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Avatar f tn and again i am not tryin to be disrespetful or bash you. my dr always apreciate it when i ask him strait questons. no disrespet entended. and plees membrs of this bord, plees do not bash me. i am just expresing my feelins and tryin to talk to duchess golden. MS. DAYTONA.
524281 tn?1212959048 And if your DR still says no after you try surgery, get another opinion. But no Doc is going to prescrible extended release until you have tried all the options. And if they do, there not very good DR's. I'm sorry for being so blunt with you. I dont mean to sound harsh if I have. I just hate to see you miss an oppertunity to try something and chose to go on heavier narcotics instead. Extended release isnt always what its cracked up to be. I do hope you find some relief however that may be.
Avatar n tn the cough syrup makes me feel better since it has no anihistimenes in it .cough syrups like codi clear,tussionex,hycotuss,hycadan,vicutuss,its all a liquid form of hydrocodone,i often find my self going to emergency rooms around my area going for coughs and i seem to get it everytime.wether i am just good at it or what it is so easy to manipulate doctors into getting this drug,well that is all see ya later.
Avatar n tn I have been taking prescription drugs off and on for over 13 years. Some for depression some for chronic pain. Mostly pain meds. When I first found this website I was really relieved that I was not the only one with this problem. I have been on every pain med that you can think of. The last year was really bad.I was doing everything I could to get these meds. I started out with a real problem with chronic pain. Then It went alot farther than just using the pills for pain.
Avatar f tn -- ever, with Brown and Toland Blue Cross -- sometimes I can get an appointment but it's in like 3-4 months from when I call). So the doc said I had walking pneumonia -- no xray, no tests. And she prescribed the z-pack (azythromycin). I took it for the prescribed 5 days and started to feel better, but then about 2 days after I was done, the cough started to come back, and got congestion, more fever, etc.
Avatar n tn i too have the same exact problem for years now and it comes and goes when it feels like! i have no idea what triggers it except that when i'm sick i notice it tends to happen a lot, sometimes even up to 5 times a day! i am so relieved to know i am not the only who suffers from this unusual "event". it is very embarassing b/c no one has any idea what you are going through! i will try the suggestions offered here: to breath slowly and purse your lips...
Avatar n tn During the time I was taking the tramadol, I kept having problems with my tongue involuntarily jumping to the roof of my mouth while speaking. I had no idea that these were mild seizures, until I suffered a grand mal seizure a little later. I did receive pain relief from tramadol, and would even recommend it for mild to moderate pain relief, but do watch out for drug interactions, and stick to the exact dosage. Good luck to you with your eye pain, and I hope this helps a little.
Avatar n tn I finally had a CAT scan and it shows that my lungs are fine, except from some harmless scarring from prolonged coughing. Antibiotics have no effect on the cough. I've used Tussionex (codeine cough syrup) for years, but drs. don't like to prescribe it, so I use it when I can't stand it any more to make it last. The cough leaves me so exhausted, and my muscles painful, and it's almost impossible to sleep. It almost always starts the second I lie down as I have a post nasal drip.
Avatar n tn I cried and was close to tears most of the time. Had no energy. Legs felt like lead. If you decide to quit get a medical detox or ask you doc for some clonopin to control some of the above symptoms. If not be ready for a week of pure hell. You won't be able to pull it off yourself without some support. AA sounds corny but find a group near you and go. Enough for now.
Avatar n tn Where and how do I even begin to get away from this hell I'm living in? No body, and I do mean no body has a clue that I take this much medication! Several of the previous posts have mentioned "Thomas Receipe." What is this? The herbs & teas? The vitamins? What kind? And just how long does the withdrawl process last? What can I expect? And how do I tell my husband? I know he'll be supportive of me, he'll do whatever he can to assist me in getting away from this drug.