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Avatar f tn whats ultracet? i know its a pain reliever with tylenol, but does it give you the energy and motivation of vike or percs? I ask because I had to change doctors, and while he wasnt too happy to write for the vicodins i have been on for years, he had no problem with ultracet and he gave me a script.....so im basically asking, do people get addicted to this drug? should i not even start it?
Avatar n tn How to get over this addiction to painkiller. I take 1-2 tablets every other day.
Avatar m tn -BUT- I only have about a 10mg sliver of oxy left to help. -ANOTHER BUT- I do have some old 100mg Ultram extended release tablets. I have to wait until Friday for the next prescription of Norco to help me taper. All I really wanna do is go until I feel awful and then take something to help me "make it"... I hope this is making sense. LOL! Anyway, I know that 100mg of Ultram is a lot. I used to have 27.5mg Ultracet. 2 of those and I was out of it. But, this is time release.
Avatar n tn Last winter I broke my ankle (it was severe, broke in three places, required surgery) and have been on meds ever since for the pain. I have been taking Ultracet Tablets (McNeil) 2 tablets, twice daily and also Vioxx (Merck) 50mg. tablet once daily for several months. Could either of these meds be causing these symptoms? My Doctor didn't seem to think so, although Ultracet does list under "side effects" that a serious, but highly unlikely side effect is irregular heart beat.
Avatar n tn perscribed ultracet to me for pain mangment. but the catch is that i just 3 weeks ago went threw detox for vicadin and we used bupernex for the detox. he also gave me clonapin for anxiety. my question is, is the smart way to manage my pain or will i end up in the same boat i was before?
Avatar m tn He has suggested some tablets (Ultracet, Zolfresh) to continue for 10 days. It was already 10 days since we started medication, but was not found considerable pain relief. She was able to turn around, but the pain was not reduced much and she could not able to walk at all. And since last 2 days, she is feeling vomiting sensation (even vomited few times) through out the day. I would request your kind suggestions in this regard. 1. Can somebody explain me, what the problem is? 2.
Avatar n tn Librotryp 10 mg 1 tablet a day. Nexito 10 mg 2 tablets a day. Inderal 40 mg 2 tablets a day. Pain resolves when on medications, but unwell when medications stopped. These medications are taken past 6 months.
Avatar f tn woooo), they had me on Ultracet 2 tablets 3 times a day for 2 days, 1 tablet 2 times a day 2 days and then 1 tablet once a day for 2 days along with ativan and clonidine. The ativan was only given to me for the first 3 days when withdrawals were horrible, and the clondine is still being used and that helped with sleep and residual withdrawals. You could ask your doctor for ultram and clonidine, which to me was very helpful after being on opiates and benzo's for 23 years.
Avatar n tn Are you using them as directed as I every 6 hours does not sound like a abusive dose of this medication, Many people looking for help with this drug are using 20 and 30 tablets a day! On your next DR. visit ask to be switched to Ultracet, which only contains 37.5mg of Ultram and tylenol.
Avatar n tn However, 2 tablets did NOT work for me and so I took 3 tablets. I became extremely euphoric, more than I ever did with Lortab. I stopped them immediately because I was afraid of becoming addicted. Unfortunately, I ended up taking Lortab for way too long and ended up with that addiction. I'm not sure if one is worse than the other, but I've heard Tramadol addiction is worse. So, please be very careful. For some reason, some doctors do not understand how Tramadol can be addicting.
Avatar n tn i recently found out that i was pregnant but at the begining of this month i had pnemonia i had 4 xrays and was put on guaifenesin tablets and syrup, biaxin, advair, and ultracet and i am worried that i may hve unknowingly caused damage to the fetus because i did not know i was pregnant please help
901372 tn?1242312647 Yes PREPARATIONS: Tablets (immediate release): 50 mg. Tablets (extended release): 100, 200, and 300 mg. ____________________________________________________ Ultracet combines tramadol hydrochloride, a leading prescription pain reliever, with acetaminophen, the most commonly recommended nonprescription pain treatment. Clinical trials demonstrated that the combination offers better pain relief over either medication alone.
222369 tn?1274478235 Finally got tired of the s**** that comes along with it, and am working on seeing the end of this hell. I took my last Oxy/Percs on Sat night at 6 and took a few ultracet up until Monday morning at 10 AM. I'm either almost 4 days clean or 2 (I don't know how to count it). It hasn't been too awful except for the diarrhea, anxiety, and sleeplessness. I also had terrible dry mouth which has subsided. I've been taking Clonidine (.
Avatar f tn along wit this she takes oncolet,shelcal,livogen and ultracet...this she has to take for 21 days where first two tablets is for ten days...again blood test wil be done to check whether the enzyme levels are reduced..if not den doc says chemo is the only way as of now...after takin al these tablets..for five days,i could find that she is brisk,her diet has slightly improved,sleepin better,but often complaints of hand pain and knee pain..when i enquired about this to our doc as u said...
