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1011826 tn?1274496312 Anyone had any withdrawal side effects relating to Trileptal? Any suggestions in dealing with it? Anyone who has dealt with the same thing? My symptoms are that I am having horrible anxiety, insomnia and irritability since reducing my dosage of Trileptal this week. Backstory: I am switching from Trileptal to Lamictal over a long period of time.
Avatar m tn I was on Trileptal for a while. After that my psychiatrist transferred me to Lamictal. It took some time to have the withdrawal symptoms to pass (and the efficacy of the other medication to start) but it settled after some time. Generally things begin to improve within a few weeks. As long as you followed your psychiatrist's titration schedule it should be fine. Keep your psychiatrist updated on how you are doing and they will know how to follow up.
4544656 tn?1371597148 My pdoc tried to taper me off by dropping 100 mgs 300 mgs down to 200 mgs). This caused a severe withdrawal reaction and I ended in the hospital! I then went back up to 300 for a few months to stabilize. Now, under doc supervision, we are going much slower. I got the gaba in liquid form from my pharmacy. 5 ml equals 250 mgs. I have been able to decrease 10 mgs every 2 weeks down to 200 symptom free! I just started to get symptoms with my last dose drop. I had severe anxiety.
Avatar f tn If you find the Tegretol works well but you are getting too many side effects perhaps ask if it could be updated to Trileptal as it would cut out the neccessity of bloodwork which is a start right there. But if you find it intolerable Lamictal is generally a standard mood stabilizer and has been approved as one for first line treatment in the United States though I understand that the way the medical system works is different outside of the United States.
Avatar f tn My Dr has me on 40 mg of paxil, 450 mg of trileptal, 1 mg klonopin, 50 mg of seroquil, which I rarely take, and he has just given me gabapentin, which I wasn't sure I would even take until I read some posts here that it helps with wd. And I think it helps me alot, the regiment my Dr has decided on for me. Please make sure you talk to your Dr before changing anything. I also take multivitamin, calcium and d, and different forms of vitamin b. Everything helps everyone differently though I think..
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Avatar n tn I've discussed with my pysch, but not sure about these effects? ... and Ive seen my family doctor twice who isn't too concerned with this because "I'm too young" for all of this. Ive started physical therapy in the past week to reduce the pain, they are treating for neck immobility. But this has not really changed the situation. And as the day wears on through use of my arms typing and working it gets to be unbearable.
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1168718 tn?1464987135 Cymbalta had more side effects for me than Gabapentin. You can try Cymbalta, but the withdrawal is terrible. Be careful !!!
Avatar n tn So for a week or 2 I will spread this out over 8 hours as you have written above. . I will do this for a week or two until stable as I am suffing withdrawal from being tolerant. Hopefully this will stop the up and downs. Then I will slowly switch to Librium. I know Librium isnt for panic , but I figure I am going to get panic from with drawal anyways. I feel worse now than before I took any benzos. I am house bound and severly depressed suffer panic attacks daily.
Avatar f tn A class action law suit is fine, but that does not solve the problem of getting off of this drug. I've read all the posts in this forum pertaining to withdrawal effects of this drug, and think that the VERY slow, tiny decreases in dose seems to be the only answer. Not everyone is capable of doing what one poster did - cutting pills into eighths or crushing into water to decrease by very tine mg's. The manufacturer of Effexor should be required to make these incrementally lower doses.
755952 tn?1240099060 I have been taking 2 medication for the last 7 years, Lamtrogine and Valproic Acid (Depakote) I needed to change as they stopped being effective and last year I was all over the place including suicidal in the fall. Once again my doctor suggested Lihium and I started on it just before Xmas. Like bulldozer I was resistant to taking it because the potential for toxicity. Now that I have been on it for two and half months, I am doing much better.
574118 tn?1305138884 to take another MS like valproate or gabapentin (the last is weak) i really am running out of ideas and i don't think the pdoc can propose other choices - perhaps he can-.
3136619 tn?1345390921 I experienced some insomnia and other withdrawal effects while I was tapering them. Now, I am having really strange sensations - actually numbness all over my body. I feel like I am running a fever, but when I take my temp there is no fever there. It feels like my brain has hardened. This has been going on for four days now. It won't go away. I am very scared of this staying forever. I can't focus on anything and just sit and stare at the tv for hours at a time.
956292 tn?1334058469 I tried my Trileptal like he wanted after a spasm on Sunday but not working and hand is getting worse.. I am hoping this helps until MRI and EMG in November.
Avatar f tn They do a good summary of various different drugs, including the off label ones, and include common side effects, not so common side effects, effectiveness, and weight gain potential. It does sound like you could use a change of meds, so look over the ones I suggested, and any others you think could be likely, and then take the list to your psychiatrist to talk about what would be a good option for you.
