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Avatar n tn Hi. I took Lamictal and Trileptal together for 5 years without a problem, and then one day I began to develop a bad Lamictal rash and had to go off of the lamictal. I didn't get the bumps in my tongue but I did get them in my ears, bellybutton and other places. After a while, they started itching, too. I took Seroquel before, too. I also fainted when I first took it. My doctor cut the dose in half for a week and then I started taking a fuller dose without the fainting problem.
Avatar f tn Yes I experienced all of those side effects from Trileptal and was unable to tolerate it and found Lamictal far more tolerable and did not experience side effects such as that but each person reacts differently to each medication. This is a list of mood stabilizers you could discuss with your psychiatrist:
Avatar f tn Has anyone taken both Depakote and Trileptal together? I just recently stopped taking Lamictal; now I'm taking Trileptal in its place. I've been on the Depakote for 17 years. Still waiting for something to bring me out of this depression. I'm also on Cymbalta and Geodon.
Avatar f tn She began taking Trileptal and it worked well for her for about 4 years and then she began having break thru seizures. It made her tired, but other than that she did well on it. She then tried Lamictal which made her feel terrible. Awful stomach pains. Now she is on Keppra XR and still on Trileptal as well. Working through side effects.
Avatar f tn So if he does agree for you to go on Lamictal that's how it will occur and you will feel slogged from all the medications together as I did but at the end you may get a better side effect profile overall. Certainly worth asking about as unlike when I started it in 1998, Lamictal is now FDA approved as a first line mood stabilizer in the U.S.
Avatar n tn I tried Lamictal but it made me literally stupid and gave me horrible acne, then I tried Depakote but it made me like the living dead I was miserable and tired and I gained 20lbs and started losing my hair (i didnt appreciate that), currently I'm on trileptal which is great because my hair came back and my depakote weight went away but i dont think it is getting rid of my seizures so its basically useless, so now I am slowly adding topamax to my regime!
585414 tn?1288944902 I am at an interesting juncture here. I believe I am the first person to be prescribed Lacosomide (a recently FDA approved anti-convulsant) for tardive dyskinesia. The previous studies were tentative findings on rats. However, unlike the glycine which is still in Phase II FDA study, Lacosomide is FDA approved. However, this is the first day on it and my neurologist is a movement disorders specialist will have to do a final evaluation as well to determine if it works and how.
1194772 tn?1309581832 This is a new attack and not just a worsening of the initial attack. So now you have had two attacks and have two lesions which are very close together. You have a very suggestive MRI. When there is strong clinical evidence the MRI does not have to show a specific number of lesions nor do they have to be classic in appearance or in location. Yours, however, are pretty classic - at least in location.
Avatar f tn I am not a dr but I will give you the best advice i can. I would talk to the dr about Lamictal instead of Trileptal and maybe Trazadone. Also do some research on these medicines so that you have some knowledge before you go in. These medications have possible side effects as well and these are just a few of the many many medicines available.
915369 tn?1355318410 Seroquel is only one of a variety of antipsychotics used as mood stabilizers and Tegretol (or Trileptal which is an updated variant of it that doesn't require blood tests and is safer) is only one more option. There still are other mood stabilizers. Its just that some psychiatrists don't have them in their working regimen. A mood disorders specialist would. Anyway see what happens as regards the Neurontin and decide from there but give it some time to work.
Avatar n tn Could she try more Lamictal to keep it under control? Her hormone levels and sleep problems together make me think possible mineral deficiencies. Can she ask her Dr about calcium/magnesium supplements? The combo is helpful for insomnia, seizures and hormonal problems. Many women especially sleep better at night when they take magnesium and calcium supplements - especially women going through menopause. I wonder if she may be deficient in any minerals.
Avatar f tn Lamictal is a mood stabilizer and not a antiphycotic like Seroquel. You may want to do some research on Lamictal and Abilify. Sorry I can't help you anymore than I have, perhaps someone else on this site can give you a better answer.
Avatar f tn I never experienced suicidal ideations from Lamictal and I found it to be quite helpful. I did experience psychosis from Trileptal and Tegretol and suicidal ideations from Keppra but they are lesser used mood stabilizers and for a reason. This can be a difficulty because if you feel suicidal you know what to do which is to speak to your psychiatrist and you know it comes from you. But when it is medication induced its harder to tell and after a while it creeps up on you.
5101703 tn?1363723786 It is a fact you have to except but it is not a death sentence and it can be managed. I am on Lamictal and it works for me. I am a type 1 and although I still cycle pretty fast between mania and depression it is not near as bad as it was before the meds.
Avatar n tn I just read about the side effects of Trileptal, a few among them being rashes and mental sluggishness. I used to take olanzapine and Abilify (together) some time ago, and I went off it because of the mental sluggishness. I could give Trileptal a try but I hope that the sluggishness and rashes don't set in. With Divalproex on the other hand, my mind's capability is affected a bit, but not that much as with Olanzapine and Abilify.
