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Avatar m tn he said, quite adamantly, adding he is strongly 100 percent against me taking it, but still prescribed it for me. I'm almost done with Day 2 of Truvada and AZT and am just tired, no other side effects yet. I begin Combivir + Viread on Monday, and am a bit worried the side effects will become harder to deal with considering I'm taking AZT now once twice a day and Monday I switch to 3 times twice a day. I have a panic and anxiety disorder. I have a therapist and set up a meeting with her.
Avatar m tn Also, should I use generic Alinia or brand name? And where should I get it? (online Canadian pharmacy?) I'm looking for a more affordable solution.
Avatar f tn Entecavir is not the recommended treatment for pregnant women with very high viral load in the third trimester, Telbivudine and Tenofovir are (Lam is not recommended because of its easy drug resistance, a member here used Truvada because of very high viral load). Please read the following article, it will answer all your questions: Tell your specialist she is wrong on Entecavir and stopping 3-7 days before delivery.