Avatar n tn Hi, I've recently had a seizure(3 months ago), was put on trileptal but had bad side effects on it so the doctor decide I should come off and another drug. I've been having heavy withdrawal symptoms from the trileptal for whatever reason which include headaches, brain vertigo, blurry vision, tiredness. In any case, it's been two weeks since I've gone off the meds.
Avatar m tn which appears to be the unofficial go-to reference for benzo withdrawal. There are several models of withdrawal from various benzos at differing dosages and durations, and the very general indication of not to exceed a 5% reduction per week, or a 10% reduction in two weeks. Personally, I am doing a linear taper on my klonopin by reducing the dose .0625mg every12-14 days. .0625 is only 4.2% of my starting dose of 1.5mg after the iatrogenic cold turkey cut from 2.0mg upon tolerance diagnosis.
Avatar m tn it will knock you on your butt, depending on what your taking it for. Do you just want something to get you thru a little confused on your post. Lower doses of Seroquel will make you a little zombie-like, but the higher doses are not recommend for daytime use......just need to understand you a little better. I am very familiar with this drug. I have two friends currently on it.
Avatar n tn Other than some serious weight gain (60 lbs. in 14 months), the effects for me were nothing short of a miracle - suffering from Cyclothymia (lower level Bipolar, mood disorder, hypomania and acute insomnia), this was a miracle drug for me. I had tried all of the regular suspects: lamictal, topamax, trileptal, trazedone, geodon, invega (which caused a pituitary mass/tumor), etc. the Seroquel was what worked. I took 900mg at night, and was able to step down after all the weight to 300mg a night.
Avatar m tn been on these 2 for 6 yrs now both docs are problem, is that my pdoc just added trileptal to the mix for my bp1..i raised my hand to him on the mix of the added CNS effects to this respiratory deppreshion to the methadone... he stated that its like they just dont change the meaning of a c,.n.s,. med thats added to the mix of xanax and what do u do..i went to cvs to get it filled knowing im right on this...they told me the same thing..
Avatar m tn I honestly don't remember any side effects with my Lamictal but I titrated my dose up extremely slowly. I was nervous about the potential of a bad reaction to it. I'll follow this post now bc I'm curious to see if anyone else has had the same experience as you on Lamictal. Have you talked to your doctor yet? Maybe something to consider.
Avatar f tn Can you get in to see your doctor soon to talk about this and maybe figure out a plan that will address both issues? I know that the first days/weeks of withdrawal are hard on anyone - the depression thing can get really overwhelming. Do you still want to get off the pills? We are still concerned and still want to help. Please keep posting here . . . . you are not a failure, you are human.
Avatar n tn There are still many concerns with use and proper withdrawal of clonapin (i.e. benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome look this up on wikipedia).
Avatar n tn just wondering....any withdrawal effects if i stop taking ritalin cold??Taking 100mg a day for 3 months...
Avatar f tn I was put on Lamictal and had HORRIBLE SIDE effects. Today is the 1st day I have taken Trileptal .
Avatar n tn I have been on Suboxone since February. It has been a lifesaver for me. Not really any side effects. First week or so had the "nod off" feeling and queasy but that all went away. I hate the melt...hate the taste but it got me off a very expensive pain pill habit. I honestly think it saved my life................sure I will have to wean off of it but I will deal with that when it is time to and I will do it veryyyyyyyyyyyyy slowly for success. Goodluck.
Avatar n tn i take 800mgs of saraquel 250mgs trazadone,225mgs effexor,and1200mgs of problem is my parole pays my medication only while i'm on parole...i only have 4 months left and i dont know what to do about detoxing off thease medications...i really dont wanna be on all thease medications,..before i left i was only takeing xannex and effexor...and was doing fine...... can anyone help???...oh ive been on the above medication 3 yrs now.
Avatar f tn ok i found this on the lyrcia site Lyrica withdrawal Lyrica is a prescription drug designed to help deal with epilepsy, nerve pain from things like Shingles, and the pain from fibromyalgia. Although it is not fully understood how the combination of chemicals works to help these problems, it has been shown to be very effective. However, if you've been on Lyrica and now have to go off of it for any reason, there are some things you should know about Lyrica withdrawal.
Avatar f tn Fortunately, Klonopin is a long-acting Benzodiazepine and rarely induces withdrawal effects (when discontinued correctly). Rebound anxiety and insomnia would be the most common. If you wish to discontinue the use of this drug, it must be reduced gradually under the supervision of a medical doctor. Not by more than 0.25 mg/week.