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Avatar n tn He then did an EKG which was fine. Since I've done very well on TOPROL XL he did not want to change the RX, but said we could do either A: Increase the Toprol to 50mg. and drop the verapamil (80mgs) which he said is probably causing the interaction or, B: change the calcium supplement to something else (calcium carbonate he mentioned). I told him I would think about it. After communicating with my internist, he concedes to whatever the cardio and I decide.
Avatar f tn I know this question is asked a lot and I'm sorry to add one more but I'd like to know a little more of what I'm getting in to. Also, why is drinking Grapefruit juice not recommended when taking Xanax? Thanks!
Avatar n tn eat smaller portions and eating all healthy things. taking fish oil with omega 3's and tomato juice,grapefruit juice. ect.. just thigs that are healthy seems to make the extra beats less. but even with a good diet still bad days will come... today for about a hour it was pretty much hell with one hitting every other beat. I stated praying because it was frightening. after that i got up and went outside walking they subsided.