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Avatar f tn I'm rh- also, blood type is B-, I got my shots at 28 weeks and 34 weeks, if my baby has a negitive blood type I won't need to get one after she's born.
Avatar n tn By the way, I am O+ type blood. My mom is O-, and my father is O+. I know she had to get a shot because of this RH incompatibility with my father.
Avatar n tn "A mother is unsure who is the father of her newborn. two men are the potential father so their blood is collected. the mom's type is "o'" the baby is "b" potential father-1 type is "a" father-2 is "ab". who is the father?
631676 tn?1333721803 Been researching a lot. Found this: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/43711661/ns/health-womens_health/#.Tl6_u673KAs A woman's blood type may yield clues to her fertility, a new study suggests.
Avatar f tn My blood type is also O+. I found out my blood type after I enlisted in the military plus I found my blood type on my birth certificate. I do suffer from depression and I do have anger issues but I am managing both with therapy. I know when I don't eat, I do get very cranky. I've never had a manic episode but there are times when I was darn near close. I had to remove myself from particular situations or else it may have landed me in jail. Simply because I skipped lunch.
3198629 tn?1367042023 Umm, my sister had to have a needle when she was pregnant with her first because she had a negative blood type and the father was a positive. My question is, I don't know what blood type my fiance is and I'm O+, but I was under the impression that if you were positive the fathers blood type didn't matter, is that true? I don't want my body to attack the baby..
Avatar f tn I am an O +, and follow closely the O Blood Type food plan. Only problem I have is so little control over the increased work load & stress as a teacher. I have plans to retire in 2 years and 30 weeks to be more in control of the stress. Until then, I will have to endure the pain -possible Fibro. [Had endometriosis, and hysterectomy.] Suffer from fatigue and the typically O-hypothyroidism [as is typical for Os.] My question- a new Dr. wants to put me on Cimbalta.
Avatar m tn I began to suffer some problems after severe stress trauma caused by a person in my life. i escaped him but began to suffer blood pressure and pains in head like stroke. if i exhorted to soon. although then five years ago it was in a place if i was rested i felt i could outwit it. my dr did not remove me and left me to suffer more severe stress. even getting to a place to treat myself was straining me. but i did recover a lot and rise up.
374668 tn?1214342337 When I was pregnant, I found out that I had B positive blood. Both my parents are O positive, and so is my brother. I know my parents are my parents because I look like both of them, and I have their same genetic health problems. My mother's mother had B positive blood, and maybe it skipped to me? What do you think?
4083235 tn?1351035852 Also consider being tested for Hypothyroid type 2, as standard blood tests may not indicate this. Type 2 hypothyroidism or thyroid hormone resistance is caused by an intracellular calcium/potassium imbalance in all the cells of the body, caused by too much calcium and too little potassium inside these cells, neutralizing the effects of the thyroid hormones that are produced and making them ineffective in governing our bodies' metabolic functions.
237249 tn?1211293998 O( Sorry to whine, just feeling lousy and sort of worthless about now -
Avatar n tn I'm 66 y/o and have had type 1 (juvenile) diabetes since age 10. Andy, your Girlfriend is living with diabetes instead of letting diabetes livie with her. She's letting it control her life instead of her controling the diabetes. She needs your support, FIRST and FOREMOST! Hang in there; keep letting her know you care. Support in truly what she needs.
Avatar n tn Do I NEED to know his blood type? Or can I safely receive the Rhogam injection as prescribed without any health risks being posed to my possibly Rh+ baby? All help is appreciated, thank you.
Avatar f tn No and yes. Type O blood type is caused by the recessive gene of O,O alleles. That means that the only allele a person with type O blood can pass down is O. Someone with B type blood must have the genotype B,O-so one that person's parents must have to have a B blood type or an A,B blood type in order to pass that down. HOWEVER there is a VERY rare condition that I studied while I was taking genetics. I just can't remember what it's called.
1473245 tn?1286934736 can some one please tell me ways to lower by blood pressure? I can't even tell if my blood pressure is too low or too high. I stood up not to long ago and nearly almost fell down. my mom is just blowing it off when I tell her (she think's it's just Anxiety) Alright so I have been having Anxiety/Panic attacks (wich have died down) but what seemed to cause it was high blood pressure....the first time I had a anxiety attack I had all symptoms of high blood pressure!
Avatar n tn My wife is morbidly obese (Approx 400lb and 5'2"). We've had no health insurance for years so we've been trying to save $16,000 for a gastric bypass. We haven't done very well. I recently landed a nice job with an excellent health insurance that will cover the surgery (but they want 6 months of doctor supervised diet/exercise recorded). At her first doctor's appointment yesterday her blood pressure was taken and was 150/110.