603015 tn?1329866573 1. You can't take both Lamictal and Epilim (or Depakote or Depakene) together. 2. It occurred much more frequently in children. 3. You can't jack up the dose too fast; you basically have to go up by 25mg increments every two weeks.
1134609 tn?1269275800 But, I went in and checked to see of the rash was getting worse, and it was completely gone. You see, the Lamictal makes my skin very dry and I lay down on my stomach when I watch TV; this gave me contact dermatitis. I am very, very relieved right now, but it was a h-ll of a scare. But, as I stated above, I am feeling stable, a little on the hypomanic side, but this is the way I always feel when I increase the dose of Lamictal. It evens out after a few days.
479255 tn?1208119748 Going to neuro today and hoping he will decrease my keppra and increase lamictal. I'm currently on 100mg of lamictal and 375mg keppra twice daily. I hate it way too irritable. Any suggestions!
439168 tn?1307935340 The last one added on was effective enough to work on it's own. I'm morivated, less tired,able to concentrate and feeling more and more together, and I'm getting better at not reacting to triggers to make me tip to mania, depression or mixed states. It's a pretty nice feeling to know that. I still tire easily, still have problems with sleep, some memory issues, and getting stronger. I can tell I'm better than the way I was a year ago and a month ago.
1100992 tn?1262360816 As for meds, I am on Xanax for anxiety, and Lamictal, and tapering off of Trileptal right now. The Lamictal helps with depressive symptoms and keeps me from bouncing off the walls too much when a bit manic. The Xanax helps with anxiety. So, no, I have not found meds to help as much with anger as the food/sleep/therapy combo I am currently working with. Oh, and exercise too seems to help, especially walking, skiing or yoga for me.
Avatar n tn I am taking lamictal and tolerating it pretty well, but feel like I'm going down the drain. Can anyone relate t this or give me any ideas what to do next?
605458 tn?1265086851 diet, exercise,regular sleep pattern, meds and therapy are the secret to managing bi polar. Oh and no sugar and caffiene as these both aggravavte bi polar. you didnt say if you are in therapy or what meds you take. If you are on meds it sounds like they arent doing what they are supposed to do which is to keep your mood stable. Your meds probably need tweaking as they do every so oftten for many reasons.
Avatar f tn My mom told me she did something similar to her and she had withdrawl(we see the same doctor) So, I HAVE to do this alone, I don't think rehab is an option and methadone or suboxone is not, I tried last year, but I take adivan and I need it for my anxiety and they said it would kill me if I took the 2 medications together. I WISH there was another detox pill!
Avatar f tn 100 MG of Lamictal daily (for Bipolar I) and 3 MG of Lunesta (taken at night for insomnia). What should I expect over the next few weeks (months?) as far as withdrawal symptoms go? Will it be necessary to take time off work? I already feel slightly irritable, and a bit physically ill (fever, chills, etc.), but it's only the first day (taking 1.5 MG). How bad is/can this get?
574118 tn?1305138884 After I had a discussion about my plan and somehow i convinced my parents and went to sleep - of course i wasn't sleeping well - it seems my parents had a discussion together and panicked and being frightened something bad might occur so they woke me up to give me the antipsychotics. In the morning i didn't take my antidepressant and went to work. There I dropped on the pavement and someone brought me home and hardly I could get to my apartment where I lied on the floor.
Avatar n tn It's generally energizing, so it might be good if you're feeling low on energy (make sure to take it in the morning). I'm on Wellbutrin and Lamictal, and they're working pretty well. My heart rate has definitely increased on the Wellbutrin, and I sometimes spike resting heart rates of 120, but that's not usual, and it's still better than being depressed. It also makes me burp, and gives me some constipation.
1238606 tn?1304205221 I spent time in a psyc hospital in march and was diagnois biploar and put on Seroquel 800 mg and Trileptal 600 mg. Meds did help but still have ups and downs. I feel once again my life is being ran by medication. Does anyone have any experience in managing bipolar without meds. Is it possible. of course I will not stop meds until i speak with doctor but I just want to know if anyone else has been able to do it. I hate the side effects of the meds but worst side effects if I quit.
603015 tn?1329866573 Out of the 3 standard mood stabilizers, Lamictal is still an option though I believe it can't be taken with Depakoate (Epilim) as they interact and there are other lesser used mood stabilizers that are FDA approved for other purposes as well such as Topomax, Neurontin, Trileptal and Lovaza to name a few. We do have some websites with a complete list. Why not speak to your psychiatrist about it?
Avatar n tn 08 mostly my husband decided that I was wasted too much of the time so he hid all of my meds and I went cold turkey from 200 mg seroquel,1200 trileptal,200 topomax, 3 mg klonapin, and 3 anti chloresterol meds. I didn't sleep for three weeks and went into violent vomiting.