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1100992 tn?1262360816 As for meds, I am on Xanax for anxiety, and Lamictal, and tapering off of Trileptal right now. The Lamictal helps with depressive symptoms and keeps me from bouncing off the walls too much when a bit manic. The Xanax helps with anxiety. So, no, I have not found meds to help as much with anger as the food/sleep/therapy combo I am currently working with. Oh, and exercise too seems to help, especially walking, skiing or yoga for me.
Avatar f tn I take Abilify, which is my steady lifeline... Dylantin for the seizures Depakote for the seizures/depression & Buspar for nerves... My combo works!!!
Avatar f tn I was on Effexor XR for a few years, for what I thought, and was told by my prior Psych was Depression (apparently not), along with either Xannax or Ativan for Panic Disorder which I also have. I have a question about Bipolar Meds. Currently I am taking Welbutrin XL 150 mg a day, Lexapro 10 mg a day, Seroquel 50-100 mg a night, and also Klonopin 1 mg in the day and 1 mg at night.
Avatar n tn I took Trileptal and Abilify for a while and it made me a nervous wreck, which I now think was from the Abilify. I took a really low dose of Abilify, and people on higher doses said it made them sleepy. I was afraid to take more to see if it would have an opposite effect--that defies logic, but sometimes medicine is that way. For example. Seroquel is usually best for sleep at 100 mg or lower. When you go higher, it can mess up your sleep (if you're only taking it for sleep.
Avatar n tn But the migraine got worst, finally went to ER for a shot of Imitrex (asked for no narcs, which I guess was good). But now I have very bad ringing in my ears. It's been 18 hrs since I took the last aspirin, still here. I'm afraid it might be permanent. I can't stand it, want to throw my head through a window and make it stop. I tell myself I'm being tested again with these headaches and now this, on top of depression. But I'm really freaking out here. Can anyone help, please?
Avatar f tn From what I know Abilify and Geodon are weight neutral medications.
Avatar n tn My daughter is 14 years old and she is been having a lot of behaviors problems mainly been unable to channel anger in a healthy and acceptable social way. I took her to the doctor and he recommended Trileptal. I'm not very pro to this type of medication. Can you please tell me your opinion.
Avatar n tn I screw everything up and I cannot manage my own finances whe n I am ill, If I do, I scrfew it up and then lie about it to avoid the anger and trouble which follows.
763054 tn?1314056721 At the end of 2008 I got off my father's insurance (turned 25) At that point I had no insurance for any of my meds. The bill for buying this medication outright without insurance was well over $1,500 a month if not over $2,000. I still had a little effexor and trileptal left over so i decided to use it very sparingly only taking one of each a day, still the withdrawals were HORRIBLE. Alas all my meds ran out and i was suffering withdrawal from 5 medications at once.
Avatar f tn So I have been diagnosed by two different psychiatrists the first said bipolar II the second cyclomania. Also been diagnosed with ADHD but cannot take meds for it because of bipolar. Or maybe I am just bipolar and was misdiagnosed...anyways I have irritability, anger, mild depression, hypomania, am very figity, have sleeping problems...
Avatar n tn I have recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and am in outpatient program and take prozac, neurontin, and trileptal. I still cannot sleep without ambien. Because my dr. only gives me 10mg a night, I buy over internet and sometimes take as many as 10 a night to go to sleep. Is this causing my bipolar disorder? How do I get off the ambien? Trazadone and othr sleep medicines do not work. I hate the thought of being crazy and addicted but I do not know what to do.
3065262 tn?1342126161 I have severe cronic daily pain, tears, anger.... Is it really Fibro?? Now been diagnosed with sleep apnea cause I keep falling asleep at bad and unusual times. My life is not the same, my childrens life is horrible because I hurt so much from head to ankles. I have little to large "knots" under my skin that hurt very badly when pressure is applied. I need help...
Avatar n tn She advised us to give medication for anxiety and behaviour modification strategies. We have started homoeo medicines for her, and she is showing signs of improvement. As for her behaviour with her grandmother, your suggestions could be pointing to something. Thank you very much for your helpful reply.
Avatar f tn what works for you doesn't necessarily work for others. From what you took, lexapro it's an AD and possibly the reaon of your anxiety, yet it calms people down too. But how come your pdoc took off an AD and put you on one AC and one AP i see the two combos unrelated. But i can explain the headache and your excess sweating. The headache is from trileptal but it can subside with time, I had tegretol before and it gave me headache then it becomes less and less.
Avatar n tn for the past few years my son (now 8 ) has been agressive / violent (only when he is frustrated) cannot concentrate,outright defiant ,and sonewhat depressed .he was diagnosed last year with ADHD combined type ,ODD ,Dysthmic disorder ,social skills deficits ,and chronic negative affect ...( the diagnosing Dr. said he showed NO signs of bipolar disorder ,even though his dad is BP2 )Tried Adderall (failed ) added strattera (failed) tried Zoloft and seroquel (failed miseribly ) then Imprimine ...
