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798555 tn?1292791151 Prediabetes is usually seen as a precursor to type 2 type diabetes, which is not the autoimmune type. Type 2 diabetes, was known as adult onset type, has a strong genetic component and is often associated with insulin resistance. This forces the pancreas to work harder and eventually it can't produce enough insulin. Type 1 is autoimmune type. This happens when the insulin producing cells of the pancreas are attacked by antibodies which destroy them.
Avatar n tn Hi, based on presentation with very high blood sugars, but relatively low Hba1c, this would indicate a rapid onset of high blood sugars, suggestive of type 1. Type 1 diabetes is certainly known to be triggered by viral illness. Testing for type of diabetes becomes relevant when it comes to insurance coverage (type 1 tend to get broader coverage than type 2 - unfair as this may seem). When you see an endocrinologist you should be tested for type 1.
Avatar n tn The interferon kills the pancreus and causes diabetes. My husband went on interferon and developed Type 1 diabetes. The doctor did not recognize the symptoms as he became sicker and sicker. He ended up in the hospital with blood sugar over 600! He was in a coma for 10 days. Eight years later he is now a type 1 diabetic with hepatits C. Read the insert on your interferon packet. It clearly says it may cause Type 1 diabetes.
Avatar n tn i am just wondering if there are any type 1's out there that have cleared. i was reading the thread that was posted down the way about svr for type 1's and i'm wondering if they stayed svr. and do you know any type 1's that stayed clear, for more then a couple of years. i heard somewhere that even though type 1's clear, the virus eventually does come back. i don't know if that is true, so i'm wondering about it.
Avatar n tn This week Im going to have my HbA1c checked, and hopefully have other tests done too. What is it like having Type 1 ? Were you ever a Type 2? My Doctor used to tell me that sooner or later I would become a Type 1..later in life. I understand when I come pregnant I will have to use insulin. Well hope to hear from you:) Thanks for replying. Take care.
Avatar n tn I was wondering how old is the oldest living person with type 1 diabetes? More important how long has this person been a type 1? I am 42 years old and was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at age 2. I have many complications now. I'm surprised I made it this long.
Avatar n tn who lost her diabetic son at the age of 33 to complications of type 1 diabetes two years ago. When we were told my son was in end stage organ failure (heart and kidneys) we were also told that my son's drug use had "sped up" his complications from his diabetes three fold. As a mom who is still hurting very much I would like to remind you that your life is very valuable to everyone, but most especially to your family. Please make wise choices to protect yourself.
Avatar f tn I too have type 2 diabetes, and fibro, and also throw in degenerative osteoarthritis. At one time I was seeing a phusical therapist, for the fibro. I had lots of fatty lumps as you describe them. The PT said they were from myofascial spasm syndrome. He would exert hard pressure to break them up. Stripping up and down my arms, legs, ribcage, exc. Left lots of bruises. Over the years they have come back.
Avatar n tn I have read here more then once of someone who had diabetes treated for hep c and then there diabetes cleared. sounds to good to be true although I hope it is. Does anyone have any links to share about studies in regards to diabetes and hep c. I asked by by diabetes docotor and my hep c doctor about a link between the two diseases and both said there wasn't one. Since I am not over weight and there is no diabetes in my family I am inclined to think there is a link.
Avatar n tn BACK to the original question - does marijuana affect type 1 diabetes? no. I've been type 1 diabetic for 9 years and between alcohol and marijuana, I will ALWAYS choose marijuana since alcohol lowers my blood sugar and sometimes leads to me having seizures.
Avatar m tn 46 36 Questions: What does the change trend mean? Should medication treatment start? What medication to start with? What dosage? How long should I prepare to stay on that medication? What side effects to expect? What is the monthly cost? Thank you for your feedback.
Avatar n tn UN-treated diabetes not allowed with treatment*, so your options are to look into this diabetes thing right now while on treatment, or stop treatment right now to look into the diabetes. Work up and treatment for your diabetes (most likely oral blood sugar control agents) can easily be done now and your sugars under better control in the next few weeks. A few months after treatment, the testing can be re-done to see if it was indeed a treatment related thing or just bad timing.
529799 tn?1226800809 It's been really hard for me to reach out like this after so long of hiding my little problem and taking advice from people who have no idea what complications type 1 diabetes (insulin dependent) has with weight loss. I've been through the fads, even tried the shakes which was the worst idea and didn't last long. Worked out religiously and condemned any 'junk' food to hell, well i still do. I am a 16 year old female, who has only been living with diabetes for a year and a half.
119874 tn?1189759429 Type 3a. one doc said stage 1, another said early stage 2 (same slides). VL 16.5 mill. Undetectable at 4 weeks (<10). 48 year old female, weight 112, in good health (or at least, I was before treatment). Please advice this desperate woman. Thanks.
Avatar m tn Does anyone have reference to any studies done on POST treatment alcohol consumption or know anyone who consumed alcohol POST treatment who had only stage 1 slight liver damage? I'm NOT refering to someone with active Hep C or major liver damage. I'm also aware that too much alcohol is not a good thing. I know what opinions people have, I'm looking for facts or personal experiences. Once TX is over either the HCV is gone (cured) or it's not, is that not correct?
