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Avatar f tn Reason why, the only reason why having o- blood type is a problem is if your baby has a different blood type then you and for some reason your blood is mixed during pregnancy then your body will not recognize it and try to fight it off like an infection. It will create antibodies but those antibodies only happen in second, third, or any other pregnancy in the future.Your body won't make them during your first.
Avatar f tn My blood type is O- and I've heard that this may cause problems for my baby. Are any of you mommies O- as well? What did you have to do in order to keep you and baby safe? And was everything okay? Is your baby healthy now? I just want to know what I need to expect. I am almost 13 weeks pregnant. Thanks.
Avatar f tn I hope this helps. I have B- blood type, and my daughter has type +, so I had to get a shot during the 27th week.
Avatar f tn ) ut im conserned on the fact that i have O- blood type and My OBGYN did say that on the 2nd time expecting it was more risking... Does any one know more info about this? I realldy didnt get much just the part that my body attacks the baby... So HELP!
Avatar f tn I am o negative blood type as well and i didnt miscarry i only got my first shot at 28 weeks. i dont why they said its your blood type. my doctor was more concerned about me then the baby.
Avatar n tn By the way, I am O+ type blood. My mom is O-, and my father is O+. I know she had to get a shot because of this RH incompatibility with my father.
1181036 tn?1367372240 I'm O- and wanted to let you know that being RH negative does NOT effect you in early pregnancy. Just because you got the Rogam shot doesn't mean that the RH negative was causing the issue. You get the shot so you don't get sensitized and have issues in the future. If you are RH sensitized it could cause issues in late pregnancy (3rd trimester). I had some spotting with my second pregnancy and needed the Rogam shot, but for me I had a missed miscarriage.
Avatar f tn I'm rh- also, blood type is B-, I got my shots at 28 weeks and 34 weeks, if my baby has a negitive blood type I won't need to get one after she's born.
Avatar n tn When you have RH negative you will need to get a shot for each pregnancy and after a baby is born, they test their blood type, if they are positive, they give you another shot. For my pregnancy after my miscarriage and my miscarriage, I had spotting and they brought me in for a shot right away instead of waiting for the 'standard 28 weeks'.
Avatar f tn Is it because ur baby has the same blood type as urs?
7458937 tn?1391885699 I just had my blood work for it this morning and have to go back tomorrow for my shot, I'm o- and my husband is o+.
Avatar f tn i have a neg blood type to...an if its the same shot my mom told me about its used bcuz ur body will fight off the baby like it would a cold No worries tho....
Avatar m tn Is it possible for Father with blood type A+ Mother O+ and child B+ blood type??
Avatar f tn Husband and I are both veterans so we knew our blood types, I'm O neg and he's A pos. I had to get the rhogam at 28 weeks. It's nothing to worry over. Your doctor will go over everything with you. Just so you know though, they sick you in the hip and it burns and it will hurt for a while afterwards.
Avatar n tn Hello cdc29, Just reading your question with regards to blood type. If the father is O pos and the the mother is A pos you can NOT produce an offspring that is B neg. Here is why, we will deal with the blood groups and leave out the Rh factor for simplicity (will explain that after).
Avatar n tn I am on my third pregnancy and my blood type came back as 0 postitive on my first two pregnancies. This pregnancy my blood type is 0 negative. I thought your blood type cannot change. Has anyone ever heard of this. They want me to take RhoGAM but I am hesitant because I do believe I am 0 positive?
Avatar f tn The only time you have to worry is if you have a miscarriage they have to give you the shot right away cause the babies blood can't mix with yours if it's not your blood type
Avatar f tn I have O- blood and I have just found out that I am expecting. My mum suffered various miscarriages due to this reason as her body rejected the baby. I'm scared incase I do the same as it's just nature. What can I do to prevent this? Someone please help.
Avatar f tn If your body senses babies blood and they have a positive blood type your body will try to get rid off the foreign body, the shot prevents this from happening. You and baby are fine now just be careful and they usually give the shot at 28 weeks. Luckily both my husband and I are positive. My mom was negative so she had to go through this with me.
Avatar f tn Okay so my blood type is o-negative , I'll be 20 weeks tomorrow and everybody has been telling me that I'm suppose to get a shot twice so that my blood doesn't fight off the babies blood if he has a different type. Has anyone else ever had this problem? Should I call my Dr and ask?
1422615 tn?1334067834 Type A carries anti-B antibodies, and Type B carries anti-A antibodies. Only Type AB carries no anti-blood type antibodies, which is why Type AB individuals can receive blood transfusions from anybody." I at first thought that this only applied to o- but several say both o-+ so which is it. My dh is o- , I AM O+. i ASSUMED that we would be fine but now i have had two m/c. firstone my water broke after i broke out in a bad rash 2 days before.
Avatar f tn my blood type is o+ and my husband believes his is o-. i am 24 weeks and see my dr on the 14th... im just wondering would i have to take the shots like someone with rh- blood bc the fact im a pos blood type and if he is a neg type??
1225198 tn?1336791830 My mom is O- and dad is AB+. ANYONE can take O- blood, but - can't take + blood. This makes O- blood like gold, and O+ is pretty important too. You should dontate blood more often! But even in the situation of one partner with + and the other with -, it won't PREVENT pregnancy, it would only make keeping the pregnancy difficult, if not impossible. My mom had 2 miscarrages before finding out the problem. She sucessfully had 5 children with help once she knew she had - blood. Hope that helps.
295954 tn?1235347286 I am also negative O blood type and pregnant with my second child due on May 6th. As long as you got Rhogam after the last miscarriage, you should be fine. I spoke with my doc and he said I wouldn't get my next injection until 28 weeks. Your HCG levels are also in the normal range for 4w5d, so I wouldn't worry about it.
212161 tn?1537898045 Got a shot at 28 wks. And then another once she was born because she was my husband's blood type O positive. My sister has had 4 pregnancies 2 resulting in identical twins and she is also RH negative, babies have all been healthy. Even when you miscarry they should be giving you a shot, at least from my understanding it's every pregnancy but also depends on baby's blood type. My sister didn't receive a 2nd antibody shot with her second child because he was also A negative.