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Avatar n tn Seems many would say the withdrawal from tramadol is far worse than many opiates. A wise friend of mine even mentioned a front page article in their local newspaper(recently), siting what a great "alternative" Ultam is, in that it is "non-addicting". Any help would be appreciated.
1784705 tn?1314856237 Syrinx-like artifacts on MR images of the spinal cord. M J Bronskill, E R McVeigh, W Kucharczyk and R M Henkelman February 1988 Radiology, 166, You ust get investigated for a possible subacute combined degeneration(B12 deficiency) Subacute combined degeneration is a disorder of the spine, brain, and nerves that involves weakness, abnormal sensations, mental problems, and vision difficulties. Symptoms include: Abnormal sensations (tingling and numbness.
Avatar n tn I have a herniation at the T7-T8 with a hemangioma at the T-7 T-8 as well. I have gotten NO answers. My Neuro set me up with an appointment to see a surgeon. I have not be able to get ahold of any one to answer my questions my neuro cant see me for 3 weeks. The only thing I have been told is that I was put on a priority list for the surgeon and it was the secretary who told me that. I had MRI 2 weeks ago and go see surgeon next week.
Avatar f tn hon, i am 42 have 8 kids and been on Tramadol, percs, now on tramadol and vicoden and lyrica and flexeril. addicted to all.. i have DDD also with alot of arthritis in my discs. the pills will sometimes help take the edge off. If i could say anything to you... this is what it would be... i found a doctor who did a faceta nerve block i had L5, L3, and L4, L2 AND S1 the results have been awsome. i am gonna have my doctor wean me off my meds. you know they help but only for a bit.
Avatar m tn I just called my daughter and she is bringing over gatorade and some salty chips so I can super hydrate myself which I read about today and makes sense and I took one of the mexican post surgery tramadol but its probably like methadone. I really do believe there is a psychological aspect to my method that lets me be in control of it rather then the GD methadone.
357139 tn?1220104712 I was told that the rib had to be cut at 2 places inorder to drain the abscess and a bone graft was put. T7 was partially compressed.. I am unaware of any culture been sent, is this to confirm if the current ATT is the right medication for treating the infection?
Avatar n tn I hope you find some relief as It kinda puts your life on hold,the problem I have is that I have no warning, so even pain meds don`t help me,no other pain or tingling . I`m beginning to think I have a damaged nerve in my ankle and when it touches somepart in radiates.
Avatar n tn s and they have gave me a list of stuff.
Avatar n tn In the past 2 - 3 weeks the headaches have become more frequent and the medication (Tramadol 100mg) makes feel very nauseous and I feel that it's only a matter of time before I have to have the op. Does anyone have any advice for me? It doesn't matter how small or relevant the advice is; I need advice from people who have to live with hydrocephalus. This is something I cannot trust anyone else (doctors) to give me advice with.
Avatar n tn Hi, I too have upper right quad pain just below my ribs. I am a male, 46yrs old 6ft and weigh 175 lbs. My pain comes and goes and has for about 6 months. It is not severe pain, but at times is more annoying than anything. It feels like there is something in there pinching me. I went to an internal med MD in July. He ran blood tests that all came back fine. He sent me to have an abdominal ultrasound which showed only "healthy" organs.
Avatar n tn I have been through it all physical therapy,chiropractors,spinal epidurals,went off morphine after three months was making me crazy.I 'm in so much pain mostly because of my job.I am a woman who has always worked heavy (so called mens )jobs for 22 years.Now I know that was a big mistake.Plus I suppose I smoked in the past (11 years ago)and my Mom is 83 crippled in a wheel chair.(spinal stenosis)she had a bad back surgery in Arizona.This all adds to why I have degenerative discs and bone spurs.
Avatar n tn I am like u suffering problem for last 10 years i m 25 male, just do massage i will relax u nothing else.