Avatar m tn Any suggestions on better or not so better meds to treat beginning stage of type 2 diabetes? There appears to be many. All have different side effects, etc... I think my exercise and diet plan has held me off meds so far, but later showing higher glucose levels AM (>150) etc...
919881 tn?1243660771 I am 46, weigh 215lbs, @ 5ft 3inches fat as you can see. I started treatment for my Hep C Genotype 1A with a plan of going 48 weeks 1200 Riba/day and Interferon 1x/wk. Viral load started at approx. 700,000 oh by the way my cirohsis (I can never spell that) is stage 4 of 4 - that ***** right? OK - onward...At 4 wks my viral load went down to 3,600 and I am now at week 12 and it is still detectable at 99.
Avatar n tn It's hard to get your head around. The only way it really adds up is if all the 4 week responders in the control group, who attempted 24 weeks and washed out, would have relapsed if stopped at 12 weeks. Unlikely. I think it must be data anomolies. We're dealing with pretty small percentages for populations of n=~200 and n=~100 in the control. "The MD in the article I posted did not see it as a good thing to do(shortening tx)." But the med staff at the Italian hospital do.
1139187 tn?1355710247 Or take 1/2 the T4 at bedtime, !/2 T4 and 1/2 T3 in am and 1/2 T3 around 3pm ? It just seems like you shouldn't feel so lousy when you wake up. Remember I told you that normally the thyroid hormones peak around 3am. So glad the T3 is making you feel better. About time you got a break !
Avatar f tn You didn't mention if he has been tested for diabetes, but being overweight and having a sweet tooth puts him at risk for diabetes. Hep C treatments can be very hard on the body and diabetes can complicate treatment. If he doesn't have diabetes, he should try very hard to prevent it with diet. If he does have diabetes, he should try very hard to control it.
Avatar n tn I just got my blood test results last month and am still negative and liver enzymes and all other blood counts are normal. Treatment differs for everyone. The beginning of treatment is probably the toughest as your body adjusts to the strong meds. Don't go into treatment with a predisposed idea that you'll be laid up for 24 or 48 weeks. I worked the whole time, granted I did take a few days off, especially in the beginning.
Avatar n tn I am not a physician and cannot give you medical advice, but like the volunteers and people posting comments we do have alot of life experience in many different situations dealing with our own children with type 1 or from personal experience from type 1's themselves. I can only try to add to the wonderful postings already here. I was in the same position as you are both in when my son was younger. His case was more of a matter of denial and not taking care of his diabetes.
Avatar f tn You don't say exactly what type of meds you need to handle your mind. This is an issue you should discuss with your treating doctor and also see a psychiatrist if you need to. Many of us are on antidepressants (some of us were already on them and some of us started ADs before starting treatment.) The Hep C drugs can cause depression. Antidepressants take a few weeks to get to full effect so if you are already depressed, then it would be wise to start soon.
Avatar f tn I was told that the treatment objectives were achieved but advised to continue with the medicine to bring back DNA to lower level. 6 months later (1 year after treatment), my DNA test was done again and showed the undetectable level of the virus (<500copies/ml). I expected then the treatment might be able to stop. However I was advised to continue to taking the medicine being afraid that the resistance to the medicine might develop if I stop using.
253566 tn?1219683299 We figured that I was living with this Hep C for about 20 years but my count was very low, my liver was healthy, I had no symptoms and my geno type didnt have much success with the treatment. I thought the doc would say "OK, looks like youre staying healthy and living with HepC so come back in a year and we will see how youre doing" BUT NO. He said that they had seen patients get much worse in their 23rd year, even die!
Avatar f tn I have 3 1/2 months to go of the required 6 months and I still suffer from side effects esp. extreme tiredness. On anti depressant or else I,d be very down. I am new to the computer and to the forum as well as to support. I want to learn from others how it has been for them after treatments.... 6 months and longer. I sure would like to feel better... I expected to feel better and so that is why I am disappointed... I sleep a lot. I am truly tired. All tests are good but..
Avatar m tn hi i got my Hbs Ag + and Hbe Ag _. my hbv viral load is 1300iu/ml.what type of treatment i should start. thanks for ur reply.
695000 tn?1316139648 Just think that even though you have to do it on a daily basis, it will improve your chances of having less relapses and your condition will not progress as fast as if you were not getting any treatment at all. I hope I have helped you even if it is a little. Good luck with your shots!!!!!!!!
151263 tn?1243377877 Initially I was somewhat underweight as I was during treatment. I started treatment at 185lbs, dropped to about 168lbs during treatment, and then finished off about 175lbs. During that time my body composition changed though, I lost muscle mass and gained body fat around my belly. They call it “intra-abdominal” fat. It’s where fat collects around your organs and trunk and it’s especially unhealthy for you. Well that’s what seemed to happen to me.
Avatar m tn Geno 1 at age 52 overweight but in otherwise good health. I went undetectable 1 months into treatment and remain so in my 7 month of treatment. All my liver and glucose tests went back to normal within 1 month of treatment. My blood pressure dropped and went back into normal range. I gave up smoking , caffeinated beverages and social drinking . I lost my job (computer programmer) because of physical and mental side effects and went on temp state disability. Big deal.