Avatar n tn that's when i became scared so i quit taking them yeaterday despite i am in so much pain, i have some ultracet are thay also addictive? and will i go through withdrawls from percocet? they were 5mg 1 -2 tablets ecry 4-6 hrs for pain i usually took 2.
Avatar f tn I am a 43 year old male. I am recovering from a herniated disk surgery. This is my second surgery on my L5 disk in the past 16 years. I had immediate relief from the surgery as it related to the excruciating pain that went down my leg and through my hip area and it was quite an emotional experience to say the least. I didn't want to sleep the night I had the surgery because I had endured the pain for several months prior to the surgery.
954920 tn?1254432938 5mg pills, to taking anywhere from 15-25 37.5mg pills a day, plus 4- 50mg tablets of Benadryl at night so I can sleep. I get these prescribed 120 pills at a time... and I can see where I am headed, but I cannot stop. I am finally realizing that I may need some major help. I guess I was hoping that I could get some guidance and help here, since I have nobody to disclose my problem to... So any support would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Avatar n tn Heating pad or hot bath to soak legs Cherries (ripe) about 25 usually works, although this sometimes doesn't work Tylenol, or ultracet and it worked a little better NAP!
4373747 tn?1354712039 Pain killers have been changed to Ultracet (acetaminophen + tramadol hydrochloride tablets).. And doc also prescribed tablets for muscle spasms since he thinks my sister's pain is because of that..hopeful for an speedy recovery.. Thank you everyone for the concern.. really appreciate it.. Will keep my sisters condition posted..
Avatar n tn , by time the dose started to increase, I found a new product 100 mg in the market, I told myself it's nice to take 3 tablets a day instead of 6 X 50 mg, after six month, I found my self back to 6 pills again instead of 3 but with 100 mg!!. again, I repeated this with 150 mg, till I reached 1200:1400 mg a day!!
Avatar n tn Ihave also experienced spondelitis/stiff neck problems in past like 10-15 years which I used to treat with cervical collar and strong pain killers. Today also I took 2 ultracet tablets(generic) for stiff neck. Pain in the neck has 90 % gone but this pain in lower skull is bothering. I have sleep disorders(Insomnia) for a very long time. Stress is there as I got two bad news in last 5 days. I have blood sugar(Type 2).
Avatar n tn This past summer I tapered down to one half tablet of 7.5/325 four times a day; 2 lousy tablets a day, but the restlessness was just a bad as ever! So I asked my doctor for a scrip of 5/325, so I can taper down some more and a scrip for Ultram 50mg for my arthritis, also 5mg Ambien so I can sleep at night, instead of roll around in bed, due to the tingling and restlessness. I got my scrips filled last Monday Sept.
Avatar f tn There is less ultram and tylenol in ultracet. I don't think a person can get "addicted" to anything by using it once or twice. It takes at least 3 days of heavy use. That would be the physical addiction. The mental "obsession" is a whole other thing. If you are an addict ... then you are more vulnerable. Take care .... and be good to yourself.
Avatar f tn 4 tablets of 50mg. That actually is alot. Ultram or Ultracet is usually what is prescribed for tramadol and with that only 37.5mg of tramadol is in those tablets. So 50mg of tramadol is considered alot according to "me". My doctor said the EXACT thing. Small dose. Do you know he even told me that I could take more and for alot longer BEFORE he would be concerened. Well, I took his word on that and upped my dose to 6 a day..2 in am, 2p, late afternoon and early even. Ya know..
Avatar n tn What would my other choice be? Prednisone tablets? I already get cortisone shots! I'm glad ultrasound helped you but I don't undertand how it did unless you were able to use it on 18 points of your body 24/7. It still would not help with the other debilitating symptoms of fibro.
544292 tn?1268886268 Which it does, but not for very long. I got about 30 minutes of relief from 4 tablets. So ... if you need a breather from the stomach HELLO we're you're opiate receptors in your Intestine which is miles and miles long and we want to MAKE you take Tramadol by overwhelming you with Horrifying pain .... FEAR NO EVIL. Get mad as H-E-Double toothpicks.
Avatar f tn I take 35-40 ultram a day. EVERYDAY. I will go through 240 tablets (my monthly Rx) in about 7-9 days. I order Ultram off the internet from a Canadian Pharmacy in between my doc Rx's So if you do the math I spend about 350.00 a month on those 3 weeks in between. I am going to literally poison myself to death if I don't get some help. I don't know what to do. I cannot stop, I've tried so many times that I have lost count. I literally cannot function without those pills. I CAN'T do it!
Avatar n tn My mother age 82 has been diagnosed with Pulmonary TB and given the standard tablets RCinex 600, Combutol 1000 and Pyzena 1500. She is taking the tablets for the past 1 week and complains of nausea throughout the day and feels like going for urine every 1 hour.. What should be done further? Any suggested intake overcoming nausea? Thanks.