Results Test Your Value Standard Range Units Color, UR DK YELLOW YELLOW Appearance TURBID CLEAR Specific Gravity, UR 1.033 1.005 - 1.030 pH, UR 5.5 5 - 8 Protein, UR TRACE NEGATIVE Glucose, UA NEGATIVE NEGATIVE Ketone, UR NEGATIVE NEGATIVE Bilirubin, UR NEGATIVE NEGATIVE Blood, UR MODERATE NEGATIVE Nitrite, UR NEGATIVE NEGATIVE Urobilinogen, UR 0.2 0.1 - 1.
Avatar n tn I had a urine test done because I suspected a UTI. The results came back negative for UTI but doc said I had high glucose levels (even though I hadn't eaten in 6 hours). I'm TTC and started bleeding 5 days early. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn Last night he tested positive for keytones in his urine. According to the test strips he had moderate to large ketones. Today he continues to test positive but with definate large results. I took him to see his pediatric doctor today and he actually call in an associate to look at him, also. Although together the two doctors ran all kinds of test on my grandson all they could really find wrong with him was large levels of keytones, a fever, and general flu like symtoms.
Avatar n tn It showed bilirubin and ketones in his urine. He had also been having frequent, pale (almost white) BM's for about 2 weeks, but that seems to have gone away although there are still pale "chunks" (sorry to be gross!) mixed in with normally colored feces. Upon examination, the Dr also noticed spider veins and very dark veins in his chest, and petechia on his hands and face. The Ped referred us to a GI to check for liver problems. My question is - what can I expect from the exam?
352007 tn?1372861481 Oops made a mistake there was ketones (not glucose) in my urine, protein and blood. (trace) Heh Wobbly -- perhaps someone will know?
Avatar m tn Not detected I took this test today and i am very surprised to see the trace of blood in it. In my last test RBC was nil, some 6 months ago. I have read somewhere that 1-2 RBC/HPF is not much of concern, i dont know if its right. I am very much concerned about my health now, as i have a upcoming medical checkup in a week, which is so much important for my carrier. I wonder what the medical officer will say if he finds RBC in my urine.
Avatar n tn He seemed very confused about the fact I only have cloudy urine after eating dairy. He did a dip stick test, and everything was normal, except ketones. There was a slight detection of ketones. He said it likely wasnt diabetes, because there was no sugar in my urine. I hadnt eaten in like 16 hours, and he said that could have caused it. I was sent for another urine test at a lab, and should get results tomorrow. Does this sound worrisome?
Avatar f tn 025) Protein, Urine Quantitative Test Strip 30 Higher Than Normal mg/dL (NEG-NEG) Ketones, Urine Semi-Quantitative Test Strip NEGATIVE mg/dL (NEG-NEG) Bilirubin, Urine Semi-Quantitative Test Strip NEGATIVE (NEG-NEG) Hemoglobin, Urine Semi-Quantitative Test Strip LARGE Critical High (NEG-NEG) Nitrite, Urine Semi-Quantitative Test Strip NEGATIVE (NEG-NEG) Leukocyte Esterase, Urine Semi-Quantitative Test Strip NEGATIVE (NEG-NEG) Epithelial Cells.