Trigeminal neuralgia suicide rates

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Avatar f tn i have a reaserch on mangment of trigeminal neuralgia , but i cann't know until now which the best medical or surgical treatment and i couldn't found which have high rate of recurrance.
Avatar m tn Cluster Headache (CH) is a "headache" only in that the pain occurs in the head. Beyond that, there are no real similarities. Cluster headache is a rare neurological disease. The cause is unknown, but it is related to the hypothalamus in the brain. Most doctors do not know much about them which is why many sufferers are misdiagnosed for many years The degree of pain involved in cluster headaches is markedly greater than in other headache conditions, including severe migraines. Dr.
Avatar n tn They've been treating me for Superior Laryngeal Neuralgia with Lyrica and a nerve block but I've had no success. They discovered a Thyroid Nodule on my left side with imaging so I'm having that looked at but the Endo suggested Carotidynia as a possiblility. This is the second time Doctors have thrown this term at me. I also have hoarsness, cough, weird to swallow at times, dry throat and shortness of breath with exercise and on occasion.