Avatar f tn She began taking Trileptal and it worked well for her for about 4 years and then she began having break thru seizures. It made her tired, but other than that she did well on it. She then tried Lamictal which made her feel terrible. Awful stomach pains. Now she is on Keppra XR and still on Trileptal as well. Working through side effects.
Avatar f tn 1800 mg trileptal for insomnia 150- 300 mg trazadone for insomnia 15 mg Ambien for insomnia 4 mg lunesta 1 mg risperdol for mood 250-750 soma for muscle spasms/pain this younadult family member has borderline issues, high anxiety and severe insomnia as welll as back/muscle pain plus allergies and repeated viral and sinus infections;is exhausted most of the day, and and has suffered with extreme anxiety/impulse and anger control and abandonment issues since age 5 this person is seeing a psyco
Avatar f tn I went to the ER and labs were done- my dilantin level was low- but I take my medication- also take trileptal. I had a generalized T/C seizure and when I woke up my hand continued to twitch. I was diagnosed with simple partial status...I was given IV Dilantin and told that I needed to be in the hospital. I was against it because of the cost...and told the doc that I had someone with me and would come back if there was a problem. I remember certain things about the ER visit...
Avatar n tn He has been on 500 mg am and 750mg pm since then and seizure free. However, for the past year he has had continual anorexia and a 35 pound weight loss with increased anger and sleep issues, plus a heart rate drop to the low 40's (an EKG was normal). His neurologist added B-6 150 mg daily to help with the "Kepp-rage" but it has not helped. His neurologist is recommending a gradual switch to trileptal but we are concerned about the significant side effects.
489342 tn?1209008547 I doubt it is both (although I suppose it is possible). Medication can be prescribed for BPD's but usually it is for co-morbid issues as anxiety, depression or eating disorders. I have read where "some" have recovered from this disorder, but most people with this disorder deny there is a problem (or blame others) and therefore, it is extremely difficult to treat.
Avatar f tn I found when I was 15 years old and I am about to turn 18 on December 27th. I am taking Lithium and it works for maybe a few days, and even with my taking it regularly, it stops working and I feel very depressed, self contious, and lonely. What do I do? I don't even like being alive anymore.
Avatar f tn To b honest I did not think I had BP2, I started decreasing trileptal and meds for panic d/o. Big mistake it seems! Have to come to terms with it! I increased the meds, especially the one for BP & hopefully not too fast.
Avatar n tn I just ran my fingers very lightly over both sides of my middle back and noticed that the sensation on the itchy side is slightly less. I have also had good bouts with Vertigo for years. It comes and goes. It never lingers for more than a few minutes but I have had to grab a wall before to steady myself. But when it flares up, I will get these quick moments of dizziness for several days. My doctor is ordering an MRI on my brain and then wants me to see a Neurologist.
Avatar f tn I have been on Seroquel, Depacote, Trileptal, Doxipin, Effexor since my vacation stay recently in our local mental hospital back in June 07. I have been off these med's for three weeks now, not to my choice, but to the lack of income to be able to go to the doctor and fill these expensive medications. As of the last three days I have been extremely out of it. Disoriented and way dizzy. I know these are mostly ani-seizure medications.
Avatar f tn My son has changed medicine numerous times, its like only a temporary fix for him. He is on yvanse,intuniv, and trileptal duringt he day and then he takes trazodone to sleep at night. even then that dont work all the time. I get scared because my son does things to himself he has took the first layer of skin of his lips, he picks at himself to make himself bleed. He bangs his head up against walls until he hurts himself or he gets a bruise or bump on his head.
Avatar n tn He acts definition BP. The problem I'm having myself is he is was on clonidine for aggression and Trileptal for his moods. Well, near Thanksgiving we had a problem getting his Trileptal and he was out for 3 days. OMG! He went manic insane. So, the doctor thought that the clonidine wasn't doing anything and she wanted to take him off. Well, we took him off and WOW! Now he is acting more like an ADHD kid.
Avatar m tn Monday after school she said her stomach hurt really bad, she was dizzy, she had the shakes, she cries if you look at her, and she just felt ******.... The Dr did prescribe another med for her Trileptal. She has been taking this since Monday night. She didn't go to school Tuesday due to the severe withdrawl symptoms and last night she started with feeling completely numb inside and her stomach feels raw. Today (Wednesday) she still feels numb and her stomach is killing her... My question is...
Avatar f tn My son had a left temporal lobectomy in May for recurring seizures. The good news is that he has been seizure free since the surgery. The bad news is that since July he has had some head pain off & on until this last week when the pain became severe. It starts at the surgery site - goes over his head to the right and mostly stays at the top of his head.