947843 tn?1255192936 I have had HSV-1 for about 1 year now and I have had a breakout a few times, but the main thing I have found that you can do is anything to naturally increase your immunity and increase endorphins in your body. basically just take care of your health. i have found myself being much more health-conscious since i contracted the virus and i have found that the people who reject you weren't worth knowing anyway.
Avatar n tn _i am worried about all the conditions i am developing i was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 3 years ago, my levels of glucose are always up & down i also take some (anti depressants) (trozadone & prozac) along with my glyburide & glipizide) i just had a blood test done and i was diagnosed with Low T @ 200 is this the reason why my penis gets soft while am doing sex w/o ejaculating or my sudden change on 1 minute sex activity .?
1530342 tn?1405020090 It's the sound of the chemical attacking germs, yes, and also your own cells. A study in The Journal of Trauma found that H 2 O 2 inhibits fibroblasts—a type of cell involved in tissue formation—thereby slowing the healing process. The authors recommend washing your cuts gently with soap and water, then dabbing on a topical antibiotic. "If Your Mucus Turns Green, Your Infection is Bacterial—and You Need Antibiotics" Congratulations, nose-blowing sleuths!
1460652 tn?1340252330 i am close to the end of my rope and would really love some advice. i am a 29 y/o f in good health, besides thyroid problem that has been controlled since i was 15. I was diagnosed with panic disorder when I was 16, but it was under control with zoloft for 10 years. I started becoming anxious again, so i was switched to a different med. Then I started having pvcs/pacs. I went to a cardiologist and have been evaluated as just having minor pvcs/pacs.
374668 tn?1214342337 My son also has type B Blood. Both my parents have Type O blood, and so does my Brother. I am completely sure my parents are my parents, cause I look like both of them, and have the same genetic health problems. Can a Type O mother give birth to a type B baby? I was told my grandmother from my mother side was type B.
562511 tn?1285907760 The excellent supplement ( which is also recommended for heart health and for mood improvement in people with unipolar or biploar depression) suggested by the previous poster is also available in capsules. One type dissolves further down the GI track but is more expensive. The cheaper one is more likely to cause "fish burps," but here's a helpful hint: try freezing them, to create your own delayed-release product.
17265817 tn?1455105849 I know for a fact that once I stop with Sub Q fluids every day - she will get much worse as we've tried this for a week and her blood tests were absolutetly horrible.... My question is - how long can she live like this? She is terrified of needles so I feel horrible every time I need to put her on IV but this is what keeps her going! I'm not sure how much longer she can stand this and how long in general can dogs be on IV 2 x a day because of the skin and everything else?
Avatar n tn And are these patients your father sees Type 2 diabetics? Type 1 diabetes is when the pancreas does not produce insulin. Type 2 diabetes is most often diagnosed in people who are overweight, do not exercise and have a history of neglecting the needs of their bodies. Therefore Type 2 diabetics still produce insulin but their bodies do not use the insulin sufficiently or I could say properly. Anyway, why don't you try talking to your parents, maybe there was some miscommunication.
Avatar n tn no, somtimes 3 times a day. anyway i took her to the dr and they ran some blood work. months had passed and no word so i figured no news is good news. well actually they lost her chart and now they are telling me her test came back posative. i just found out that she may have a disease called Von Willerbrand Disease. i learned its genetic and sighns of carring it is: periods lasting longer than 6 days, nosebleeds, easy bruising, etc... i guess its a type of hemophelia.
Avatar m tn I've read a few testimonials in which people claim that they have had positive swabs, but negative blood tests from Public Health. Leads me to question the accuracy of the test, or weather or not it works at all. Thanks.
Avatar f tn A doctor who is too busy is a doctor who is overlooking YOU and your health. Moving at a snail's pace is NOT doing your health justice. That is my advice...It may be another brick wall, but at least your DOING something about it instead of nothing.
572651 tn?1531002957 The Mayo has more precise testing on o-bands( if you have o-bands in the CSF and not in your blood serum you may have MS) than other labs. The standard for how many o-bands you needed was raised by the Mayo. I think it used to be one. The Mayo lab has no real complaints. It is harder to get a MS diagnosis at the Mayo so that is where "hold the Mayo" comes from. It is all individual. Some people have no trouble getting diagnosed at the Mayo.
Avatar f tn 2-4 o bands is all thats needed, 12 seems a lot but i'm no expert see health page on O bands. If your neuro is offering DMD's then start treatment. Q:-I'm looking at Refib, anyone have any experience with it? My doc told me about the other injections and the new pill but Refib seems the easiest to give yourself and I would like to wait a little longer before I take the pill since it's so new.