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Avatar n tn Please inform me of any Neurologists who inject Botox for Trigeminal neuralgia relief.
Avatar m tn As for a headache possibility, the only headache possibility that I can think of is something called trigeminal neuralgia... although I see that you are 21 and it usually develops later in life, but it is possible that it can develop younger I guess. Trigeminal neuralgia is extremely severe pain, like...
Avatar n tn Does anyone know an Acupuncturist who specializes on the relief of pain from Trigeminal Neuralgia in the UK/ France/Germany?Brussels? Any feedback on this appreciated.
Avatar n tn Jolier, I will let you know if Botox helps in any way as I have facial pain as well. I have heard wonderful things about Botox helping with thesr kind of things. I researched it for about a year before I would give it a try.
Avatar f tn left trigeminal neuralgia relieved by panadol
Avatar f tn flashing lights trigeminal neuralgia has been bad
Avatar f tn Continued trigeminal neuralgia. Most severe at night.
Avatar f tn r side trigeminal neuralgia twitching both lower legs
Avatar n tn trigeminal neuralgia muscles of legs twitching shake worse
Avatar n tn Sorry to hear about your pain. The use of botox for trigeminal neuralgia is not a universal treatment. True it will help with blocking nerve transmission, but it depends where the lesion in the nerve is affected. Most of the time botox is used for muscle problems such as spasticity or dystonia. I would be very hesitant to use botox for trigeminal neuralgia.
Avatar f tn I developed Trigeminal Neuralgia 3 weeks after my first botox treatmemt (forehead, crowsfeet and frown lines) and 5 days after juvederm put into nasolabial folds, chin and lower cheek. Is it possible these treatments could have caused the TN? I have it on both sides and it is an aching pain. Started in one jaw then moved to all teeth, then a few weeks later into sinuses, and head bones, and now pain is in eye area and my entire face and head.
Avatar m tn I am now experiencing TGN, as well as the electrical-shock-burning up and down my spine. It certainly keeps me from sleeping! Started gabapentin. No relief yet...
789820 tn?1315448513 Took myself to a local emergency room only to be laughed the doctor and told that my head pain is not an emergency and he believes me to have trigeminal neuralgia. I also have two swollen lymph nodes near the mastoid region of my head which signifies an infection. But - I have not been feeling sick except for the headache, nausea and burning sensation through out my face, neck and shoulders. My left eye is also irritated.
1298230 tn?1286310079 All TN related of course) Today, doctor confirmed diagnosis of Trigeminal neuralgia and prescribed me Carbamazepine. Starting on a low dose for now, only one tablet a night to see how I get on. If the pain doesnt change or if it gets worse in about a week then ive got to give the doctor a call. Although Tn is the main problem at the moment I am starting to worry about several other symptoms, some of which are getting worse or ive had for a while.
Avatar f tn earache mainly left but some right
Avatar n tn Today I started spotting to light bleeding. Trigeminal Neuralgia, achiness, lower backache. tight all over.
Avatar f tn m so tired of worrying that its something bad, or god for bid, it turns into the full-blown trigeminal neuralgia. Thank you in advance anyone!!!!!!
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm at the same stage you're at...I've been diagnosed with Occipital Neuralgia and Trigeminal Neuralgia with Cervicogenic Headaches. I've had the steroid and botox injections, at the base of my skull. I'm on Lyrica, pain med. and zanaflex. I'm scheduled to have a facet nerve root injection in the vertebrae area c3, c4 under gen. anestesia by a pain mgt, Dr.
Avatar f tn The 7th nerve is in the face - if that is effected, one usually gets trigeminal neuralgia. I think so they are looking at the nerves for that reason. However, since you have the severe facial pain (which is usually trigeminal neuralgia) you may need to get another look at what is going on - maybe an EMG or something to see if the nerves are ok because if you have pain and the eye is impacted etc. sounds like the nerve is impacted. So the cyst may be pressing somewhere.